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Hello everyone, Caitlan here. I have a wide variety of interests, but to name a few of them, I enjoy reading, writing, films, and manga.
Human Trafficking: Let's End It! by Caitlan C.

Human Trafficking: Let's End It!

The world today is not what it used to be where parents could send their children out to play unsupervised. Today, parents must constantly be on the lookout for danger as predators are always searching for prey. Human Trafficking has become the third-largest crime around the globe, with sex and manual labor being the motives.It is also one of the hardest crimes to stop, as no two cases are alike. Kinship United, a charity that helps orphans around the world, says one issue with trafficking, is that it’s a border issue. Law enforcement has to handle sex cases differently from labor cases.

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Caitlan C.
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