Why "A Quiet Place" Is Not A Political But A Family Film

While the actress playing the heroine in the Horror movie, A Quiet Place 2 was pleased about reprising her role as Regan Abbott, she was nervous about finding a leader in herself.

As she begins to rethink the relationship between herself and her father who has now died saving her brother and herself in the first film "A Quiet Place" - on how he would help the family survive the world if he was still alive. Her character then finds herself in a situation where she tries to push Emeritt, a family friend to help her find a way to save her family from the monsters. 

A Quiet Place is a movie about a family living in a world filled with these monsters that hunt by sounds so they must live in complete silence which we now understand in A Quiet Place 2 came from outer space. A Youtube video by The Take called Is A Quiet Place Political?

While I can understand why the movie - A Quiet Place can be taken politically because there was a bit of symbolism going on within the movie like the aliens that hunt by sounds that they hear which I was reminded of the climate change that is happening all over the world by extreme weather conditions such as storms and wildfire called Global Warming which is not and should not be considered a political issue.

In A Quiet Place 2, the new character played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy, Emeritt, a former family friend who is now traumatized by the sudden loss of his family and how the changes of the people around him have left him tired and unwilling to help.

Why should the film A Quiet Place be a representation of only a white and religious family that speaks to only Republican values? In every culture having a family is important and in every world, values are always spoken and prayed upon.

A Quiet Place is not a White film so it should not be used politically to fight against people who are not white because white supremacy is now being questioned. This is about the Abbott family trying to survive in their world that has been invaded by aliens.

Like The Take's - Youtube video movie review If A Quiet Place is Political? Steve Crowder's"A Quiet Place: Why Liberals hate it." Youtube video review also explains his reasons he feels why Liberals hate A Quiet Place was very similar in exploring the themes of a White man's manhood from growing up the good boy to a hero who portrays masculinity by demonstrating discipline and sacrifice for his family and those traits are purely Republican because Liberals do not seem to like discipline or support.

Throughout his family, the husband Lee Abbott shows his wife support in having another baby where no noise can not be allowed and provides a forgiving home where his two kids Regan and Marcus Abbott can still have fun playing in silence but towards the end of A Quiet Place, Lee Abbott sacrifices himself to save the family from monsters.

Both movie reviews by The Take and Steve Crowder miss the gentle use of discipline that Josk Kraski 's Lee Abbott demonstrates does not show masculinity as an oppressive force on his wife by telling her she can not have another child or stopping himself from being a husband and continues to show his wife romantic love by dancing with her because he is too busy trying to understand how they need to survive in silence while also trying to find out how to kill them as well.

I am a Democrat and I absolutely loved both films. To compare it to a crappy and cheap horror film which would make A Quiet Place a masterpiece because he has stated that A Quiet Place is "full of gimmicks that worked" is completely absurd.

Perhaps, he should take a view of the movie Alien starring Sydney Weaver and then try to compare A Quiet Place 2's heroine Regan Abbott to Sydney Weaver's character, Ripley which was suggested as a powerful comparison to Milicent Simmand's character Regan Abbott who despite her not being able to hear the world around her who saves her family as Ripley was a mere human being was ruthlessly rebuilt be greedily scientists and their corporations.

Quite frankly, what makes me love "A Quiet Place" was that it was a family-friendly Alien movie compared to the alien movies that I have grown up with such as Alien by Ridley Scott and while Independence Day is a family-friendly movie alien film what distinguishes A Quiet Place from Independence Day is because it is about a family living in a damaged world that is governed by silence to stay alive which no longer applies in A Quiet Place 2.

a quiet place is a family film not a horror movie
family film - a quiet place


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