15 Easy And Original Art Prompts

Can't think outside the box? No problem! Here are 15 uniquely elegant art prompts.

Potentially the most difficult part of creating any form of art is starting it. Usually, you're at a loss for ideas or there are just way too many options to choose from, which can be terribly overwhelming and stop that creative flow dead in its tracks. With an endless supply of inspiration from the internet, this article being one of them, you're free to open your mind and heart and explore every depth of your imagination!

Here are 15 easy and uniquely elegant art prompts:

Water Color Painting:

1. Turn Into Stickers

water color clip
Image Source: aquarelli_arts on Instagram

Creating a watercolor painting and turning it into a sticker is an amazing way to share your artwork with others. All you need to do to make your own DIY stickers is buy some inkjet sticker paper! Make sure your art is completely dry on the sticker paper before sending it through the printer. Another great thing about personalized sticker art is you can adhere them anywhere to add a bit of fun to your space!

2. Cottagecore Characters

cottagecore water colour
Image Source: guinevere.von.sneeden on Instagram

Adding a splash of cottagecore aesthetic makes absolutely any space feel warmer and cozier. A few mellow-toned watercolors of mice baking, older style attire accompanied by forest-esc themes, or even mundane paintings of teacups and kettles will diversify the typical art we see each day. While cottagecore might sound quite a niche, it's can be simplified down to applying soft earthy tones to fairy-tale-like characteristics.

3. Abstract Nudity

water colour
Image Source: mikaelaswatercolors on Instagram

This particular style of art, intertwining nudity with flowers, really allows you to boldly express and appreciate the individualistic beauty every person has. Expressing the controversial opinion that there's no wrong way to have a body, and without exception, everybody is deserving of acknowledging their own beauty and worth, helps body-diverse individuals see that people around them recognize and support them.


4. Listen to Your Intuition

Image Source: _3030t on Instagram

Clearing your mind of any stress you might be carrying, letting go of passing thoughts, and giving yourself permission to free-flow creative energy out of your hand is the key to mastering this sketching technique. Try not to be bothered by if your sketch doesn't look attractive or eccentric enough, it'll be great exactly as it is. Besides, whatever you make when you follow your intuitive self just might surprise you.

5. Use Colored Paper

Image Source: miz.on.lines on Instagram

Ordinarily, when drawing or sketching we tend to use white or cream-colored paper. Using a non-traditional background color, like red, will without a doubt spice up your sketching game and draw more attention to minor details. A good way to try out this new method is to keep squares of multi-colored paper in your sketchbook, just in case your feel inspired unexpectedly.

6. Don't Pick up Your Pencil

Image Source: rouma_art on Instagram

Debatably one of the harder forms of art, not lifting your writing utensil off of the paper until the piece is finished. While this one might take some time to practice, the end result's enchantingly impressive. As you can clearly see, portrait-style drawings tend to look the best when using this method, don't be afraid of using watercolor in conjunction with this medium to make those edges really stand out!


7. Celestial landscape

celestial art
Image Source: poochii.art on Instagram

Dropping in a special little extraterrestrial figure into your landscape paintings, whether it's on earth or on another planet, is not only incredibly cute and original but it's sure to surprise anyone who takes a peek at your work. There's a lot of space, no pun intended, to play around with how your alien look as well. Depending on how you'd like the mood of your piece to be, your figure could be tiny and adorable, tall and frightening, or anything in between!

8. Fiction Scenery

hobbit hole
Image Source hoegerl304 on Instagram

Taking inspiration from your favorite movies, games, or television shows and applying it to your artwork is an exceptional way to further develop your landscape painting skills. The originality of adding your personal perspective into any fictional setting will make you fall in love with that fandom all over again.

9. Utilize Your Space

Image Source: anyasimmonsart on Instagram

Why paint landscapes on canvas and only canvas? Test out your artistic ability and try to scale down your work onto coffee cup coasters! Once you get the hang of designing something so minuscule, and applying detail to the smallest of areas, painting on a regular-sized canvas will be a piece of cake.

Just a tip, these make for super awesome holiday gifts!


10. Painting Water Cup

painting cup
Image Source : themagicshopstudio on Instagram

Just one step up from your run-of-the-mill clay bowl! This adorable and insanely helpful painting bowl has the added function of holding your wet paintbrush, ensuring not to leave a huge mess whenever you need a break. All of the tiny legs underneath the bowl balance out the weight of it, so there's no need to worry about it tipping over or spilling.

11. Jewelry Holder

Image Source: cannon_ceramics onInstagram

Perfectly simple and actually useful. This handmade dish is exactly what you need to hold and organize your rings and bracelets. Just slide your rings down the stick in the middle of the dish, place your bracelets in the same fashion and they'll sit flawlessly on the edge of the ceramic bowl.

12. Plant Pot

plant pot
Image Source: misspoted on Instagram 

How totally lovable is this planter?!

This not-so-little guy will take some time to carve but in the end, it's definitely worth it to have something so cute and functional. Because of the bent elbows on this clay plant pot design, it makes for an exceptionally sturdy base, giving you the freedom to plant whatever you want!


13. Canvas Stitch

bee stitch
Image Source: triple.e.handmade on Instagram

Not all wall art has to be on painting canvas, paper, or traditionally framed. Having a small collection of simple stitch designs gives your interior walls some much-needed depth and color, as well as providing one-of-a-kind conversation pieces. Unlike the other artistic mediums, this type of stitching is welcomingly simple and easy to follow.

14. Silhouettes

Image Source: jenniferlouisedesigns on Instagram

While this suggestion is yet another nude piece of art, silhouettes don't always have to be of a naked human body. There are plentiful options to choose from if nudity isn't your cup of tea. Trees, country-style houses, animals, a busy city at dusk, and mountain landscape silhouettes are all really great alternatives to exposed artwork.

15. Outlined Landscape

Image Source: minimal.artist.life on Instagram

Having a splash of color in what was a previously black and white minimalist piece makes certain aspects pop. Like the one pictured above, because there's a circle of peach behind the mountains it gives a better illusion of distance and height. And while it's lacking in extensive detail, it still pertains to trendy designs that will never go out of style.

We're commonly told and shown exactly what art is and how it must be, what boxes we have to fit our creative pieces into in order for them to be considered "real art". The secret to creating unimaginably gorgeous art is not listening to the voices around you limiting you on what you're capable of. You can accomplish so much more than you know!

All of the artwork posted above is real art from independent, incredibly talented people on Instagram. If possible, go ahead and show their platforms and small businesses some love!

Just a 'lil content creator from the Okanagan interested in worldly exploration and self reflection.

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