11 Movies Streaming On Peacock You Should Be Watching

Peacock has some great movies to check out. Here’s a list of just some of what the service offers, in case you were considering checking it out.
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There are so many streaming services to choose from these days. Sometimes you just need to know what they offer before you take the dive.

Here’s a list of 11 movies available on Peacock TV to help you make your decision. 

1. The Town

124 minutes, rated R

If you want a tense thriller to have you on the edge of your seat you don’t need to look any further. The Town will satisfy that need for crime thriller intensity.

The Town kicks off with 4 friends from Boston, Jem, Dez, Doug, and Gloansy, in the midst of a bank heist. They take the manager, Claire, hostage, but ultimately release her unharmed. When the gang realizes Claire lives in their neighborhood they have Doug follow her to see how much she’s told the police. Doug begins to develop romantic feelings as he gets closer to Claire and eventually tries to convince her to go into witness protection when she reveals she saw Jem’s tattoo.

To complicate matters, the FBI investigates the gang and reveals Doug’s role in the robbery to Claire. This revelation forces Claire to break up with Doug and help the FBI after they threaten to prosecute her as an accomplice. In the meantime, Doug tries to back out of the next big heist but is beaten Jem and threatened by his boss, local Irish mob leader Fergie Colm. Fergie threatens to kill Claire if Doug backs out, prompting Doug to agree to go through with the plan.

The big heist at Fenway Park starts off strong for the gang until they realize they’re surrounded by the FBI. The rest is a tense thrill ride as the four friends try to escape. Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, and Blake Lively make for a great cast. The film was directed and written by Affleck and critics praised the film for its casting choices, writing, and directing. It’s a definite must-watch.

2. The Bourne Identity 

Bourne Franchise Movies Peacock Streaming
Source: rottentomatoes.com

113 minutes, rated PG-13

Maybe an action movie is what you crave. Maybe you’ve seen those cheesy 80s action movies enough times and you need something a bit different. The Bourne Identity can certainly scratch that itch.

A man is found by an Italian fishing boat with two bullet wounds in his back and once ashore and awake he can’t remember who he is. To add to this strange case of amnesia he shows strong fighting and linguistic ability. The skipper that saves the man finds the number for a lockbox on the man. The man travels to Switzerland to find the lockbox contains multiple currencies, a gun, and passports and ID cards with his picture on them. He eventually picks the American alias, Jason Bourne.

Jason takes everything but the gun and leaves the bank. From there Jason is chased by the CIA, who had been tipped off to his whereabouts. Three agents try to assassinate Bourne and he must evade the agents and uncover the truth to his identity and the mission that left him wounded.

The film received praise for blending the action and thriller genres so well. Matt Damon takes on the titular Jason Bourne with Clive Owen and Julia Stiles as part of the supporting cast. A great action/spy thriller awaits.

3. 3:10 to Yuma

Peacock Streaming 3:10 To Yuma
Source: fanart.tv

120 minutes, rated R

The Western may not be as popular as it was when the original came out, but this remake will have you craving more from the genre. 

Dan Evans is an impoverished rancher and Civil War veteran. One night his farm was burned down by Glen Hollander, a man he owes money to. The Evans now has to take his sons to look for their cattle that ran from the fire. Upon discovering the cattle he sees an outlaw gang, lead by Ben Wade, using them to attempt a stagecoach robbery. After successfully robbing the stagecoach, Wade spots Evans and his sons and tells him where the cattle can be reclaimed.

Dan Evans notices in the aftermath a man from the Pinkerton Agency survived the robbery attempt. After being intimidated to pay his debts again, Evans heads into town to retrieve his cattle. When he gets into the local saloon and encounters Wade again. Evans asks Wade for money for the trouble he put the cattle through, which distracts Ben long enough for local authorities to arrest him.

From there Ben Wade is sentenced to incarceration in the Yuma Territorial Prison and is to take a 3:10 PM train to get there. Evans, in need of money, offers to escort Wade for $200. The lawmen agree and set up the necessary arrangements for the prisoner transport.

From here we get a tense thrill ride as Evans tries to bring Wade to Yuma. If you haven’t seen a Western in a while this will be one to watch. The cast features Christian Bale, Russel Crowe, Logan Lerman, and Peter Fonda. The film was praised for more than remaking the original film by adding more elements to the story. The performances of Bale and Crowe are considered highlights as well as James Mangold’s direction. Critics call it a great way to break back into the Western film genre.

4. Most Likely to Die

Most Likely To Die Horror Movie Peacock Streaming
Source: cienamclock.com

80 minutes, rated R

Do you need a so-bad-it’s-good slasher movie? One that takes itself a little too seriously? Or do you just generally enjoy slasher villains? Most Likely to Die is the answer to all of these questions.

The story starts with friends Gaby, DJ, Simone, Lamont, Freddie, and Jade all planning their 10-year high school reunion. Gaby is upset her ex, now a famous actor is showing up to the reunion, but abandoned her when she found out she was pregnant. The group then reminisces about high school and a fellow student John Dougherty.

The friends all recall how they bullied John and played a prank where they crossed his picture out of the yearbook and wrote “Most Likely to Die” next to his name. The school found a gun in John’s locker and he was expelled and sent to a juvenile detention center. Soon after Gaby’s ex arrives with a new girlfriend and tensions rise. Eventually, some of the gang wander off and the rest of the group begins to wonder what’s happened.

Upon investigation, the group of friends starts finding their friends have been murdered by a killer in a graduation cap and gown and a mask called The Graduate. Eventually, they realize The Graduate is killing everyone in a way that fits how what they were voted Most Likely To do in high school.

A slight air of mystery around The Graduate’s identity and some schlocky slasher horror make this a great contender for a so-bad-it’s-good watch. The film has mixed reviews and the criticism contradicts the praise. Some call the script slick and fun, others say it’s predictable and adds nothing new to the genre. It’s not a film you’ll talk about with your film snob friends, but I’m sure they enjoy a low-budget horror movie from time to time.

5. Cape Fear

Cape Fear DeNiro 1991 Peacock Strwaming

128 minutes, rated R

Maybe a psychological thriller is more up your alley. Cape Fear is just the film to satisfy your need for a dark and gripping story. Be warned as the story does deal with some heavy topics such as sexual violence and exploitation.

Max Cady is a convicted rapist who is just released after 14 years in prison. He seeks out his defense attorney Sam Bowden and his wife and daughter. Bowden buried evidence that could’ve gotten Cady either acquitted or a lighter sentence. 

Bowden believes Cady is still illiterate, which he was at the time of the trial, and he’s unaware of how he threw the trial. However, Cady is an intelligent psychopath and did everything I’m he could to learn to read and study law. Now Cady wants vengeance on Bowden as he feels he didn’t do his duty as a lawyer.

Cady begins stalking Sam Bowden, his wife Leigh, and his daughter Danielle. First Max Cady targets Bowden’s coworker Lori, a county courthouse clerk. After more harassment, Bowden tries to call the cops but they find no evidence of a crime. Bowden starts targeting Danielle and Sam and Leigh eventually finds that Cady has her drugs. Realizing there’s no hope Sam Bowden is forced to consider extreme measures to deal with Max Cady.

The film stars Robert DeNiro, Nick Nolte, Juliette Lewis, and Jessica Lange and was directed by Martin Scorsese. DeNiro and Lewis received Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for their performances. DeNiro gives a creepy performance in this movie and it works so well for his character, Max Cady. The film was praised for its style and how it updated the story of the original film.

6. Black Boys

Black Boys Documentary Peacock Origianl Streaming
Source: edlanta.org

95 minutes

Every once in a while ups might decide to watch a documentary. After all they add some perspective on a subject you may not know much about. Or you could look to further expand your knowledge about a topic you know have some understanding of. Director Sonia Lowman brings an acclaimed documentary worthy of your consideration.

Black Boys is a documentary about the lives of Black men and boys in America. How they experience life and how their upbringing can affect the direction their lives take. It covers how their bodies are commodified. An example is how most young boys in the black community see being an athlete or an entertainer as a means to stability and success, despite the odds.

Another aspect covers the education or minds of black boys and men. The documentary has plenty of statistics, with sources, to explain the disparity that black people face compared to white people in America. Its goal is to teach people what life might look like for black boys and men and to inform Americans of the toll racism takes on the community.

The documentary features former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver and sports commentator Cris Carter, Portland Blazers small/power forward Carmelo Anthony, and sociologist and civil rights activist Dr. Harry Edwards. They help expand upon the points mentioned in the film. The documentary was praised for its way of discussing the facts in an informative manner and how it highlights the struggles of black youth. Some critics hoped the film will inspire others to act and be more aware of these issues.

While a documentary might not be your first pick if you want a movie night, consider making it a part of your film-watching experience. Documentaries are great at presenting a topic and a well-done one can drive the point home. Consider streaming Black Boys when you feel the desire to learn more about the world around you.

7. The Road to El Dorado

The Road to El Dorado Dreamworks Family Friendly Peacock Streaming
Source: themoviedb.org

89 minutes, rated PG

Disney+ has many movies you’ve probably seen a ton of times. Why not kick back with a great animated movie you probably haven’t watched in a long time? The Road to El Doardo is great for kids and parents as well as nostalgic adults that remember watching when it first came out. 

Our story begins in 1519 with our protagonists Tulio and Miguel. During a game of dice they had rigged, the pair win a map to El Dorado, the city of gold. After their rouse is uncovered the Tulio and Miguel run away from local guards. Taking refuge in barrels they find the barrels being loaded onto a large ship preparing for a journey to the New World. Upon discovery sometime into the voyage Tulio and Miguel are arrested as stowaways. 

Our heroes make an escape and take the expedition leader’s horse and manage to sneak off in a rowboat. When they finally make landfall they realize they’ve discovered a marker on the map they won. They follow the map and eventually make it to El Dorado. From here the locals see them and believe them to be gods. Miguel and Tulio sized the opportunity but they face some challenges play the role of gods.

The movie received a mixed reception when initially released, but is remembered fondly for its music, cast, and humor that has some jokes for the adults watching. The cast features Rosie Perez, Kenneth Branaugh, Kevin Kline, and Edward James Olmos. Elton John makes an appearance in the soundtrack and as a singing narrator.

What are you waiting for? Get on Peacock and start watching this classic now!

8. The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski Coen Brothers Comedy Peacock Streaming
Source: rottentomatoes.com

117 minutes, rated R

Sometimes you need a good laugh. And what better what to get those laughs than with this Coen Brothers’ cult comedy The Big Lebowski.

Jeffery “The Dude” is a middle-aged bachelor living in Los Angeles in 1991. He enjoys White Russians, bowling, and the rug in his apartment that really ties the room together. What sets his adventure off is the two enforcers that break in looking for money only to realize they have the wrong Lebowski. Before leaving, however, one of the enforcers urinates on The Dude’s prized rug.

Being convinced by his friends The Dude goes to ask the other Jeffery Lebowski for a replacement rug. After picking his own new rug, The Dude meets the other Lebowski’s wife. A few days later the other Lebowski calls The Dude to help him find his wife who has gone missing and kidnappers are asking for a ransom. Shortly after accepting the job, The Dude notices his new rug is now missing.

The Dude and his friends speculate that the other Lebowski’s wife “kidnapped herself” to get ransom money to pay off her debts. Some strange characters are involved in this plot and The Dude’s friend Walter complicated things when he schemes to fool the kidnappers and keep the ransom money. 

Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, David Huddleston, and Tara Reid make up the cast with Sam Elliot and Phillip Seymour Hoffman providing supporting roles. This movie has the classic Coen Brothers’ approach to memorable characters and dialogue plus plenty of laughs.

Settle in for the night and watch a cult classic comedy you’ll be quoting for years to come.

9. The Producers (2005)

The Producers Remake 2005 Mel Brooks Matthew Broderick Peacock Streaming
Source: rottentomatoes.com

134 minutes, rated PG-13

If Broadway is more your thing then Peacock has something with you in mind. "The Producers" is a film that was originally released in 1968, at one point was a Broadway production, and in 2005 was remade. The original comedy movie comes to you from the kind of Mel Brooks so you can expect plenty of humor and wit.

Our story follows failed Broadway producer Max Bialystock and his account Leo Bloom. Success has eluded them so to make a lot of money they hatch a scam. They convince some elderly women into investing lots of money in a sure-fire critical failure. The idea, at first a joke by Bloom, is to have a financial flop, take the excess cash, and rake in about $2 million. The upside is the IRS wouldn’t care to investigate a failed production.

The duo from the production company Bialystock and Bloom and get their first play started. They choose Springtime for Hitler, a script written by former Franz Liebkind. Bialystock and Bloom search for a director and production begins. What they think could be so offensive it has to bomb might turn out to be more than they bargained for.

The film’s praise comes from its ability to simultaneously praise and poke fun at Broadway musicals. This version, being adapted from its stage production, features lots of song and dance numbers that provide some of the best laughs. Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, and Will Ferrell fill out just some of a star-studded and highly talented cast. 

Who doesn’t love a Mel Brook comedy? If you’re ready for catchy tunes with some great humor then get ready for The Producers

10. Yes: Symphonic Live Amsterdam

Yes Concert Live Amsterdam Symphonic Music Magnification Peacock Streaming
Source: discjapan.com

60 minutes

I think it’s safe to say we all miss concerts. We all probably had one or two we planned to see in 2020 before they were canceled or rescheduled. As a means to tide you over until we can get back into concert halls, try a recording of a live concert.

"Yes" is a well-known progressive rock band that has been around for over 50 years now. Their most notable hits include Owner of a Lonely Heart, I’ve Seen All Good People, and, most notably, Roundabout, which saw use as the ending credits song for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure season 1 and spawned a meme some 40 years after it was released. The band brings you a stellar performance at an odd time in their career. At this point Yes was without a keyboard player, a staple of their sound, and so they opted to record and tour with a symphony orchestra instead.

What came from these sessions is represented in the Yes: Symphonic Live Amsterdam performance. They play tracks from their most recent album at the time Magnification, the aforementioned hits, as well as classic and deep-cut songs. Songs like Close to the Edge and Starship Trooper see a reimagined performance that merges a bold new take and the same energy you can expect from Yes.

Yes often write very positive and spiritual lyrics, something I think most could use in these stressful times. Another claim to fame for the group is the masterful musicianship of Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Alan White, and Chris Squire. Their artistry will have you engaged as you watch them effortlessly play intricate songs with ease. If you need to feel the concert vibe then Yes: Symphonic Love Amsterdam is worthy of a watch, and maybe, a singalong.

11. They Live

They Live John Carpenter Sci-Fi Horror Peacock Streaming
Source: fanart.tv

93 minutes, rated R

If you’re looking for something that’s got some sci-fi elements then perhaps They Live could be what you need.

Nada, the credited moniker for our unnamed protagonist, is a drifter who’s just arrived in Los Angeles. As Nada is looking for work he hears a blind preacher on warning of “they” who’s been controlling the rich and powerful. Later Nada takes up work as a construction worker and makes friends with a coworker named Frank. That night the tv signal is hacked and the hacker warns of a signal that’s controlling the general population.

The following day Nada follows the preacher and a leader in the shantytown he’s been living in the local church. There he finds the hacker who made the broadcast is working with the preacher and the shantytown leader. Nada overhears a conversation about Hoffman sunglasses and escapes after being discovered by the preacher. A police raid is launched that evening and the hacker is beaten by the officers.

Nada goes back to the church and finds inside a cardboard box the Hoffman sunglasses. When he puts them on he sees the world in black and white. But he also sees subliminal messaging telling the people to obey, consume, reproduce, and conform. Nada also sees some humans are more than meets the eye.

They Live is a cult classic and was directed by John Carpenter, who you may know for his other films such as The Thing, Escape From New York, and Halloween. The film stars “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Keith David, and Meg Foster. This film blends horror, action, thriller, and sci-fi elements into one wild ride. Some consider this Carpenter’s most underrated work because of its initial critical reception.

Since its rise to cult film status, the film has seen much more recognition. Critics recognize its action, some even nominating it for one of the best all-time fight scenes. The political message about consumerism is as relevant as ever, one critic notes. The audience reviews do call it a cheesy B-movie, which it absolutely is. But that’s what we’ve come to expect from 80s sci-fi movies, right?

If you’re in need of a cheesy, yet satisfying action-thriller-sci-fi-horror romp you definitely must see They Live.

That about sums up just some of what Peacock has to offer. I tried to cover some different genres as best as possible while also recommending some well-received films. Hopefully, this kist has something for you in it. Here’s to your next movie night! Or day-in!

I enjoy creative writing, acting, tv and film, music, and video games. I also play guitar.

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