Fun And Engaging Youtube Workout Videos You Won't Get Bored With

Look here for some new fitness videos to inspire your next workout session.
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In the last two months, I have been getting back into making fitness a lifestyle habit. I embarked on a 25-Day Challenge with Chloe Ting while incorporating various cardio exercises alongside the challenge program. It was fun and I found new ways to keep myself from getting bored. Thanks to Youtube recommendation videos, I've found some fun new workouts to switch out so my muscles won't get too used to the moves. Today, I'm gonna focus on the new exercises I learned that burn a lot of calories and bring ingenuity to sometimes boring workouts.

Here are the fun and easy workout videos to keep you going:

1. Abs On Fire - Emi Wong

Abs On Fire is one of my new favorite workout videos to incorporate during the week. In particular one of the exercises, Plank Circles is an exercise that targets your core muscles. If you're used to doing planks then this exercise will be fine for you. It's a combination of yoga and pilates together. 

2. 30-Minute Hand Clap Exercise

I discovered this fun cardio workout thanks to Youtube recommendations. It's a super fun - though slightly exhausting - exercise to do for days when you just need cardio. It's super fun and easy to remember the moves - since you repeat it 9 times for 30 minutes. Yes, it's repetitive but you will get your heart pumping and lungs on fire once you finish.

3. 10 Min Ab Workouts - Chloe Ting

There were a lot of great ab workouts in this video to choose from! Sometimes when I want a quick workout and not follow a particular video, I'll pick and choose my own exercises. Usually, I'll alternate between Chloe Ting & Emi Wong exercises. This video is one of my other favorite ab workout videos because you really feel the burn!

4. New HITT Full Body Workout - Chloe Ting

What is helpful from Chloe Ting's cardio workouts, is that she gives low-impact workouts alongside the original ones. If that day you would rather stick with HITT and no low-impact exercises, you can still follow along with this video. I'm always looking for new cardio workouts to switch out with my staple ones and this one looked fun to try out.

5. Arms & Back Workout - Chloe Ting

I don't usually do workouts targeted for arms or back, as the exercises I do usually incorporate them both however I challenged myself with this one, and boy did it burn! Anytime I'm doing any plank-like exercises it does double duty of targeting my abs alongside my arms.

6. Full + Half-Ballet Kick - Emi Wong

The workout is a 15-minute thigh workout that includes no jumping for those who want another low-impact workout. 

I find with some of Emi Wong's workouts, she takes a basic exercise and elevates it to be harder. This entire workout is fantastic but the Full + Half-Ballet Kick workout is a killer! So be prepared to work your butt off.

7. Full Body Stretch - Emi Wong

Lastly, don't forget a full-body stretch. It is important to always stretch your body after exercising so your muscles can be relaxed and ready for the next day. Otherwise, you will wake up with sore and tight muscles.

I hope you enjoyed trying out these new workouts and that they were just as fun for you as they were for me!

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