Entertainment Is An Interpretation Of One's Art

To entertain someone you have to express yourself in a distinct way. It's like putting the images that are on your mind into others'.

I trust that people would be keen on the idea of exploring new forms of entertainment. There are times when I feel indifferent to movies or shows. I have let my idea of what entertainment means to me consume my mind to the point where I don't expand.

Being receptive to different genres has brought me satisfaction and relaxation. It also has been enlightening to facts of history and this world that I was ignorant about. I believe that opening one's mind to subjects, not of their usual Calabar can be illuminating. It's a different experience to watch or hear something that is stimulating to one's mind.

To revel in something that you have thought to be wasteful of your time or unvaried can really bring one's mind to enjoy all the entertainment that life offers. I enjoy seeking people's interests and enjoyment when it comes to being entertain. I have always wanted to be a part of critiquing films and art, not to be judgemental yet to show what my perspective was.

Hearing one's perspective when it comes to a certain film or song has always piqued an unexpected interest of mind. To all who have viewed a film or listened to the same song and feel completely different things has always been intriguing to me. 

Nevertheless, entertainment will always be considered art. Its expressing one's mind and thoughts. It's bearing a part of your soul to the world. Entertainment can be so vast, which makes it so incredible and abnormal at the same time.

The unorthodox versions of it can be difficult to understand, which is why I enjoy writing about them. Simplicity can sometimes be overrated. It's the unorthodox thinking that intrigues people. It's the question of how and why. It's the reactions of "wow" and the use of the words "captivating" when describing a film or movie.

To be given the honor of sharing my thoughts and vantage point on a subject or title would not only be exhilarating but it would bring me a tremendous about of fulfillment in my life. As a person who is overly compelled by the entertainment business, for my opinions to be viewed commented on, and shared would give me a sense of seeing what the world can really be like.

There are all types of people in the world with different standpoints and opinions. To know them and hear them, would be wonderous to my life. I can learn numerous things and maybe even be apprised to things I failed to see or understand. 

Its simplicity to things such as this simple image of me that can make art. That can give people a feeling of enjoyment or gleefulness. Many may see a picture others may see something extraordinary. This is entertainment, it's the hold of one's attention and interest. It gives pleasure and delight.

What more can we ask for as humans? To be blissful and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. To see something and feel emotions. To be moved by a simple picture or even a short film. It's the little things like entertainment that make it entertainment.

It's smiling when you see a picture, it's laughing when a movie comes on. Even crying yet understanding that a simple hour movie gave you that emotion, made you feel that way and you enjoyed it because of that. That rare and lovely beauty of entertainment is breathtaking.

exploring ideas and entertaining oneself

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