Women Are Crazy. Men Are Weird

Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. This is the best way to describe the differences between males and females of the same species cohabiting on the same planet, in the same workspace, and in relationships.
women are crazy men are weird
Picture by Luis Fernandes

The differences between men and women have been a historical topic of debate for many years and will probably continue until the end of time. Gender conversational differences between males and females had gotten so much speculation overtime that debates weren't enough, and the proof was needed to support these claims. Thus given birth to the concept that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

Scientists, psychologists, and relationship experts have all presented data that prove that men and women are different in many ways than one. Aside from our obvious physical outer appearance, reproductive organs, DNA coding, and behavior, men and women are still mystified by their counterparts.

Both men and women find each other weird and strange. We both see the world and reason differently, as well, as we both do and handle things differently.

Thus leaving us all with the thoughts like, "Women are crazy." and "Men are weird." 

Despite your feelings or thoughts in a given situation, Neither men nor women are crazy or weird. We are just different and don't understand each other.

3 Differences Between Men and Women That Will Decode our Behavior:

1. Men are Systemizers while Women are Empathizers

Studies have proved that men's brains are hard-wired to be systemizers, while women's brains are hard-wired to empathize. This doesn't mean that a woman can't be a systemizer or a man can't be an empathizer. It's just the way how our brains are programmed.

As per the research done by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen at Cambridge University, studies proved in his scientific article that males are systematic and females are empathetic due to an inherent brain type. 

In addition to our minds being predominantly programmed, men to be systemizers and women to be empathizers, this revelation of information is a small ray of light that reveals why men and women do what we do naturally. For example, women are empathizers, which means they connect better emotionally and Men are systemizers, which means we like to figure out how things work.

This essential difference between men and women is also linked to why certain career choices or job types are more appealing to each sex. For example, men are drawn to an occupation oriented around computers, engineering, or mathematics. Because men also like to figure out how things work, jobs concerning tools, and maintenance are appealing. Women are the opposite. They only need to know it works.

However, women have good socializing skills,  decode non-verbal communication, have a sense of fashion, and a natural interest in people. It's no wonder why women dominate occupations centered around fashion, sales, beauty, and decorating. This is also why women excel at being teachers, nurses (caregivers), and counselors.

Our choices, behavior, and interests result from what scientists have deemed the Male brain known as the S-type brain and the Female brain, known as the E-type brain.

The S-type brain is why a male will automatically be drawn to movies or books about guns, tools, motor vehicles, sports, computers, video games, optimizing sound systems, and the outdoors.

The E-type brain is why a woman would be drawn to books or movies concerning fashion, romance, beauty, intimacy, and relationship advice. This is also why women find joy in shopping, giving friends relationship advice, and going for spa treatments.

Please note: All the related information in this section concerning males and females is not an exhaustive list, but each listing is used to shed some light on males and females' uniqueness. You should also note, not because a man or woman is boxed into one particular brain type doesn't mean that he or she is incapable of being a Systemizer or an Empathizer.

One's upbringing can also affect this.

Important fact: You should be aware of another brain type called the B-type brain. The B-type brain is known as the balanced brain. The B-type brain is the perfect fusion of both S & E-type brains. There are some men and women with this type of brain also. 

2. Men need sex, while Women need affection.

When it comes to relationships, men and women have different needs. Men need sex, and Women need affection. Men require sex because we respond physically, and that's how we show love. Women need affection because they respond emotionally and receive love through the connections of emotions.

Women should be aware that sex for a man is like the basic need for food, spawn from the cravings caused by testosterone. Testosterone is the sex hormone that boosts sex-drive into overdrive. Before you, ladies say you have testosterone, and it's not like that for you, please consider that men have more testosterone than you, and our bodies also produce it. To further prove this claim, a clinical trial was conducted in New Orleans to help menopausal women regain their libido by allowing them to wear testosterone patches. At the end of the trial, it was shown that sexual activity and desire for sex in over 50% of the women tested rose.

Please note that these women had their ovaries removed nine years before testing.

Men must understand that women connect emotionally and that affection is a woman's native language. Women crave affection as much as men crave sex. Affection is her fuel. Affection shows the lady in your life that you love her, that you're thinking about her, and she is the only girl in the world for you. Affection is also action. Guys telling your lady that you love her before she leaves for work and before you say goodnight fills her with admiration. Romantic text messages throughout the day make her feel special, as well as holding her hand in public.

Gestures like sending her flowers just because, taking her out for lunch, or surprising her with lunch makes her smile with glee. Husbands, cook for your wife now and again. You will thank me. Another key part of affection that women need is your ear. Women need their men to listen to them. Whether she is talking about her day, has a problem that she is trying to work out, or is sad, she needs to know she can always talk to you, and you will always be there for her. This also goes for when she is feeling under the weather. 

Guys, don't forget to show affection through hugging. Women really need it! 

Sex is fuel for Men, and Affection is fuel for Women.

3. Men are Opportunistic. Women are Cautious.

Another innate difference between men and women is the way we handle life-altering choices and social situations. Men are more adventurous and more willing risk-takers than females when it comes to life-altering choices. And of course, when it comes to social settings, men are expected to make the first move. So, we do. Women are more cautious by nature and take a little bit more time to make a life-altering decision.

This is just a theory, but I believe since women were placed on earth second, maybe the reason why women naturally wait for men to make the first move.

Women, by default, seek security. This is coded in their DNA. Despite being infatuated with surprises and dating men who are bold and daring, women don't like situations or making decisions that will impact their lives without all the relevant information. Even after receiving all the information, women still need time to process this information before making a final decision. Depending on the magnitude of the decision, a woman must feel comfortable that her decision is the absolute best one to make. If there is still doubt in her mind, her security mode goes into overdrive, and she turns to her female intuition for a decision. When this decision is still not attainable, a woman will turn to an outside source like her man, family, or friends to guide or tell her what to do.

Men are different. Men have a primal instinct to be adventurous and optimistic. That is why a man is more willing and subjectable to betting it all. For the sake of this article, I will use the following to paint a mental picture. Unlike women, who feel more secure with their feet on the ground in a safe zone, men tend to want to go on an exhibition in search of hopes of more. For example, men normally have big dreams and, in some cases, be willing to sacrifice freedom, family, living accommodations, or job security to achieve a dream or goal that he believes in, especially if it promises financial freedom. 

Both men and women have the ability to take risks, but there is a difference. Women take calculated risks. Women will take as much time as they could get to make a decision. Because women are cautious, and security is a basic need for women, making a decision is a slow and thought-out process. Women need to be sure that a plan or decision has a higher success rate than failure to make a final decision. On the other hand, men tend to be ready to make a decision based on the information presented and the hope of what could be, regardless of a possible chance of a negative outcome. Men are more optimistic and decisive that way.

Decoding the Sexes

Men and women can be described as innies and outies. This description is not just a pun based on our reproductive organs but our innate nature. Men are more outward bound. Men connect and relate to everything on a physical level. Women, on the other hand, are centered inwardly. Women connect and relate to everything on an emotional level. Men and women are basically pre-programmed to function in a particular way, based on brain types and innate nature. This is why we do and behave the way we do. 

I have a theory based on the biblical record of creation. The man was created from the physical earth. Perhaps this is why men connect and relate physically. Women were birthed out of a man, and perhaps that is why women connect emotionally and liked to be embraced by a man.

Another theory I have linked to our origin of creation is centered around men and women's behavior involving their inward and outward nature.  Men are drawn to the physical. Perhaps this is why men are attracted to a woman's physical appearance. And why women who are bound by their feelings are bedazzled by how a man makes her feel, emotionally.

Please note that men's and women's behavior is also affected by their upbringing and culture.

I hope after reading this article, this helps you to understand the opposite sex and behavior better. If we understand each other, it can lead to men and women having a better working, personal and romantic relationships.

My name is Dario M. Gardiner, aka Rio Sensei. I'm a novelist, writer, and author. My mission is to help my generation and future generations

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