Passion Driven By Art

A Botanist love for art sends her mind on a wild fanatsy.

The Art Exhibit

"Take them off!" Richard instructed as Romana stood there shy and kind of tense. Her face turned bright red as she tried to conceal her attraction to Richard. She was so nervous to reveal her most intimate parts to him. Romana met Richard at an art museum a year ago. He was in town to host the art exhibit with no intentions of meeting someone so subtly beautiful and striking. Richard is a Professional Painter and was there as a featured painter.

Colour Dimensions Art Museum hosted an Art Exhibit each month. Colour Dimensions is known for its unique environment and dynamic showpieces. Romana found herself awed by this simple, yet remarkably interesting piece. The different shades of the gray, bright burst of yellow; splashes of tangerine and the most vibrate blue her eyes ever saw. Richard saw her mind journey, surprisingly memorized by his painting.

"So, I take it you're drawn to what you see. I watched you for moments, admiring you decipher my painting. My name is Richard, yours?" Romana took a brief second to introduce herself and greatly complimented the painting. Before leaving the Art Exhibit, Richard gave Romana the painting.

gift a painting
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Completely surprised, Romana receives the painting her eyes adored. A warm sensation flowed through Romana as Richard handed over his artwork. She felt herself getting moist as she blushed. Romana drove home feeling honored and ever so turned on. Romana arrived at her spacious one-bedroom studio apartment in Vermont. She propped her new wall piece against the wall while she got settled in.

Case of the Ex

After an excruciating week at the gym, nothing mattered more than a cold glass of her favorite white wine and a nice, steamy, hot therapeutic bath. Tonight is going to be her first night using her new bathtub with water jets. "Some classical music and bath salts is all I'm missing" Romana thought. Pure relaxation as the smell of black love incense began to flirt with her sense of smell. She takes a sip of wine to appease her taste buds. Romana's body begins to feel at ease, as the water jets gently send soothing water waves to massage her.

Feeling completely refreshed the next morning, Romana starts her day. She goes by the hardware store to get some nails to hang up the painting. After leaving the hardware store, she meets up with Bryian. Bryian and Romana study different plants across the world for natural cures and medicines. The two will be traveling cross country for a case study in two weeks. Romana finishes up her meeting with Bryian and grabs something to eat. Romana pulls up at one of the city's best seafood restaurants. As she approaches the Seafood Tavern, a gentleman stops her. "Excuse me, a moment of your attention is needed. I'm Russel, and you are?" "Romana" she blurted out. "Are you headed to Seafood Tavern?" Russel asked.

Russel and Romana entered the restaurant together. Romana ordered the spicy shrimp over linguine with tomato basil sauce and a glass of white wine, while Russel ordered the snow crab legs with grilled scallops and garlic parmesan potatoes with a Corona. They enjoyed dinner, laughed a little, and conversed. They exchanged numbers before leaving, walking out of the restaurant Russel spots his ex-wife spray painting his car. In an extremely hostile tone he shouts, Flossie, GET THE HECK AWAY FROM MY CAR! Romana was appalled by the sight of this and excused herself to her car. She then notices his ex-approaching her. Romana starts her engine and pulls off, running over his ex-wife's foot. The woman fell to her knees in pain. Romana looked to her side-view mirror, smirked - shamelessly "oops, a little too close Lady! "

Sex in the Lab

Shortly after, Romana headed to the lab to test some plant samples. Analyzing a plant cell under the microscope, Romana hears a voice. "What are you studying?" hesitant to respond, as no one is usually around the lab at this hour, she responds. She looks away from the microscope and sees Richard. "How did you find me here?" in a very skeptical tone. "Furthermore, how'd you get in here?" Richard placed his finger over Romana's lips, "Sshhhh, it is not of importance."

He strokes her soft curly hair as he stared into her dreamy eyes. "I've fantasized about you since I saw you at the art exhibit. How your lips would feel if I kissed upon them, how it would feel to caress your skin, how it would feel to stimulate your body. In the midst, I painted a picture of our love scene. With each stroke of my paintbrush, I imagined my manhood stroking inside of you. Now, I am here to paint my deepest desire on you."

Romana sat in silence, speechless. Her heart raced as she stared back at Richard. She's never heard anything so passionate in her life. She began to lose herself as she imagined Richard taking control of her body. "Close your eyes" Richard whispered as he leaned forward to kiss Romana. It was so electrifying. She gently grabbed his face as their tongues went to war. Richard ripped off Romana's lab coat. Sliding his fingers under her shirt to softly tug her tender breast. He lifts her shirt to expose her breast as he began a circular tongue motion around her aroused nipples. Romana moaned as she unbuttoned her pants.

Richard took a step back, "Take them off" as he stood there with his erection bulging through the seam of his pants. Romana slowly removed her lace thong binding over to tease Richard. He began to massage her moist layers while she bent over. With two of his fingers, he spread open her inner lips exposing her vaginal opening. Richard began to suck her juices as they slowly leaked. Tongue teasing her private parts before whipping out his stiff seven inches of manhood. He rubs the head of his johnny between her creamy lips until her legs began to shake. He knew it was time to penetrate her.

He stroked rigorously from behind. Gripping her small, firm, yet smooth butt cheeks. Pounding her like the school hall bully, she cried out feeling the pain amongst the intense pleasure of his hard manhood. He pulls out for a moment and her juices drip off his enlarged johnny. Romana turns around, squats down, and begins to suck his manhood as she rubs on her throbbing wet vagina. She was tasting herself smeared all over his johnny and she loved it.

Deeper she inhaled his manhood to the back of her throat as her saliva slide down the corners of her mouth. He lightly pumped as she gagged on him. He moaned as she sucked harder and faster. He gripped her hair tightly releasing a deep strong moan as he released all down her throat.

Just Dreaming...

“Romana, Ro-man-a” as she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder. “You were asleep, Romana. Maybe you should go get some rest dear.” Romana opened her eyes and briefly scanned the lab. “But I was just…” “I doubt you were doing much of anything; you were sound asleep when I came in” followed by a soft chuckle her lab partner uttered. Romana sat in a daze for a moment, fantasizing about the dream she’d just had about Richard. She smiled as she clenched her thighs ever so tightly, and blurted out “What a remarkable painting!”

I'm Ena-Alese a Poetry & Romance Erotica writer. I enjoy writing to entertain, inspire and inform.

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