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To All The Stories I've Loved Before

Have you ever wondered why-- why we can spend hours and hours flipping the pages of our favorite book or why we binge watch the latest tv series on Netflix and wonder where the time went?
I'm no stranger to this-- a couple days ago, I would have been caught just as red handed and blue faced as all the rest when Ginny and Georgia aired on Netflix about a week or so ago. I've always looked at writing-- at stories as our own magical method of escape, a real enough way to ditch the world around us, to leave what could be a world so full of sadness and problems and thoughts bigger than our little bodies that take up the most amount of space and to create a better one- to visit another world or dimension, even if it was just for a little while. Even if we could only escape into it for a couple hours, because we'd know in the end that we'd have a place when we go back.
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