Thrift-shopping And Its Impact On Sustainability

Environmental and Fashion-forward, the concept of re-imagining clothing from the past might be the best option for your journey into discovering a personalized style.

Thrifting is a trend that has been around longer than you think. Though many consider it to be for those who look for granny clothes and vintage apparel, the stores are known for holding treasures of the untold. Within these warehouses of the pre-owned clothes, their lies different styles and selections timeless to unassuming customers. They range from priceless to yard sale but are an adventure to find in an infinite store of mismatched styles. 

A story of my own comes from a trip with a friend in college to Atlanta's Goodwill off of Midtown. With many exceptions to the outdated clothes that definitely stood out, I began finding marked down clothes to try on. Once my friend and I had a handful for us both, we made our way to the dressing room to show off what we picked. Not only was it fun to see what fit right on each other, but we also tried on some of each other's picks to see how our styles differed from one another. We were able to get quite a few clothes for a cheap price despite some of the clothes being from nice brands and having good quality fabrics. 

If that doesn't seem like your type of fun, the furniture, and home goods sections may provide solace for the weary Maxxinistas of the strip mall. Objects range from your scary aunt's house to minimalist chic for the frugal budget of a grad with a studio apartment. They have artwork and knickknacks that are always entertaining to look at. Some are quite odd but never cease to amaze. It can be like glancing into someone else's life through their belongings. 

The last maybe most important aspect is that it saves a lot from fast fashion and its impact on the environment. Not only does the fast fashion industry from brands like Zara, SHEIN, H&M, and countless others market their work to seem affordable for others when they enlist shady conditions to attain their goals.

Sweatshop work areas, synthetic materials, and many sources depleting actions make up the world of these fashion companies on the rise. It is better to find what style fits you through countless eras of other clothes that already resemble what is on the current rack at the outlet mall. You normally get better quality that lasts and maintains its use for others that can repeat the process.

Going to get a new pair of tights or shoes is not going to cause the universe to smite you for buying something new, but it can't hurt to look for your clothes and home goods in a more sustainable way. It can be done in multiple ways by getting family hand-me-downs, going to the local second-hand store, or exchanging among other friends. Have fun and get thrifting!

clothes at a thrift store
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