How The Pandemic Is Bringing Together Family Members And Preventing Relationship Crisis

The pandemic may have ruined all our plans for this year and filled us with lots of disappointment. But there will always be a brighter side to look and cherish the time we have with our family during this lockdown.

The pandemic brought an immense amount of loss in business, life, career, growth, and many more but it also added some silver lining at the edge of the drawbacks.

The whole world is living life inside the boxes. The virus has forced every human to stay at home for their own and others' safety, which eventually turned out to be a little frustrating. But catching up with the silver lining the lockdown brought everyone closer than ever. The uncertainty of the future and the tough time everyone is going through is indisputable. 

We all have lost the touch of our loved ones due to materialistic desires. Letting everything come between our family and we can never do good in our life. And so it's time to take advantage of this lockdown and melt the barriers coming between us. These small steps may be helpful to shape a healthy relationship with our family.

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1. Wrapping the food with love

The time spent with our family during lockdown is really precious and should be embraced forever. As we can actually give more time to our loved ones. Taking small steps will make the lockdown worthful with a strong bond with our family.

The fast-paced life took many valuable moments from every family. Sitting together and eating as a family has been one of the most precious moments for a very long time, which blurred out in time. It's very important to harness the positive energy of having a meal together with family.

It is found that family eating together decreases the chances of anxiety and depression and increases self-esteem. Eating together creates a friendly environment to communicate and feel supported by each other, where everyone can share about their day, and can even get other advice if required.

A study published in the journal of pediatrics states that families should attempt to eat together at least two meals a week and help to protect their kids going through weight struggles. It is a healthier option as the normal way of eating is followed where a proper time is taken to chew the food which helps it to digest properly.

Whereas eating in front of a screen tends to decrease the time to eat and more amount of food is eaten than the usual appetite with less chewing. And so it can be said that eating together not only benefits the family life but also makes weight control easier. 

This time can really be a problem solver as food and conversation go hand in hand and creates an opportunity to learn from each other. One of the major factors of eating together is that it releases happy chemicals in your brain known as oxytocin. Eating together is really beneficial and the good feelings make the bond much stronger.

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The family meal gives time to relax from all the hustle-bustle going on in everyone's life. It can also be a great learning session for everyone as chores can be divided into cooking food, serving, and washing dishes. It tends to create certain discipline and values which will be helpful in life.

This time can really be a problem solver as food and conversation go hand in hand and creates an opportunity to learn from each other.

Let's initiate this bonding over a family meal. Bringing back the tradition of sitting and eating together, which will really help families to get closer. A good conversation can be a good start. Sharing and discussing our daily life can be a  real stress buster. So, eating together can fulfill one's stomach with food and soul with love and satisfaction making the bonds stronger day by day.

2. Creating space for a healthy mind and body

The lockdown has slowly changed everything around. The opportunity to rebond with family and relatives is really incredible. Whether it's about gathering to binge-watch a certain show or movie, or teaching and learning from others and even adapting good habits from other family members, gives the benefit of the precious moments created with a feeling of relaxation from work and satisfaction of being around the people you love. 

But, being at home for a very long time has also brought little carelessness towards health and has secreted the lazy hormones in everyone. As, a result, the unhealthy lifestyle promotes anger, anxiety, and stress taking away the peace from families.

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 So this is the time where every family member can get involved in living a healthier start with doing Yoga or exercise or even a walk together. It makes it much easier to follow a routine when you are accompanied by someone. Staying fit can be fun when you have a family, like playing outdoor games together.

Mental and physical health is the need of the hour. Since the current situation is all about being immune. which sometimes becomes the source of demotivation. But, these tough situations can be eradicated easily when you have a company, who will never make you quit the routine of being fit had happy. 

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Amidst the restrictions, there are many ways to stay fit like dancing, gardening, virtual training classes, going up and downstairs, skipping, playing badminton, backyard sports. It's important to maintain a level of interest while doing such physical work and keep on switching it to one another so that a person doesn't get bored of it.

Setting a goal is highly recommended and discussing it with your family ambers can also motivate them to follow the same lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle followed by w family can bring peace and flourishment to it and can also be a crucial step towards bonding.

3. Teaming up

It's really difficult to maintain a life keeping a balance between personal and professional life, especially for working couples. They usually don't get enough time to spend with each other and it becomes really exhausting to maintain it.

But, this lockdown worked as a real perk for the couples struggling to give time to each other.

Parents are trying to give time to themselves by reliving their hobbies and making their children get involved in the household work while continuing their work from home. Lockdown even brought a balance between gender role work. As men are also trying to help in the household work, like cooking, cleaning, washing and many more. This can really be a great step towards breaking the stereotypical norms. 

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Times are tough during the lockdown. And work from home has been setting an extraordinary stress level for everyone. The burden of work has increased and few even lost their job. It really a task to not let the pressure of work hamper personal life and so it's very important to take pit time from work and use this lockdown to make the bond stronger.

It's even important to focus on the living space, where work and personal space is divided. So, there is no interruption while working as while spending time with your partner. This time can be properly utilized to know and listen to your partner and make them feel special.

Small activities like household chores can be a real help for your partner and also gives a wider perspective for bonding. This lockdown gave time to be all ears to the loved ones and make them feel supported and special, which was missing earlier.

4. Playing games together

This lockdown has opened our eyes to living life with a new perspective since it's all so uncertain and unpredictable. So, spending time with family also made us understand that they are the ones who stand with us in every situation.

So it's really necessary to create memories by taking the initiative to do some quality activities to make the emotional connection everlasting. One of the best ways to do so is by playing board games. Games can be therapeutic and can transform the boring lockdown into an interesting one, like Monopoly, Uno, Chess, Ludo, Snake and ladders, and many more.

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Board games work like a charm when it's about bringing people closer and strengthening relationships. Since every board game involving two or more than two players, creating a sense of cooperation between them. Hence the time spent in such a supportive way will make the bonds stronger.

Games even affect the brain cells in a very positive and healthy manner. While playing it starts functioning and gets a full session f work out for itself. The brain responses to every thought and complex process while playing. The engagement of such crucial skills improves decision making, thinking strategically, and solving problems more efficiently.

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It is also a great fun learning attempt, which strategies patiently to achieve a goal, bringing focus on life. Games can really change the stress level of the surrounding into a friendly and pleasant environment. It brings laughter to the board and provides a really good learning experience with creativity, and decreases stress.

Games bring smiles to every player and even to the people watching and enjoying it. This releases the happy hormones in your body known as endorphins which add strength to the functioning of the mind both in a conscious and unconscious way. And as a result, it brings compassion towards one another and satisfaction to oneself.

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The opportunity we get to transform ourselves while playing games is limitless. It opens the creative side and even increases self-confidence. The senses become much impactful and stronger than ever before and lead to a wonderful experience for all. It even gives an idea of everyone's personality and connects to them. 

It's been a tough journey for everyone going through this pandemic and lockdown but sticking together with the family can really make it much easier. This might be a chance to even learn many skills for which we didn't have time like, cooking, dancing, painting, etc. Let's try to fight this pandemic in our own way being together and staying healthy from inside out. And start working on our roots and connect to our loved ones.

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