Boho Style: The Ultimate Guide And Must Haves To Nail Your Boho Look!

Comfortable yet stylish! Boho style has essential elements of best of both worlds, to catch anyone's eye. Read more to know how to flaunt your Boho style with ease.
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Liberation, relaxation, artsy, hippie - the Boho style is not just a fashion trend or a home decor idea, it is a culture, a lifestyle in itself. With an expansive history and a particular belief system, Boho style speaks to another option and increasingly freed lifestyle along with a solid social position against everything from the standards set by the society to materialism.

This style has associations with The '60s and 70's hippie lifestyle. In today's era, the wide assortment of bohemian garments and frill makes this style a marvel that follows the possibility of easy and loosened up design blended in with artistic and creative components.

Boho is an abbreviation for bohemian and embodies a dressing style that has taken inspiration from the free-spirited lifestyle of hipsters of the 60s and 70s and the Pre-Raphaelite ladies of the late nineteenth century. Some of the distinctive features of the Boho style include floral or tribal prints, layered skirts and dresses, long necklaces, peasant pullovers, a touch of ethnicity in tunics or wood gems, weaving or frivolity with beading, fringes or tassel bags, and jeweled or decorated sandals, flats or fringed boots. The outfits are colorful and often layered.

History of Boho style

Bohemian style has been present for over 200 years now. There is a lot of debate regarding the actual origin of Boho culture and style. Some people believe that it was an aftereffect of the French Revolution and it evolved in France as a counterculture in the 19th century. After the French Revolution, there were many artists who were at the edge of poverty, and hence, they had to wear old and worn-out clothes that weren't considered as fashionable or classy.

Others believe that the courtesy of this culture belongs to the Romani nomadic people of Bohemia, which is a place in the Czech Republic. Although there are different belief systems for its history, the only constant that remains is the idea of breaking boundaries and challenging unconventional norms behind this trend.

Elements of Boho Style present today

Boho style revived in the year 2000 as a major fashion trend. Today, Boho has frequently worked into different patterns also, as opposed to wearing the same pattern from head-to-toe. Because of the mix-n-match, the Boho style can further be classified into The Classic Boho Look, The Romantic Look, and the Hippie Look. 

Boho style hit its peak moments in 2005 and was exemplified by celebrities like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate, and Ashley Olsen. These celebrities are still seen in somewhat Boho looks, however, their style now has a mix of trends like minimalism and Americana. Coachella event is one of the major festivals where we can see celebrities are other people in eye-catchy Boho outfits and makeup looks.

Some of the most common elements of Boho a chic style that is still prevalent are:

  • Loose flowing hair 

Effortless yet stylish, loose open hair can easily make you look like a stunner. Hair accessories such as beads or flowers are definitely like the cherry on a cake!      

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  • Braids

Braids can be a go-to hack for those greasy bad hair days. Intricate braids, fishtails, french braids, or loose curly braids, no one can throw shade at these braids.

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  • Flowing Clothes composed of natural fabric, such as robes, and kimonos 

Combine these flowy clothes with traditional prints from Turkey, Persia, India, and China to make your look not just eye capturing but also very comfortable.

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  • Layered outfits

You can always play around your summer outfits with shrugs or kimonos, and the winter outfits with light cardigans. Have a fun time experimenting!

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  • Colorful scarves and bandanas

You can always add a fun scarf to whatever you are wearing. Such a versatile item, you can wear it as a scarf, as a headband, enhancing the look of your bag strap or belt, or even a stylish mask during these times!

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  • Bralettes

Bralettes are not just a piece of clothing, but a MOOD! You can style them under sheer tops or simply as a crop top in lousy afternoons, and feel fabulous about the way you look!

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  • Funky jewelry like multi-layered necklaces, ring sets, bangles, bracelets, and hoop earrings

Jewelry is an integral part of Boho style and one doesn't have to be too cautious and sophisticated with it. Jewelry can draw so much get-up to even the most boring and basic outfits. Complete your basic look with statement rings or neckpieces and nail your look!

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  • Brimmed hat

Hats are the new crowns! It's like a statement made without the use of words. You can easily spruce up any look with a brimmed hat and also hide your hair on days when you are too lazy to wash your hair!

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  • Neutral-toned boots

Never let your head hang down unless it is to admire your boots! They have a spectrum of options, from fringe to the cowboy, get them to feel cozy and look trendy!

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  • Gladiators/ sandals

This modifiable piece of footwear is perfect for a breezy beach day, evening gathering, cocktail, college lookbook, or a day out with your gang! You can easily 

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How to dress up in Boho Style?

  • Choosing free and flowing fabrics

Wearing loose-fitting, comfortable, and flowy fabrics are the key to getting the perfect Boho look. Choosing the right quality and size is very important. One should make sure that the fabric should be linen crisp, as smooth as silk, or has a chiffon-like look.

Always the fabric shouldn't be too heavy but it's important to note that a fabric that's too sheer or flimsy can end up looking cheaper and gypsy-like than bohemian. Even if one wants to wear denim jeans, one should make sure that it's not tight fitted jeans but a loose, parallel, or straight fit.

Although to achieve a full Boho-chic look, printed palazzos, dungarees, skirts, maxi dresses, etc are a better choice since they reflect a more free-spirited vibe. One should always buy loose clothes, but anything up then 1 or 2 sizes can end up looking like a table cloth.

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  • Wearing funky prints

Artistic expression is one of the key features of a Boho look and hence one shouldn't be afraid to experiment with different prints, patterns, and designs. One should look for prints that are eye-catchy like a swirl print dress, floral, mandala print, Aztec, or tribal patterns. One can also mix two different prints in the same outfit as pairing up a floral top with an Aztec skirt.

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  • Layer it up

Lily Tomlin's character on the show Grace and Frankie is the perfect example of Boho style clothing. Her clothes have a lot of layers and are demonstrated by the use of robes, cardigans, textured jackets, multi-layered necklaces, strappy sandals, etc. However, it is also important not to over-layer as that can make the outfit look shabby and disheveled.

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  •  Accessorize, accessorize, and accessorize!

Accessories can make any outfit look better. Even a plain white t-shirt can instantly look party wear if one uses the right accessories along with it. Just like Michael Kors said, accessories are like the ultimate exclamation mark to make your outfit complete!

To achieve a Boho look, wear handmade jewelry made up of material like turquoise, leather, wood, beads, and stones. Hoop earrings can help to instantly raise the Boho vibe. handmade accessories and crochet are always welcome in a Boho look in the form of belts, hats, bags, etc. Don't forget to accessorize your hair with tiaras, flowers, hair jewelry, headbands, bandanas, and beads!

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  •  Hairstyling

Boho hairstyling does not require much effort as one needs not to gel up their hair to make it look more sophisticated, sleek, and set. One can leave it loose,  flowy, and even messy. However, to make the hair look less boring, there is a wide array of hairstyles to try.

For a natural and fresh style, loose braids are effortless, easy, and look beautiful. other than that, one cannot go wrong with messy buns, crown braids, fishtails, loose braids in open hair, double buns or space buns, partial up-do, loose ponytails, and much more.

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  • Color Scheme

It is important to avoid neon or too-bright pop of colors. One should try to choose more earthy tones like brown, black, grey, blue, dark green, earthy red, beige, mauve, and other shades from a neutral palette.

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I believe that there's a touch of Boho within every individual and its an aesthetic that never goes out of style. Whether its flowy hair or funky accessories, Boho style continues to have it's touch to make even simple or formal outfits complete! Boho clothing items and accessories are easily available online and in local markets. Local shopping streets are loaded with eye-catching Boho outfits that can capture anyone's heart. Style it as per your comfort and aesthetics. You're good to go!

Living in this madness called life; vibing with sunsets, music & fashion. Slave of nature and art.

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