14 Alternative Pop Songs That Will Change Your Mood For The Better

These songs will get you up and dancing, leaving you to forget whatever was on your mind.
Music that will make you happy dance, feel good, get up and dance
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Sometimes we all need a little pick me up. Whether we're deep cleaning the house, completing a hard workout, or getting ready for a nerve-racking date, music can be just what you need to get you in the right mood, and keep pushing on with your plans. 

Some have stories behind them which make them only happier, while others tunes are so upbeat you cannot help but to dance. From softer melodies to rap, because of this wide range of songs you are bound to find one that you vibe to. 

Here are 14 alternative pop or indie songs that are sure to change how you feel and get you in the right mindset.

1. "Alaska" Maggie Rogers 

This song's instruments and lighthearted sound can also lighten up your heart. But nothing will make you happier than watching Maggie Rogers play this song for Pharrell Williams in her NYU music course. Her facial expressions displaying her pure emotions are incredible and his praise just makes it that much better. 

2. "Junk of the Heart (Happy)" The Kooks

Tell me why this song sounds like it was made decades ago as if it could be a romance film classic tune. The vintage sound and feel of the song are nostalgic and are sure to bring your mood to a new high. The song literally has the word 'Happy' in the title. They just want to make you happy. 

3. "Good as Hell" Lizzo

I mean, as the title says in itself, this song will leave you feeling good as hell. Thank you queen Lizzo for always giving us bops we can twerk and feel badass. Everything she stands for from body positivity to treating yourself is influenced in this song. Mostly, it will prove that you deserve a day to feel amazing. Next time you're in your car, wind down your windows and turn up this song, surely you won't regret it. 

4. "Sunday Best" Surfaces 

"Feeling good, like I should, went and took a walk around the neighborhood. Feeling blessed, never stressed. Got that sunshine on my Sunday best." 

Do I need to say more? 

5. "Where Does the Good Go" Tegan and Sara

This song is for all my Grey's lovers. Christina would always dance when she was feeling down or stressed, headphones in, and jump around like a maniac. If you haven't finished the series, spoilers ahead! This song is the final dance between Meredith and Christina before she moves for her job. It's the final wrap to their friendship on the show. You can't but help to think about the relationship they had when you hear the song and smile. The scene is amazing, the song is amazing, you might feel a little bitter-sweet, but overall, amazing. You don't even have to know the story behind the song to love it. It's just a really good song. 

6. "Heat Waves" Glass Animals

Glass Animals came out with a banging new album over the summer, and this is just one of the many hits that came from the Dreamland album. You may have heard this one on the radio or seen a famous celeb jamming out to it on social media. Glass Animals has come a long way since the "Gooey" days.

They even blessed us with a video for "Heat Waves". Enjoy!

7. "Supercut" Lorde

"Supercut" is a pop song from the 2017 Melodrama album. It is about remembering a past relationship but only the best moments. Lorde realizes as she is replaying the memories it seemed perfect and happy, however it's only a supercut of the time they spent together, basically her cutting out all the bad moments. 

8. "Watermelon Sugar" Harry Styles 

If you haven't heard this pop anthem from the legend, Harry Styles, himself, then what are you doing? If this isn't bound to get you up onto your feet and dancing, then I don't know what will. Harry also performed this song with James Cordon in the middle of the road at red lights.

9. "Anna Sun" Walk the Moon 

It was hard to pick just one song from Walk the Moon because so many leave you feeling good. The upbeat tunes with endearing lyrics can make anyone feel a bit better. "Anna Sun" is a classic from their first EP and making it onto the first album. It's an easy one to sing along to, so you're going to want to learn the lyrics. 

10. "Rill Rill" Sleigh Bells

This is the alt-indie band that has had its songs featured in popular films such as The Bling Ring. "Rill Rill" is a middle school romance blur of wishing people had a heart, feeling insecure about having braces, and images of traveling to the moon. The melody complements the lyrics all in all. 

11. "Head On [Hold Onto Your Heart]" Man Man 

Man Man gives us a softer ballad about persevering through the storm, keeping your head above the water, and holding onto your heart. Plus the album art is so cute, isn't it so cute? 

12. "Flowers in Your Hair" The Lumineers

This short little folk song from The Lumineers is a quick tune to get your day started off right. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed no more! The sounds of the acoustic guitar and fiddles are the musical sounds you need floating from your speakers when cleaning, getting ready, sipping coffee, or even wine. 

13. "Something Good Can Work" Two Door Cinema Club

This is a classic for any Two Door Cinema Club fan or alternative genre fans in general. The band has a distinct sound and his voice is like butter. This song not only sounds happy but means well too. 

14. "Is It True" Tame Impala 

Since we did some throwbacks, I needed to include one of Tame Impala's 2020 albums. You may need to warm up to it at first, but by the chorus, you'll start to be bopping. 

After going through each of these songs, it is nearly impossible for one's mood to still be down. Please, try to dance to at least one, and see if that helps. Music can be the main influence on mood. Use it for the better.

Just a girl living in the city, writing, and loving my friends, family, and cats.

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