How To Do A Drawstring Ponytail For Black Women With 4c Short/Medium Natural Hair

Are you looking for an easy and affordable style to do with your natural hair? Well, guess what? A drawstring ponytail is the best choice.

Are you looking for a new and fabulous hairstyle to do with your 4c natural hair? I know; as someone that's looking for countless new hairstyles to try with my natural hair, I decided to use a drawstring ponytail. 

Not only are drawstring ponytails easy to install, but they are affordable and look great on any occasion. Drawstring ponytails are also great for adding volume and length to your natural hair. It's a protective style, can be versatile, and it's great for everyday life. 

With that being said, let's jump into how you can install a drawstring ponytail and look glamourous. In just a few minutes, your natural hair will be saying thank you.

Here are a few simple ways to do a drawstring ponytail for black women with 4c type natural hair: 

how to do a drawstring ponytail for natural hair
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1. Choose A Drawstring Ponytail You Would Like To Install With Your Natural 4c Hair

Drawstring ponytails look perfect on any occasion; whether it's for a job interview, a lively concert, a birthday party, or at a joyful baby shower, a drawstring ponytail will have everyone's eyes on you. 

Therefore, you want to choose a drawstring ponytail you would feel confident in wearing. The great thing about drawstring ponytails is that they come in different lengths, textures, and vibrant colors to choose from. 

If you would like a long ponytail, I suggest you purchase a drawstring ponytail that is twenty-two or twenty-four inches long. If you want your ponytail to be much longer, you should purchase a thirty-inch ponytail. Too long? You can also go for a ponytail that's twelve, fourteen, or even eighteen inches! Whatever length you decide to choose, you will look fabulous! 

choose a drawstring ponytail in length and color
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Drawstring ponytails are also made in exotic colors. If you want a natural-colored ponytail, go for black, off-black, dark brown, chestnut, auburn, golden blonde, or platinum blonde. Want to add a splash of color? You can purchase a drawstring ponytail that's ruby red, emerald green, vibrant blue, purple, and pink. Some ponytails also come with highlights which can bring your drawstring ponytail out more including 1B/30, which is an off-black with a mixture of blonde. You can also purchase a ponytail that's a 4/27, which is a chestnut color with a mixture of golden blonde. Whichever fabulous color you choose, feel confident in it and you'll glamourous! 

Drawstring ponytails also are made in different hair textures such as kinky straight, kinky curly, beach wave, body wave, yaki straight, and many more! These different hair textures are great for adding volume to your natural hair and for making it look as natural as possible.

To add on, drawstring ponytails are made in synthetic hair fibers or human hair fibers. According to, human hair ponytails give more of a realistic look. They have a softer and shinier look and can last up to three years. Therefore, just like your actual hair, you would have to wash the ponytail from time to time to maintain its look. Unlike human hair ponytails, synthetic ponytails are cheaper. They don't tend to last very long and only some synthetic ponytails allow you to apply heat to them. Just like human hair ponytails, they look great for any occasion, but it requires little maintenance. 

2. Put Your 4c Type Short/Medium Natural Hair Into A Tight and Secure Bun

Now it's time to place your short/medium natural hair into a tight and secure bun. Doing this will make the drawstring ponytail easier to apply. Once you have placed your natural hair into a tight and secure bun, you can install your new and stylish ponytail.

In order to place your hair into a secure bun, you should apply a gel of your choice onto your natural hair. Applying a gel of your choice will make your natural hair easier to manage and easier to pull back into a ponytail. While applying the gel, you should use a firm bristle brush to brush and hold your bun into place. You also want to use good-quality scrunchies to prevent them from ripping apart as you are placing your hair into a fixed bun. 

Keep in mind, you want to make your bun as small as possible, so once you apply the fake ponytail, your ponytail will not look bulky. You also want to make sure you place your bun as high as you can because the more your natural hair is covered with the ponytail, the more natural it will look. However, whether you choose to have a high or low bun, depending on the placement of your ponytail, is up to you. 

A great gel I suggest you should use is Eco Styling Gel or Style Factor Edge Booster Gel. These two products are great for holding your natural hair. From my standpoint, I love the Edge Booster Pomade more than any other product. It can hold my natural hair for hours without flaking. However, not everyone's natural hair is the same. Therefore, it is important to use a gel that works best for your natural hair without the annoying white flakes and lifting.

Most gel products are affordable and can be purchased at your local beauty supply store, drug store, or at Amazon. 

drawstring ponytail tight and secure ponytail
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3. Install Your Drawstring Ponytail Onto Your Tight And Fixed Natural Hair Bun

Now since you've placed your natural hair into as small as a possible secure bun, you can install your fancy drawstring ponytail. Most drawstring ponytails have instructions that you can read to learn how to install them. 

As you look into your drawstring ponytail, there should be combs that you need to place onto your fixed bun. Most drawstring ponytails have two combs installed. There would be one comb to place in front of your bun, and another comb to place in the back of your firm bum. However, some drawstring ponytails have more than one comb, but for the most part, there are usually two as stated before. 

Once you have placed the combs onto your secure bun, you want to tug onto the drawstring as firm as you can in order to keep your false ponytail in place. Ouch! Don't do it too tight, or your scalp will be in pain for the entire day. Whoops! You also don't want your ponytail to be too loose, or your ponytail will be lying on the floor! So, you want to make sure it's just right. 

After you have tightened your drawstring ponytail the way you like it, you can wrap the drawstring around the ponytail in order to hide the drawstring. Besides, you don't want anyone to notice it! 

Installing your ponytail should be easy and it can take as little as three minutes.

4. Strut Your Stuff With Your New And Stylish Drawstring Ponytail

Hey there! You look absolutely beautiful! Now since you've finished wrapping your stylish drawstring ponytail, it's time to rock it!

Lay down those edges, pretty babe! Snap some photos and post them to your social media! Go on, and have a night out with some friends! After all, you deserve it! 

drawstring ponytail for black women with natural hair
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To end things, drawstring ponytails are affordable, easy to install, and are great for adding volume and length to your natural hair! It is a perfect protective style for any occasion. Whether it's for the beach, a live concert, or a birthday party, you will be turning heads! 

With this stylish on-the-go style, you will never have to worry about styling your hair again.

Hey, ya'll! Check out my cool stuff! XOXO

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