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Are “You Matter” Hoodies Sending The Right Message? by Naj Weaver

Are “You Matter” Hoodies Sending The Right Message?

The 23-year-old Social media influencer, Demetrius Harmon, a.k.a. “Meech,” went from creating six second videos on Vine to creating his own clothing brand, You Matter. Harmon’s most popular item In this clothing line is his You Matter hoodie. The hoodies have the words “You Matter” embroidered on the chest, with the words “I feel weak, but I know I am strong” stitched onto the wrists of the hoodie. The hoodies and his entire brand represent Harmon’s battles with mental health: specifically depression, self- harming and suicide. Harmon has a large and supportive fanbase with over a million followers on his Instagram and Twitter pages, and his hoodies sell out with every release. However, these things don’t stop the constant criticism he faces when he releases his hoodies multiple times a year. This criticism comes from people outside of his fan base that believe Harmon exploits mental health issues to make money.