How To Build A Healthy Relationship With Yourself?

The longest relationship you have is with yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else. And how you treat yourself determines your outcome in life.

It starts with you. It starts with the relationship you have with yourself. And how you treat yourself is how you treat the other person. Everything that you do, you mirror on to everyone else. A healthy relationship is someone who takes full responsibility for themselves. Someone who holds true accountability for each action they take or have made. And someone who sees themselves as the glass full. 

We do point out what we see the most in a person, especially traits we don't like, simply because we already see it in ourselves. Rather you admit to it, the only reason why you noticed is that it feels and sounds familiar. And since most common unhealthy traits are developed in a beginner stage of growing, we subconsciously adapt to those traits. So let's take a look at how a healthy relationship looks like.

here are the tips to build a healthy relationship with yourself
Healthy relationship? Keep straight 

Here are the 8 ways to build a healthy relationship with yourself.

1. If you respect yourself, then you are showing up

Respect is denying what you are not willing to do. Respect is putting your happiness and obligations first. By choosing to not put yourself in situations that are harmful to your energy and state of mind, you are honoring your boundaries. You are showing the world exactly how you want to be treated. This is the most crucial sign of a healthy relationship because it is one of the legs on the table that keeps your integrity. 

2. Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries is similar to when your parents use to tell you what to do and what not to do. Except for this time, you are both the mother and the father, giving orders and restrictions in your life. By giving yourself limitations, for example, on consuming too much food, or staying out too late, will help improve the relationship between yourself.

It will also build your listening qualities by strengthening the connection with your intuition. You are more in control which eliminates another's input or a 2nd opinion. And by listening to yourself through the boundaries you set, you are honoring that your time is valuable, and so is your health. 

3. Being honest with yourself is key

This has to be shown within you first as a sign of a healthy start. You’ll know once you start taking responsibility for your actions and even situations you involve yourself in. Rather or not it has to do with you entirely, making the realization that you put yourself in situations, is being honest and staying away from playing the victim. You are in charge of where you put yourself. And by taking accountability, you are building that healthy relationship. 

By being completely honest with yourself, will show you how to accept your mistakes and how to learn then grow from them. By being honest with yourself, you also open your heart to being vulnerable; opening to sharing your past experiences instead of running from them. This will help you face head-on what lies within yourself. By addressing who and what has hurt you, you release the baggage which then helps you to move forward. This is the 3rd leg that helps the table stand up. 

4. Trust is an extension of honesty

This is what keeps you in alignment with yourself; with who you are as a person who is evolving each day. By exposing what you were feeling ashamed of or feeling fearful of, you are releasing yourself from that experience emotionally. Truth plays a big part in a healthy relationship with yourself.

Also considered this as a maturity leveling and as you continue to grow, you help those around do the same. In other words, if they are going through something unexpected, here's your chance to help them out. Certain life experiences will test to see how healthy your relationship with yourself is. 

And If you are going through some turbulence, that's okay because it is needed. A healthy relationship will not be healthy if there weren’t any challenges to make it stronger. And how you overcome it matters the most. What you choose to say to yourself will either motivate you or slow you down so choose your words carefully. 

5. Time alone is crucial to having a healthy relationship

You need alone time to gather your thoughts; to filter out what is no longer needed. Without other voices in your ear, you are able to set your own rules and follow through with what you have to do. This will give you clarity on who you are as a person and which direction you need to go next. 

By being still and being within your own energy, you tap more into yourself by listening to the 1st voice inside your mind. The 1st voice is usually the voice that comes from your intuition. It's the voice that tells you what you should do. By listening more to yourself you create a strong bond. 

If you are ever in a moment of self-doubt or indecisiveness, ask your question out loud then proceed with your daily tasks. Within your day, the answer will reveal to you. By occupying the present moment, you allow thoughts to filter through. Spending time alone not only creates a piece of mind, but it brings you into awareness of your state of being. 

6. Having compassion for yourself softens some of the tension

By realizing you are doing the best that you can, you eliminate the worry of becoming a hard-time perfectionist. There will be days where everything is turned upside down, and the key thing to remember is you are solely doing the best that you can. It's okay to have days where things don't go accordingly. How you treat yourself at the end though, matters the most. 

Keep a reminder that tomorrow is always a brand new day. Along with compassion, comes patience. Rome wasn't built in a day, and I'm sure it took time for The Great Wall of China to be completed. By giving yourself words of encouragement, will help with your confidence and determination. Being kind to yourself goes a long way. 

7. Self-care helps maintain the relationship you've built for yourself

It’s a reminder of the work you put in. The physical body is the most overworked and sometimes taken for granted. Show up for yourself by giving your body the break it needs. 

Relaxation may seem like getting a massage, taking a day off to sit down, or even taking a nap! It's important to rest your body and your mind. Recharging from the outside noise of people, places and things will help reconnect you back to yourself. 

8. The most important is forgiveness

In order to build a healthy relationship with yourself, you must learn how to forgive yourself for the major and minor things that you’ve done. Understand that life is a learning experience and mistakes need to happen in order to learn something new. What insight did you take away after having that argument, or disagreement? 

Even with misunderstandings, find out what you can take away from it instead of holding on to it. Forgiveness helps keep the truth and honesty within yourself. When you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you have a healthy relationship with others.

It is up to you, however, to discover those traits and make some life adjustments. It takes honesty, consistency, and the mind power to want to form a healthy relationship with yourself. And if all the boxes check off, then you are on the right path! Continue a healthy relationship with yourself by putting yourself first. This is one thing you can do right now that will help you connect to yourself and grow right away.

Put the treats down
Put the treats down
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