How To Move On From Bad Past Decisions And Live A Better Life

Having trouble moving on from past mistakes? Don't beat yourself up about past mistakes; instead, learn from it and committ to a better future.

Are you constantly thinking about embarrassing moments from your past? Do you have thoughts about starting life over and doing things differently? I know; these are thoughts and questions that circulate in our minds every day.

Moving on from past mistakes we've made can be tough. It requires lots of healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. For many of us, it can be a challenging task. We wish we could turn back the clock and do things differently. Sadly, going back in time is something we cannot do. Therefore, we have to accept the past for what it was and move on in our lives to commit to a better future. 

Even though moving on from past mistakes can be troublesome, it's something that many of us should be able to achieve.

As someone that has had trouble moving on from terrible past mistakes, I know it requires patience and forgiveness. On the bright side, let's talk about ways you can move on from your past and live a better life. 

1. Accept The Past For What It Was And Move On 

Accepting what happened in your past is the key to moving on. If you refuse to move on from your past, your mind will remain trapped in past events. Instead of living a better life for your future, you are choosing to live in the past. Still reminiscing about old events and what you could've done differently. End this pattern now! It's time to move on and accept things for what they once were. 

Whatever happened has already been done. You cannot undo it. Therefore, you should accept what happened and continue to live your life. Stop putting your life on hold because of past events. Don't make up scenarios or create lies to feel better about the situation either. You are only harming yourself when you do this. 

No matter how embarrassed you may feel about your past decisions, accept things for what they were and move on. See the past for what it is. It is the past; that's it. 

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2. Learn From Your Past Mistakes And Move On 

Along with accepting the past, learning from your mistakes will help you move on from your past. So, instead of bashing yourself for past decisions, you should learn from them. As humans, we make mistakes and poor decisions. Making mistakes is a part of living and learning life. The more you learn from your past mistakes, the better off you will be. 

As someone that has made tons of bad decisions, I can tell you it's a part of human life. Nobody is perfect. According to, learning from our mistakes gives us experience. It encourages us to think differently. It also helps build our character.

So, the next time you are feeling terrible about your past mistakes, think about the lessons you've learned. Find ways you can improve on yourself based on your past decisions. Learn from those mistakes, so the likelihood of you making those same mistakes again in the future is zero. 

Admit your mistakes, don't dwell on them, and move on. 

3. Stop Blaming Others For The Decisions You Made In The Past

Another way you can move on from your past is by taking accountability for your actions. Instead of looking for someone to blame because of your past decision-making, look within yourself and reflect. 

Blaming others isn't going to take you far in life, nor is it going to help you improve as a person. When you are so busy playing the blame game, you are refusing to take accountability for your actions. Instead of blaming others, admit to the times you were at fault. 

A source from says that blaming others is a great defense mechanism. When you blame others, you remain blissfully unaware of your own shortcomings, which can help maintain a fragile ego.

Therefore, put an end to the blame game and take responsibility for your actions if you want to move on in your life. 

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4. Think Positively To Move On From Past Mistakes

Don't ever belittle yourself or think you aren't worthy enough because of your past mistakes. Remember, as humans, we all make mistakes and do things we shouldn't do. We have to learn from those mistakes and do better. Making mistakes and bad decisions does not make you a bad person. It was a temporary situation that has already been dealt with. 

Don't beat yourself up. Just say, I made mistakes, I moved on from it, and I'm looking forward to doing better. Try to remain as optimistic as you can. Another example, instead of shaming yourself, you can say, I will not be ashamed of my old mistakes. No matter what, I love myself despite my past decisions.

Do you see how much better that sounds instead of calling yourself cruel names because you made poor decisions?  Not only does thinking positively make you feel better about yourself, but it will also improve your mood based on past events. Instead of being ashamed, you will take pride in who you once were. 

Remember, you are more than your mistakes. Continue to think positively and live a better life. 

5. Forgive Yourself  Including Those That Have Wronged You

Forgiving yourself can be hard, including those that have wronged you. Besides, if you want to move on in your life, you have to learn how to forgive. Sadly, some people aren't easily forgiving. This isn't your problem. As long as you have forgiven yourself and moved on in life, that's all that matters. There's no need to continue to seek forgiveness from those that don't want to offer it. You'll have to accept things for what they are and seek forgiveness within yourself. 

Furthermore, if you have done wrong in your life, it's okay. Once you forgive yourself, everything will be alright. If others have wronged you, forgive them as well. There is no need to hold grudges with people. Holding grudges with others is an unhealthy thing to do. When you hold grudges, you are only harming yourself in the process, while those that have wronged you have already moved on. 

Sometimes, you are not going to receive closure from others either. That's when it's time to let things go and move on in your life. You seek closure by forgiving yourself and others; and by moving on. 

6. Remove Negative People Associated With Your Past And Surround Yourself With Loving People 

If you are hanging around negative people from your past, it's time to move on from them. When you remove pessimistic people from your past, you can start on a clean slate. You can focus on your future without having to worry about the things that will remind you of your darkest moments.

Negative people from your past will use your past against you in order to make you feel terrible about yourself. You should get rid of those people. It's unnecessary drama and you are wasting your time. Why associate yourself with people that can't move on from what you've done? 

It's time to move on and meet new people that will cherish you; despite your past mistakes. When you hang around positive and loving people, it'll improve your mood and overall well-being. Loving and positive people will love you for who you are now. They will look past your past mistakes and would want you to move further in life.  

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In conclusion, even though moving on from your past mistakes can feel like a difficult task, it is something you can achieve. As long as you continue to remain positive, forgive yourself, and learn from your past mistakes, you can commit to your future and live a better life. 

You are not in this situation alone. Remember, that no one is perfect. We all make poor decisions, but now, it's time to move on. 

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