Fashion Tips For Plus Size: Expert Style Guide

Are you someone with a plus size body trying to upgrade your OOTD game? Check out this article for some expert fashion & styling advice!
pluz size body type
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Plus size body type

As per PLUS Magazine, "In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 18 and over, or sizes 1X-6X and extended size as 7X and up." A plus-size body further has variations such as apple-shaped, pear-shaped, curvy, voluptuous, full-figured, and much more.

For ages, women with a plus size have been told that they are ought to go for darker shades and limited options. However, the only perfect body type is the one you already have because curves shouldn't mean compromise. 

To bring out your A-game when it comes to fashion, here are some fashion and styling tips for women with plus-size bodies.

Topwear style guide for plus size women

Topwear guidelines for plus size women

When it comes to guidelines for wearing tops/t-shirts/tees for plus-size women, the only guideline that matters is: If you got it, flaunt it! *Wink-wink* Plus size people have the glorious advantage of having curves, so one should own it by wearing clothes that accentuate those beautiful curves.

  • Wearing deep neck tops such as a classic V-neck can help to elongate the torso and also emphasize the chest area.
  • If you do not wish to be too revealing, you could always go for a keyhole neckline.
  • Going for a wrap top can help in breaking the monotony, wrap around the curves in just the right manner, make your waist look slimmer, and spruce up your style game.
  • It is suggested to go for tiny prints such as ditsy printed tops or medium-sized prints instead of tops with large prints and chunky patterns. 
  • Shirring, ruffles, and ruched tops and tees should be your #1 options for all the occasions where you don't wanna go dressed up as a basic B.
  • In order to elongate the body structure, go for tunics. If you don't want to look boring, you could always go for a splash of some floral prints or stripes to shake it up.

Bottomwear style guide for plus size women

Jeans and trousers for plus size

Jeans and trousers for plus size
  • Wearing jeans that are black or of a darker color palette can create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.
  • Mid-rise and high-rise slim-fit jeans and trousers hug the body frame in a flattering way. Slim-fitted dark jeans are a classic item and definitely a must-have for every kind of body shape capsule wardrobe. 
  • For a more casual look, mom jeans look uber cool and are top-notch when it comes to comfort level.
  • Versatile and flattering, straight-leg jeans are another wardrobe essential that one shouldn't miss out on.

Shorts and skirts for plus size

Shorts and skirts for plus size
  • Skirts are a must-have item for a plus-size capsule wardrobe. And shorts are another item that has started to come around. Pair them up with a cute crop top, or a stylish lace off the shoulder for a chic OOTD. 
  • A pencil skirt is an answer to all your problems! If you want to celebrate your body for the way it looks and also make the best out of your curves, a pencil skirt can do the trick. In order to balance the body and elongate your curves, it is suggested to go for a knee-length skirt.
  • For all the day-outs at the mall or a short notice office meeting, pleated skirts are a great way to look cute and feel comfortable.
  • A-line skirts are such a classic when it comes to plus-size fashion. Simple, sweet, and comfortable; these are a must-have to create cute lookbooks. 
  • For all the curvy ladies out there, mid-rise or high-rise shorts are the best options out there. To prevent any discomfort, it is suggested to avoid slim-fitted shorts. Choosing wide-leg shorts be a more flattering option instead. 
  • Pro tips: ALWAYS rub some baby powder on your inner thighs to prevent rubbing, sweating, and itching. 

Styling Guide to wear a Dress for plus-sized body

Styling Guide to wear a Dress for plus-sized body
  • Looking for a quintessential dress that is versatile enough to be pulled off at most occasions and can make you look uber hot?! The answer is LBD! This item can create a slimming effect because of its dark color and always makes one feel confident. Explore around, find your perfect cut and brace yourself to turn some heads around. 
  • For those breezy summer afternoons, A-line dresses can help in bringing out your inner Blair and kill it with your style. Choosing printed dresses is like the cherry on the cake!
  • It is crucial to know your body type to buy the perfect dresses. For instance: If you have a heavier torso (apple shaped-body), you can wear ruched, ruffled, or shirred dresses. If you have a heavier lower body (pear body shape), you can look for empire dresses, A-line, or fit and flare.

Winter wear style guide for plus size

Winter wear guidelines for plus size

When looking for winter wear items for plus-size women, make sure to choose that the quality of the cloth is chef's kiss. instead of flimsy materials. Given below are some of the guidelines one should keep in mind while shopping in the plus-size section.

  • Belted overcoats and jackets are possibly one of the best winterwear apparel for the plus-size beauties out there. 
  • Jackets that are well-structured but not too fitted are another go-to option in terms of style, warmth, and comfort level. 
  • A cute turtle neck sweater is another option that can make you look adorable or even smart when paired up with skinny jeans, chino trousers, or another bottom wear of your choice. If you want to layer it up with something, it is suggested to go for turtlenecks or high necks in a neutral shade. For an instant boost and to catch some eyes, you can always go for bold colors. 
  • An open cardigan is a winter essential that every plus-size woman should have. It is cozy, fluffy, adjustable, and can make every outfit cute after using it as a layer. Combine them with a pair of cozy uggs are you're good to go. 
  • To add some glam to your chic look, you could always throw on a layer of faux fur to instantly lift up your look.
  • Scarves and belts are some more essentials that you should always keep in your handbag to spice up an outfit and bring out your A-game. 
  • If you are planning to wear tights under your skirt or dress, make sure that the quality and the stretchability of the material are insanely good. 

Swimwear style guide for plus size 

Swimwear guidelines for plus size 

Gone are the sad old days when women with plus-size bodies were suggested to avoid bikinis or stick to the boring black. Body positivity and size inclusivity is the norm and it's time to look like a catch on the beach as well. Given below are a few tips to ensure that you don't go wrong in your summer swimwear shopping.

  • When it comes to finding the right pieces of swimwear to flaunt that body and soak the summer sun, the one thing you can never compromise on is support.  Hence, it is suggested to go for an underwired bikini top to prevent any mishaps. 
  • What better place to show off that fuller bust than the beach? If you are looking to show some skin but not the torso, go for one-piece bikinis with an open neckline. 
  • If you want to conceal skin and create a slimming silhouette, you should go for a one-piece swimsuit or a tankini. Opting for one-piece swimsuits with cutouts and color blocking can create the illusion of a more defined waist. 
  • Do not shy away from playing with prints and bringing out your personality with some flashy colors. Whether it's a floral print or quirky patterns or even neon colors, the sun is at your side!
  • If you are someone who hasn't just embraced the curves but looking to flaunt them, you can never go wrong with a simple triangle bikini. 
  • Wearing high waist bikini bottoms is a comfortable way to hide a heavy torso. Opting for cover-ups such as kaftans, sarong, and wrap-around skirts is another way to do so.  
  • If you do not want to compromise on your comfort level and still want to look your best, it is suggested to buy items that can be adjusted to your liking and preference. 

Some game-changing tips for plus size fashion

  • Knowing your shape

Not all curvy and plus-size women have the same shape. In order to style your clothes in a way that looks fab on you, you first need to figure out your body shape. It may be an apple, pear, diamond, hourglass, or a mix or two. But once you are able to know it, you can shop smarter and look sexier. 

Knowing your shape
Image Source: Keeneyestyle
  • Giving shapewear a try

A bit of smoothing, support, and clinching does no harm. So if you want to accentuate your curves and flaunt your assets, body shapers are a great way to do so. You could wear neutral-toned shapewear underneath your dress or wear them as a top instead because who cares? Just make sure to choose a comfortable fit in which you can easily breathe.

Giving shapewear a try
Image Source: Popsugar
  • Strategic use of accessories

The perfect look would be incomplete without the perfect accessories! So do not leave your doorstep without throwing some pieces here and there. 

Strategic use of accessories
Image Source: Girlwithcurves

  • Going for a custom fit

Even though the fashion industry has evolved a lot & many size-inclusive brands have emerged like Torrid, or many existing brands have become size-inclusive such as Asos, and Levi's; nothing beats the crispness and refined feel of a custom-made fit. Look like a million bucks, feel classy and add some polish to your look by keeping a couple of custom-made items in your wardrobe for special occasions. 

Going for a custom fit
Image Source: Girlwithcurves
  • Nothing sexier than confidence!

Yes, it's that easy! You can nail any outfit you wear with a dose of confidence. Doesn't matter if it's a crop top, a string bikini, or a baggy pair of sweatshirts & sweatpants. If Winnie The Pooh can do it, so can you! So channel your inner Beyonce and just go for it, whatever "it" is. 

Nothing sexier than confidence!
Image Source: Glamour

Things to avoid for plus size clothing

  • Huge prints and patterns can make the body look heavier than it actually is so you may want to steer clear of that.
  • Even though well-fitted tops can make you look & feel sexy, it is suggested to go for a size that YOU feel comfortable in. Know the difference between fitted and tight. As soon as the wrinkles and crinkles start showing up, you know it's time to ditch that size and try the next one. 
  • It is suggested to avoid wearing leggings as pants. Instead of leggings 7 jeggings, you could always go for a skinny jeans look to look dope and get that your desired look.
  • It is suggested to avoid carrying bags that are too smart or too huge. Instead of a tiny or huge handbag, you can carry a medium-sized bag to add proportion to your look.
  • Even though a boxy poncho is a great option for winters and a go-to piece for many, it is suggested to trade it for cute and cozy cardigans instead.
  • It is suggested not to hide under oversized and baggy clothes to prevent yourself from looking too big. Go and flaunt those curves with some cute crop hoodies or jumpers.
  • It is suggested to avoid wearing silhouettes that are monochromatic. As the point of dressing up a plus-sized body is to break the monotony and keep experimenting.

Plus size celebs to take fashion inspiration from!

  • Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham, plus size model
Image Source: Cosmopolitan
  • Lizzo

Lizzo, plus size model
Image Source: Lizzobeeating Instagram
  • Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, plus size actress and celebrity
Image Source: Dailymail
  • Melissa McCarthy

Stella McCarthy, plus size actress/celebrity
Image Source: Revelist
  • Lauren Nicole

Lauren Nicole, plus size model
Image Source: Lauren Nicole
  • Adele

Adele, plus size celebrity
Image Source: Dailyrecord

And finally, our ultimate guideline is an age-old quote: Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it & own it! So go out and pair your outfits with a flashy smile and you're good to go. Don't forget to experiment, mix, match and live a little.

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