Webinars are adding value with the rise of the new normal

COVID-19 has seen a drastic rise in webinars across the globe and marketers are making webinars effective in every aspect.

With the sudden rise of the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, the companies were forced to work from home, it led to a boom in WEBINARS. 

As the employees and students were locked up in homes, the brand markets found a blessing in the tough times. They began to look out for options to increase brand visibility by adding value to their services. Webinars are not new to the industry and hence, social distancing was a great opportunity for the brand to promote their products and services along with generating consumer insights and connecting with customers on a personal level.

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What is a Webinar? Why are they effective?

A webinar is a combination of 'web' and 'seminar'. A video workshop, lecture, a live session where an expert speaks and adds value by promoting his/her product or by teaching a skill. 

Many marketers are looking out for creative ideas to increase brand visibility in the light of the crisis. However, webinars prove to be reliable and effective for brands that ensure sales pipeline to get replenished and generate leads. 

According to reports by InsideSales.com, before the lockdown 73 percent of marketers and sales leaders find webinars to be one of the most reliable ways of generating quality leads. It can be easily identified that the statistics would've changed over time after lockdown. As per recorded data, there was a whopping 330 percent increase in the number of online events hosted by companies and creators, and the number of participants is increasing gradually.

Webinars are effective as they help to engage with your existing audience. Customer engagement is the most important aspect to increase brand visibility and loyalty. 

Webinars are emerging and becoming the new normal as it is the cut-throat way to reach out to the relevant audience from across the globe. It also helps in the mandate of maintaining social-distancing as a person can host and attend a webinar from their homes. 

Why do marketers prefer Webinars?

Marketers are constantly planning and creating new webinars as it is the best way to get the attention of the audience. They can create a personal relationship with their audiences by webinars where the participants attending the webinars get a chance to interact with the brand and industry experts. It also gives the audience insight into the brand which serves as an assurance. 

Today, webinars are not only limited to brands as hosts but famous digital creators have also adapted to the trend and adding value for their followers. 

What is the main aim of the creators on social media to conduct webinars?

Digital creators who have a large number of social media followers, while being locked up in their homes, found an opportunity in the difficult times through which they can create new content by teaching their skills to their followers and help them become influencers. Isn't it interesting? 

You must've always wondered how these brilliant video creators or food photographers make their social media profile worth following. Well, you can now get an opportunity to learn from the creators themselves. 

For example, Mad over Marketing (MoM) has been conducting informative sessions on marketing and how to build your presence on social media, Patrick Colpron along with Capturing WOW conducted webinars on photography and Instagram growth hacks.

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While the time is changing rapidly, content creators all over social media have adopted this at a fast pace. This has led to tremendous value addition by creators for their followers. With the help of webinars and live sessions, people can gain knowledge and be productive at all times rather than sharing memes. 

Gone are the days when social media was only for fun and entertainment. Millennials and Gen Z are making productive use of social media where the main motive is to learn new skills and apply them for personal growth and even earn full-time income. 

It is not too late to start attending webinars

"I feel relaxed and refreshed after attending an insightful session on mental health by a doctor", says a participant who attended a webinar on coping with mental health during COVID-19 organized by me. 

Feedback like these can make your day and motivate a marketer or a creator to work hard and add value to someone else's life. 

Webinars have a lot to offer. Right from internal insights, hacks, growth strategies, and tips for personal branding, all of these factors are important if you want your brand to succeed. 

Make the most of free sessions or live sessions on apps like Instagram or Facebook where hosts share knowledge about their industry. It will help you in making points for yourself and use them for your growth. 

Reduce your time for binge-watching and invest that time in signing up for a new course on Coursera or Udemy. These courses can help you get a job in your area of interest as the certificate adds value to your resume.

Make time for yourself to learn something new every day as there is plenty of information and information providers out there in the online world who are ready to share their knowledge. You will understand better when learning from your peers. Hence, this is the best opportunity to learn new tips and tricks from the creators of this new age. They understand the current trends and they know your attention span. They will use smart tricks to grab your attention and you will be awed by the skills and knowledge. 

Social-distancing has brought webinars on the top of the list for marketers and it should be on the top of your list too for gaining as much knowledge you can. In this way, you will be productive and you will be able to create additional value for your social media community as well.

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