10 Home Decor Ideas To Give Your Room A Fresh Look

Give your room a refreshing look by making small and low-budget home decor items

'Home is where the heart is'. As it is said, home is also where you work, eat, sleep, and relax. If you find yourself spending most of the time in your room, it is the best time to consider making little changes to the room. 

Often, when you are thinking about re-decorating the room, budget constraints disturb the plans. You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to bring a small change in the room. As little as a new plant child or a photo frame can create wonders to lift your mood. All you have to do is to pick your theme and the right color and the rest will fall in place.

Find out the little ways to refresh your room:

1. Re-arrange the furniture

Want a zero budget makeover for your room? Start by moving your furniture. Re-arranging your furniture is the best way to bring a fresh look to your room. Try to move the table from the left to the right side, or move the sofa to a different corner. This change will keep you motivated to travel from one room to another every day.

Re-arranging the furniture in the right way can make your room look bigger.

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Image source: Insider.com

2. Add a new pillow

No one would say ‘No’ to an extra pillow on the bed. Throwing an extra pillow on the bed adds an aesthetic touch to the room. It creates a cozy vibe and cuddling with the pillow adds to the comfort. Adding a pillow anywhere can make it inviting for people to sit and get comfortable.

Pillows can also act as props for photography.

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Image source: Amalia home collection

3. Bring a fresh plant 

Bringing home a small green plant can make your room look lively. A green life to the room will make you responsible as you treat it as your baby and help it grow every day. These little achievements can lift your mood and make your room a happy place.

You can also, choose fake plants to keep in the room if there is no enough sunlight to support the plant. Fake plants may not give you real vibes but overall, it will add a green touch to your room.

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Image source: Annette O'Brien

4. Spread a rug on the floor

Putting down a rug brings comfort. A rug can make any room feel homely instantly. If you need a change of mood and a fresh look to your room, place a rug on the floor. This will not only make your room neat and clean but also make your room look bigger. It adds an edge to the room.

Picking the right print or color that defines your style will immediately give your room a nicer look.

Rug on the floor
Image source: Francesca Tosolini

5. Add a photo frame

Some may prefer a bare wall, while some prefer adding a large painting on a dull wall. It’s about choices and mood. If you love themes, add photos of you and your family or hang a large painting which compliments your room. There are various ways in which you can fill an empty wall. You can hang one large piece or uniquely add multiple small frames.

If you don’t wish to go high on budget, go on Pinterest and DIY paintings and quotes and hang them on the wall. This will add a customized touch without burning a big hole in the pocket.

Photo frame
Image source: Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

6. Play with the lighting

Who doesn’t love natural lighting hitting the room? Or, just a lamp or fairy lights to make the evenings cozy. Choose your favorite spot in the room and play with the lighting by decorating with some fairy lights or a still lamp.

This will add warmth to your room and it gives your room a fresh and nicer look.

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Image source: Tony Zhu on Unsplash

7. Organize your accessories

A cluttered room can easily ruin your room and your mood. As you spend most of the time in your room, working, relaxing, and sleeping, keeping the room organized and appealing is necessary. Arrange your things in order and keep them in the wardrobe. You can also arrange daily essentials in boxes as they look organized and avoid clutter. This activity will keep your mind calm and make it easy for you to search for things daily.

You can find attractive baskets and cases or multi-purpose use on E-commerce sites.

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Image source: freestocks on Unsplash

8. Add some perspective with a mirror

Mirrors are a necessity in your room. But it can also act as a great interior decoration. For those who aren’t huge fans of paintings or art, hanging a mirror on the wall can be attractive. It creates intensity and gives a fresh perspective to your room. Mirrors can a source of reflecting light in your room. These reflections can make your room look brighter.

Adding a mirror is a great idea as it is a classic and can add value to the room.

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Image source: Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

9. Decorate a favorite corner of your room

Everyone has a favorite corner in the house where they love to spend most of their time. It may be your work station, a corner of the living room, or a corner beside the balcony of your room. What if that corner of the house is aesthetically pleasing and gives you the best positive vibe? For your favorite corner to be more welcoming, you need to make efforts and decorate that corner of your room.

Place a chair, keep some pillows, add a throw blanket, or keep a beautiful plant besides. Create a shelf on the wall with your favorite books and add some fairy lights. There is so much you can do for the corner of the house where you would want to spend all day. Pick a theme and color scheme and start planning to re-decorate now.

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Image source: Cozy Ambition

10. Keep your room neat

Lastly, the most important step to make your room look fresh and new always is to keep it clean. Follow a routine of making your bed every morning and cleaning the house, This will help lift your room and keep the dust and diseases away.

You can decorate the house in every possible way, but it won’t be appealing unless you clean the house regularly.

Home decor
Image source: Tyler Schaefer on Unsplash

Re-decorating the room may seem a difficult and tiring task but it will satisfy your mind after you see the results. Making a small change soothes your brain and makes you 'feel-good'. This will also motivate you to spend more time in the same place happily.

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