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This is where I am in my mind and my heart has not stopped telling me this.
Often times, I imagine being asked for my materials/writing samples because of the ideas, jokes, and knowledge that I have already shared with those whom I am close to and online strangers. My desire and love for writing developed during my sophomore year of high school. I was given college credit courses then. These courses included Business Administration, Sociology, Law, and Social Awareness. Each of those subjects were extremely fascinating and the teachers were awesome. I was always excited for the assignments/reports. I later carried this over to my love for the game of Basketball. I’ve been following all levels of this game for quite some time and have always been surrounded by sports-minded people (family, school-mates, work-mates). It gives me happiness to be able to share my thoughts, humor, and knowledge with others despite the fact that I have not done much networking in my life. I do plan to change this.