How Is Marxism Theory Different From Communism

An objective, fresh look at a concept long associated with negativity
karl marx is the inventor of marxism
Karl Marx, inventor of marxism

Marxism is a political and economic theory of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Later developed by followers to form the basis for the theory and practice of communism.

Does Marxism = Communism?

How it's related to other 'controversial terms' in America and why people tend to confuse it with Communism. It is named after a guy named Karl Marx, and his views on history from the lenses of class and social conflict. 

When in fact, Marxism and Communism are not the same exactly. As the definition above clarifies, one is used us the stone that is built into the other. Kind of like the game Jenga; you need foundational blocks in order to build the tower. 

However, the stigmatization of Communism is carried into Marxist theories. But as with all theories, they too can be applied to more than one concept. 

Marxism is more of a thought process and not a political ideology like Communism.  As we go forward, a reminder needs to be mentioned: Marxism is not Communism. 

They are not one of the same; in fact, while the basis of Communism comes from aspects of Marxism; the end result goes against everything that Karl Marx intended others to learn. 

When it comes to economics, Marx looks at how people can survive in the current condition. That condition being rooted in what a family may need to survive; basic human needs, social standing, the government, etc.

Marxism then can establish a basic network that combines economy and social structure. Marx mentions a 'force of production,' which is a fancy way of saying technology, and as it improves it creates an issue with that network or structure where some no longer are relevant.

A perfect example of this would be telephone operators. In the early days of the telephone, people needed someone to connect calls between two parties. But as technology in the phone systems got better; they automated the process; making their jobs obsolete.

Now there is a group of people who are no longer needed in the established structure of the economy. From a social perspective, there are people who are now unemployed and unable to contribute to the established structure that keeps their standard of living. If they have families the entire family is affected. Which leads to a decrease in social standing. 

Marxism points out the problem that is created when there is an inequality of class structure a distance between those who have lost, and those who have yet (if at all) to be replaced by technology.

Essentially, Marxism shows the dark side of structures like Capitalism. Today this is definition boils down to equality for all sides. Poor become richer, rich become poorer on an equal standing. In reality, Marxism has many theories and positions based on how one thinks it can be most beneficial. 

So what did it mean when the founders of BLM said they were Marxists? Since Marxism can be applied to all kinds of social constructs, it's most likely referring to Marxist Sociology; or Cultural Marxism.

What they were referring to is the breaking of the traditional norms that make up the current structure of America. The Capitalistic, definition of family and social status is prominent in the American system.

Essentially they are referring to the ability to express who they are, and not be stuck in the same box as others. Marxist Sociology leads into other views like Liberalism.

You could say they are Marxist Liberalists; they desire to be more than the norm or have no comparison to each other. On paper, it makes a good deal of sense. 

So don't be too afraid of Marxism; it is way more complex than its reputation. The thing about political thought, ideologies, and theories is that if looked at close enough there are more connecting each one than separating them. One only needs to take the time to learn it.  

Denise is a writer who uses history to explain current events. While the subject or event may change; she makes history relevant for all

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