How To Better Organize Your Digital Photographs

How can we arrange all of our photographs in an easily accessible format

We all love taking photographs, in this digital era it has become easier than ever, Instagram is littered with amateur photographers setting up their own accounts, and polaroids that provide instantly printed photographs have been making a comeback, giving people a tangible reminder of their memory. 

Our phones and devices often create albums for us, photos, and images that have been imported or saved from other social media such as Snapchat or Facebook.

But with so many pieces of digital information and media stored on our devices, it can be difficult to access or navigate to our favorites. Here, I am going to share ten album ideas you can create right now on your device for a better image-browsing experience. 

Average mobile phone users will have around 630 photos and images on their device, however, this number will vary hugely depending on the demographic. Some active photographers both casual and professional will have thousands or even tens of thousands of images stored, which could make finding selected images a challenge. 

Natural Landscapes

organising pictures of Natural Landscapes

If you've ever been walking on a nice evening and you experience one of those rare occurrences when the sunset captivates you or the sky goes a rich crimson color, screaming for a photo opportunity, then you will most certainly want these moments to be cataloged and saved for many years to come.

After a while or even decades of capturing these moments, one day you may wish to look back in reflection, and by placing these moments into an album, you will eventually have a rich and fulfilling place to relive them.

Any natural landscape can be a great opportunity for a photograph, one day you might even wish to get it printed and use it as a piece of home decor, to show off your photographic abilities to houseguests. 

Urban Travels

organizing picture of Urban Travels

Whether on a city break or a business trip, photographing and then assorting urban features into a dedicated album on your device is a great way to document your travels. If you want to have landmark-rich image collections, try seeking out notable landmarks or places of interest and collect a snapshot of each.

You also don't have to travel to the world's greatest cities to do this, every town or village will likely have something unique or of note worth capturing, so be sure to seek out these areas, in the hopes that you may have something special to look back on. 

Food Experiences

organising food pics
Photo by Lumen from Pexels

For travelers who love to remember their favorite dining experiences or just the average joe who wants to look back on good times and great food, having a dedicated food album on your device will make these memories easy and accessible. Instagram has always been known as the place to share these captures but saving them on your device will give them a more authentic feel. 

Fashion Ideas

organising fashion ideas
Woman in Suit by Aaron Burston 

By cataloging you're favorite outfits, you will be well suited towards inspiring others in their fashion trends and choices by having an accessible and easy way to gain inspiration.

By arranging our fashion-related photographs online into an album, we may also be inspired to arrange our actual wardrobe too. Along with having the advantage of viewing what's missing and what could be added.

In addition to the obvious social and organizational benefits to this, information from Beaumont tells us that there are actually health benefits to organizing our personal space, such as giving us more energy which we can dedicate to other tasks as well as managing our stress. 

Events and Ceremonies

organising pics of Events and Ceremonies

Whether it is from work, weddings, or a New Years Celebration, everyone lucky enough gets to attend a social event now and then, and some certainly more so than others. These gatherings are often a breeding ground for new photos and lasting memories, so why not arrange them in a way so that you can easily look back on the best of times. 

Having these occurrences easily accessible will motivate you to look forward to the next major event and will also allow us to keep track of our lives, using celebrations as milestones. 

Friends and Family

organising friends and family pics
Photo by Dennis Magati from Pexels

Albeit related to events, our memories with friends can last a lifetime. Friendships can make life a little bit easier at the best of times and more dramatic at the worst. With the ability to capture moments with friends practically at our fingertips, these moments have become far easier to save and cherish.

Certain iPhone models will even automatically create albums for individuals to, making it quick and convenient to seek out specific photos and memories with certain people. If you have android, however, you may wish to manually do this yourself, a task which could be saved for a rainy day or when you have some spare time, you may even feel slightly nostalgic if your pictures date back a while. 

Pets and Animals 

organizing pets and animal pics
Image by Alexandru Rotariu

For pet lovers and those who like to visit nature every now and again, I recommend taking all of these photographs and placing them in a dedicated folder. With all the apps that we use such as Snapchat or Messenger having lots of different photographs, it can be hard to navigate and find our special favorites. 

You could even have a dedicated folder for each pet if you are an animal lover, as they will most certainly appreciate it and you will have easier access, this also means that you will be able to print these images far easier should the need arise. 

Miscellaneous and Random Items

organising picture of Miscellaneous and Random Items

Photography amateurs occasionally like to take photographs of everyday random objects that have a certain ambient appeal to them. Artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Vincent Van Gogh, and Andy Warhol have all featured such items in many of their artworks. Hopefully, you can also find value in arranging pictures on your device which actually have no real category, by giving them one. 

There are even forums on Reddit that are dedicated to random and mysterious objects wherein the goal is to identify them. Pages such as r/whatisthisthing and r/notinteresting explore and catalog these topics extensively. 

Personal Favourites 

organising Personal Favourites clicks
 Photo by Mateusz Sałaciak from Pexels

A personal favorites folder on your device will display captured moments when we are at our best. An album like this should simply be dedicated to you, where you can enjoy and reminisce on moments that inspired you or made you feel happy. 

These may be moments shared with a pet or family member, an unforgettable camping trip, or a holiday. They could even be just a simple moment you chose to save. If you can't find any images like this on your device, you could always scroll through and mark them out, and before you know it you'll have a photo album of personal favorites that you enjoy spending decent amounts of time with. 

Night Captures

organising night time captures
Image by Jackson Hendry, Unsplash

Photographs taken at night have their own feel to them. They capture and portray a specific time and memory that can become a permanent reminder of a time or place. 

Night-time photos are also generally more intimate and it's also a well-known psychological fact that people are more open to others at night time, they let their guard down. We also have more honest and deeper conversations due to being more physically tired. 

If you are an amateur photographer or content creator, you need to have an organized portfolio or accessible and categorized content in order to stay focused and productive.

The Benefits of Organizing Your Photographs

In addition to having an easily accessible collection of photos that are ready to be printed or shared, there are other benefits to organizing that you may not be aware of. 

  • Less time spent navigating
  • Ease of access
  • Improve organization skills
  • Clears space on the device 
  • Items stored more securely

By having digital content stored more orderly on your device, you are also more likely to access your images, which will bring a more enjoyable experience.

Taking photos and exploring perspectives, I enjoy the unique and adding content we can find useful.

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