Nightlife Has A New Address!

A brief look into how the nightlife experience is set to change for the better.

   The nightlife culture is something that has gained popularity and has become a common practice for many in recent years. Be it catching up with colleagues for a couple of beers after a long day at work or to celebrate a win, or stepping out for the night with a bunch of friends, the practice has become an integral part of everyone’s social life today.

   With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, clubs, pubs, and bars were forced to shut doors. Nightlife and clubbing were a concept that was out of the question owing to the restrictions and lockdowns issued globally. Cut to almost 9 months later, clubs and bars have slowly but steadily started resuming business. As they open their doors to guests and diners once again, there have been countless protocols put in place to ensure the safety of their guests. Let us look at some of the trends that would prove to be beneficial to guests and business in the long run.
Nightlife pre Covid-19

   As far as nightlife culture is concerned, there have been multiple new initiatives and trends introduced to elevate the experience over the years. However, with the pandemic in the picture, most of the latest adaptations are focused on maintaining the hygiene and safety of customers and minimizing contact in addition to preserving the essence of the experience it aims to deliver.

Here is the list of changes introduced in the nightlife culture globally:

1. Outdoor Seating

   Many businesses ditched the traditional indoor seating and took to the usage of outdoor spaces to accommodate their guests. This move was in line with the safety protocols and enables guests to relax and unwind while still being conscious of their health. Going one step forward, many clubs and bars around the world began coming up with unique ideas to enhance the outdoor seating experience. In countries with severe winters, the prospect of heat-insulating the outdoor seating areas have been considered and put into action. 

Outdoor seating at bars

2. Introduction of e menus   

   The introduction of e menus was the first step towards this. In addition to this businesses can integrate technology via which guests will be able to place their orders through automated systems and complete their payments via online portals. All tables can be fitted with ringers that would notify them when their order is ready. This would significantly reduce crowding at counters and reduce the probability of the spread of infection. This would also decrease the contact between the employees and guests.

3. Disposable and recyclable crockery and cutleries

   As we all know that the virus can spread through shared cutlery and utensils, the introduction of disposable and recyclable crockery and cutleries would prove to be a game-changer. In many parts of the world, it is a common practice for individuals to always carry a set of metal cutlery with them at all times. Along with increasing safety, this step will also help businesses to cut down on the paper waste produced by them.

4. Encouraging customers to carry their own cutlery   

   I recently came across an advert for a coffee mug that came with an additional normal glass. It was compact and easy to carry around. This got me thinking about how I could very well ensure that I have it on myself at all given times and use it at clubs and bars. This would ensure that I do not stand the risk of picking up the virus even by mistake given the current scenario. In the long run, this will still be a more hygienic option. To encourage this practice, customers that carry their own cutlery or mugs to bars and clubs can be provided with a minimal discount on their bills.

E Menus to reduce contact

5. Self-Service   

   Self-service has been a practice that has been followed by various outlets for quite a few years now. It is an investment heavy solution but proves to be profitable in the long run. Installment of beer and cocktail taps will help relieve the burden off bartenders on busy nights and will also regulate the quantity and quality of drinks that the customers avail themselves.

6. Inclusion of Cocktail and Mocktail DIY kits

   The inclusion of signature cocktail and mocktail kits at bars and clubs enables guests to pick from an assortment of various combinations and flavors. These kits that contain alcohol and mixers in the required quantities can be provided to the guests wherein they can fix their own drinks from the comfort of their own tables. This also serves as a means of experiential and interactive nightlife. In my opinion, this provides businesses with a chance to engage their customers in new and exciting formats which helps build the experience. The emergence of micro-distilleries makes this transition smoother. 

DIY Cocktail kits
Self service dispensers

7. Virtual Concert experience   

   Music and dance are an integral part of making the nightlife experience what it is. The pandemic saw multiple music festivals and concerts being canceled. Artists and festivals took to virtual platforms and continued to keep their fans entertained. Although lockdown restrictions are being eased gradually, there are still quite a few hurdles when it comes to air travel. Music festivals see thousands of people gathering at one place to celebrate the joy of music. Organizers and artists can adapt to temporary solutions to keep the experience alive under the given situation.

   One of the suggestions would be to live to stream the concerts all over the world and set up a virtual connection between different countries. Open grounds where social distancing protocols can be maintained can be used for the setup. Festival-goers can purchase their tickets and avail merchandise as a part of the initiative. This would enable them to still feel like a part of the festival and at the same time connect thousands of people across borders via the virtual medium. 

Virtual concert experience

   There is no doubt that the Covid-19 situation will gradually ease out in the months or years to come. However, these are some ways by which bars, pubs, clubs, and music festival organizers can continue to provide their loyal customers with an unaltered experience in the long run!

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