Pandemic Positivity: Some Unbelievable Truths We Should Be Thankful To Covid-19 For?

Are there truly any positives to come out of this pandemic?
Bringing families together
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Co-existing in a world with Covid-19 has brought about a significant amount of change, most of which has not been for the better. Loss of jobs, isolation, and medical complications are just a few negatives to come from living with Covid-19.

However, there are several positives to arise from this pandemic which you may find surprisingly true and even be grateful for. 

1. Finishing off the Small Stuff

Life has a funny way of distracting us; diverting us away from things we know are important but seem to want to put off for another day. Finishing the last chapter of Harry Potter with the kids or baking that cake for your husband’s birthday.

reading with kids
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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that these little things can really brighten up someone’s day and make them feel special; which is often one of the most precious gifts you can give someone. 

Being a lover of cross-stitching, I finally found the time to finish a pattern for my daughter which I had started several years prior to covid! Having the time to finish something I started as a hobby made me feel very accomplished. 

It wasn't just my hobby I managed to finish, but all the little things around the house that had needed to be done. The tiling and the shower that I had wanted for ages; the garden that had needed weeding; and the kitchen that was longing for a re-paint. 

So, although being locked down may have seemed to limit, I actually managed to accomplish a lot. 

2. Taking the Time with Loved Ones

Covid-19 brought us time. Time with loved ones, time with pets, even time on our own. How many times have you sacrificed a soak in the bath for a shower because you were too tired from work?

spending time with family together
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Or just let the dog out in the garden rather than taking him for a walk in the park because you had other chores to do? Going into lockdown actually gave us the time to do these things and more. 

Not being able to work due to our business being closed, I actually spent Christmas with my family. I got to cook Christmas dinner, enjoy opening gifts and playing games, and fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon full of turkey and potatoes! I hadn't spent a Christmas at home since my girls were young.

Having had this time with my family I had the biggest reality check anyone could have. It became clear that spending all my time working to pay for things we didn’t necessarily need, led to a loss of quality time that I actually needed to spend with those who meant the most to me.

Material things will almost certainly remain after we are gone but once we are gone there are no more opportunities to create memories. Time with loved ones is precious and should not be wasted. 

3. Having Time to Develop New Skills

We all love a good hobby to pass the time but sometimes learning a new skill can be a necessary life-changing moment. With the ever-evolving world of technology, there are so many things to challenge yourself with, although for the older generation, who haven't necessarily needed to learn these skills, these challenges are often somewhat troublesome.

developing new skills
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However, during the lockdown period when no one was allowed to visit anyone, the older generation began to develop these skills as a way of communicating and staying in touch with loved ones. Not only were they texting and calling but they were learning how to video chat in order to actually see the faces of the ones they loved.

The introduction of these modern skills to older generations has allowed for more frequent contact between loved ones. Even post lockdown people are now able to 'see' their loved ones more often no matter how busy their lives may have become. 

4. Less Movement Has Led to Cleaner Air

As most people began working from home due to businesses closing or shutting down, there were fewer people travelling which naturally resulted in the environment becoming much healthier. With less traffic comes fewer emissions resulting in cleaner air and better quality of water.

clean environment and air
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With many places closed, there was also less litter, cities became breathable with even the wildlife showing signs of progression. Nature has had the chance to almost reset itself and restore some of the damage done through people’s active lifestyles. 

It does beg the question of whether or not people will actually realise the consequences of their actions on our planet. Will people choose to save the planet where they can or see this 'reset' as just an opportunity to take advantage and worry less about what's to come? 

Something tells me that this point won't be so high up on people's priority list, but one can at least hope it reaches out to some people. 

5. Don't Underestimate the Power of a Hug

Although for most people, mask-wearing and social distancing have been a nuisance, for many it has brought a newfound appreciation for hugs and smiles. Sometimes we underestimate how much a hug is needed or can help someone.

understanding the importance of a hug
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Since birth, we humans have craved the warmth closeness of others. This craving becomes heightened in times of vulnerability or strain as we naturally gravitate towards that which makes us feel better. 

Hugging is a part of our culture that comes naturally and is extremely undervalued, when in fact, a hug is one of the most precious things you can give to someone. When we hug a chemical called Oxytocin is released, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone', which creates positive feelings within us making us feel happy.

As we prepare to fully exit the lockdown restrictions, it’s safe to say that we will go back to our lives with more thought as to what is really important and waste no time in showing our loved ones just how much we care by giving them our time and enjoying theirs. Let's not forget about the planet in the process, after all, isn't that our legacy? 

An all round creative with an appreciation for nature and life.

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