Are You Really Ready For Taking On A Long Distance Relationship?

Tips to take on the highs and lows of a long distance relationship.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship now or thinking about starting one, long-distance relationships are not as easy as it seems. That is why I'm here to help you with some tips if you really want to start a long-distance relationship with someone.

If I were your friend and you tell me you're in a long-distance relationship, but don't know if it's gonna last. First thing first:

Tips to make a long-distance relationship last

  • Ask yourself do you really want this to work? Do you really love them, can you trust them at least a little? If so, awesome! If not, it's alright, some things are not meant to happen at this time.
  • Set some boundaries and talk about your wants and needs in the relationship. Communication is key, and what's important is to know each other's wants and needs, if you need them to text or call you daily, then say so, if you need some reassurance every once in a while, then say so. Express how you feel, let them express how they feel, be on the same page. Make some solutions to make things work.
  • Take your mind off of them sometimes. If they're not texting you back or not responding, they're most likely busy, they have loved and so do you. Take some time off your phone, maybe get a job, start working, do something creative, etc. Because waiting all day for them to respond while doing nothing is very unhealthy in the relationship and can maybe ruin it in the long run. So, distract your mind for a while, like how I'm doing by writing this article.
  • If you can, plan to meet up with them. If somehow you guys can meet in person then plan to do it, it could be nice to see them for a change.

Now, these 4 tips can help the relationship work but sometimes things go downhill but it doesn't ruin anything. Having doubts and trust issues can really make it hard to do this type of relationship so if anything goes wrong with you or them, here are some good tips.

Tips to handle fights and arguments in a long-distance relationship

  • Talk about whatever is bothering you. Like I said earlier, express your feelings, and talk to them about it, let them see your point of view, help them understand. 
  • Take a break. Look, not all breaks end up as an official break up, some breaks actually help the relationship. If you want you guys can still talk and patch things up during the break, understand each other, or take some time off. Let them know you just need space, then when the time feels right, talk to them, there's nothing wrong with having a break in a relationship, as long you both really want this with each other, it will work.
  • Don't do anything petty. Don't try to get with someone and post them on social media just to make your lover jealous. It's not healthy for the relationship and it doesn't show trust or love nor that you are serious in the relationship, that will just make things worse.
  • Do your work. The best thing to do sometimes is to focus on you and your work, thrive for more, stay on your grind. Start volunteering or get another job, start a business, or go back to school, higher your education. Focus on your life and maybe time will solve it all on its own.

For long-distance relationships it's difficult. I mean, not seeing your lover at all for however long. Most of them last, some don't. But if you're currently going through a break up with a long-distance partner.  Check out these tips below.

Tips to handle a breakup in a long-distance relationship

  • Cry it out, nothing wrong with crying and letting out your emotions on the issue.
  • Do not beg for them back, if they want to talk, then talk with them if you want to. But if not, don't blow up their phone about needing them or loving them. It won't work. And if it does but they sound defeated, they're actually doing what you want so you can be quiet, not because they want you back too. I know it hurts but it's the truth.
  • Work on yourself and move on. Taking some time alone but doing your work and doing what you need or want to do can help get your mind off them.
  • Delete everything from your phone that is related to them, pictures, texts, conversations, their number, email, etc. You can't fully get over someone if you still have those reminders. 

In conclusion, long-distance relationships can work if both lovers do what they have to do in order for it to work, and I'm not saying long-distance relationships work for everyone, some people aren't meant for long-distance relationships. But if you are in one right now I'm rooting for you and praying things to work out. Thanks for reading.

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