How Do You Improve Communication Skills In A Relationship?

As we continue to learn, it's important that we choose how we want to evolve. It's important that we continue to choose to improve ourselves. We play a big role in our own self development and these signs will aid onto your growth.

Each sound we create from our mouths has a vibration that can affect another person’s psyche in a positive or negative way. The words we carry out have a certain frequency that can either uplift someone or bring them down. And the expression behind our voice is connected to our emotions so how you are feeling will project onto the next person.

So being mindful of your words is a step further to learning new ways to improve your communication level. As we continue to grow and evolve, it's crucial that our minds are doing the same. And it does take being consistent, discipline and extreme awareness to succeed. 

Improving your communication skills means selecting your words based on how you feel. Our body responds to both high and low frequencies and being aware of our state of mind and aware of our emotions, will help build communication not only with yourself first, but also with your partner. In order to implement new ways of communicating, it has to be initiated by you first. Now that we broke down how our words can affect those closest to us, let's talk about few tips to improve your communications skills in any relationship.

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Here are 9 ways to improve your communication skills leading to a happy relationship: 

1. Listen without any distractions

Without daydreaming about tomorrow. Or that conversation you had earlier. Cut out your surroundings in the present moment and pay closer attention. Giving your full undivided attention to someone who is important to you will improve the way you communicate with them. By investing your energy into them, you are creating a closer bond.

By also giving that type of energy, you will receive the same from your partner. Everything is a mirror, so how your partner is treating you is exactly how you are treating them. If it's not a good time to communicate, no worries. Simply express that to them. If they are calling over the phone, or facetime, only answer when you are feeling one hundred percent up to it. 

2. Being patient while communicating with your partner

You cannot rush a conversation and you cannot rush the person that is speaking. Improving your communication skills takes patience. Slow down the time on things you have set in your mind to do and dedicate a time, one hundred percent to your partner. 

When in a conversation, the senses you are mostly using are sound, vibration, energy, and comprehension. By being patient, you are taking the time to speak and really communicate what is in your heart. Vision is another sense that is used and that helps to connect more through eye contact. By being patient, it shows you are fully engaged.

3. Asking questions pertaining to what your partner is saying 

Finishing each other sentences was cute before. But as you and your partner grow older, the changes that happen inside of you will be new. Asking open-ended questions leaves room for more words to be said. It helps with comfortability which leads to vulnerability and honesty. It helps with elaboration to gain clarity about your partner. Giving solutions is not needed as your partner may already know what to do.

Misunderstandings do happen, however, in order to prevent it, ask clarifying questions. If you're wondering what kind of questions to ask, listen to your partner speak and then you'll know what to say. If it turns out there is nothing to really say, in some cases that do happen, be honest by ending the conversation. This prevents over-talking and uninteresting conversations. 

4. Stop offering solutions unless your partner asks

Unless they are asking upfront, do not guide them right away. It's best to know more about what your partner is going through before jumping in with help. This is someone you care about so give them the strength and the ability to pull themselves out instead. By giving encouraging words instead of offering solutions will uplift your partner.

By showing compassion, you are choosing to use your words wisely with care. It's easy to offer help to someone we love however, helping them may be the very thing that cripples them. So choose your words to encourage them to find their own solution. 

5. Be vulnerable while communicating with your partner

This is the most crucial ability. In order to improve your communication skills with your partner, your guards must be down. Sharing your feelings or simply your day helps the communication flow better. Communication is tied to emotion and how we express ourselves verbally is challenging for most people. But by showing the side of you that isn't often shown is how you get better results. 

6. Having compassion helps explore new feelings

Having compassion improves your communication by exploring your feelings and exploring your partner’s feelings. Communication is also known as vibrations in motion and your sound can affect your partner's overall mood. In order to affect them in a positive way, use a softer tone of voice. Adjust your vocal levels by being mindful of how you project your voice box.

In addition to being mindful, be tuned in within your emotions. Be aware of how you feel before you speak to anyone. If you are upset, let it be known and when you're ready to express, your partner will be there. Also communicating what is on your chest is a great way of improving your skills. 

7. A positive body language helps build trust

Apart from using our voice box to express ourselves, we communicate nonverbally through subtle actions and facial expressions. Our true feelings are always projected outwardly and learning how your partner is feeling through body language is key to improving your communication skills with them.

By learning to read your partner’s behavior, you then know how to approach them accordingly. And by having this ability, you are paying close attention to how your partner is projecting their energy. Staying open will help your words fall into place. 

8. Always mean what you say 

Saying exactly what you mean means, do not go back on your words. Elaborate when speaking so your partner knows what you are talking about. Another way to prevent misunderstandings is by giving more details to support your statement, opinion, or thoughts. At least enough information to not confuse your partner.

Misunderstanding happens the most when someone is being vague or confined. This will leave the other person’s mind to drift to assumptions, filling in the blanks. So make sure when you communicate, that you are clear and direct. So mean exactly what you say. 

9. Be okay with misunderstandings 

It's okay if you misunderstood your partner. It's okay if you “said the wrong thing”. What is more important is that you recognize it and that you address it. By being truthful and admitting that there is a miscommunication, you strengthen your ability to want to understand your partner further.

Not all of us can be mind readers. We might have thought one thing, and it turns out another way. Improving your communication skills is learning how to get out of thinking you know they're thoughts. Asking clarifying questions will help you change an awkward situation to an open and freely expressed one. 

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a key for you to improve your communication with your partner

Keep in mind, it all starts with you. The changes need to be done within you first in order to continue improving the way you communicate. Each challenge you face will test your level and see what you need to work more on. And with every achievement and obstacle within your relationship, it is a step further to improve your communication skills. So it's important that you pay attention to your own growth and see which sign you need to develop and cultivate. Use these 9 signs as a guideline to check off what you need to strengthen within your communication in your relationship.

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