10 Fun And Relaxing Activities For A Rainy Day (Without Your Phone)

Finding ways to have fun indoors while still being productive.

Not every day can be filled with sunshine and spending time outdoors. There are days when mother nature needs to be rejuvenated with a good rain shower, providing life to the trees and plants.

On such drizzly days, many people come down with a case of the rainy day blues. However, a rainy day doesn't mean that you can't have just as much fun indoors as you do outdoors.

Whether you're a young child or an adult, whether you're alone or with loved ones, everyone can have fun as they wait for the rain to go away.

Fun without Phones

Take advantage of a slow day by spending time away from the phone screen. We get so distracted twiddling our thumbs on our phones that we forget fun exists away from the internet.

According to an article by the New York Post, people in the United States go on their phone around 80 times a day, checking it about every 10 minutes or so. Our addiction to these devices is making us forget traditional ways of having fun, enjoying the raw moments in life.

This is your reminder of all the entertainment and fulfillment you can receive without staring at, scrolling, and subconsciously suffering while on your phone.

10 Phone-Free Rainy Day Activities

Here are a few ways for anyone to set their phone aside and enjoy a rainy day stuck inside:

One relaxing way to enjoy a rainy day
Image Source: Marko Blazevic | Pexels

1. Draw or Paint a Picture

There's no need to only sit around on your phone when you distract yourself by drawing or painting a beautiful work of art.

The point of art is free expression. Art has no boundaries. There is no "right" way to create art. So, dissolve any hesitation about drawing or painting a picture because you think it won't look good. Pick up a pen, pencil, marker, paintbrush, or whatever you want to use. Grab a piece of paper or a canvas. Let your hand move freely across the surface and see what you create. It'll be a work of art, with your unique twist!

You can draw something as a gift for a parent, grandparent, best friend, or partner. Conversely, if you enjoy what you've made, you can find a place to hang it up in your house.

What better way to spend a rainy day than to spend a few hours releasing your creative side?

a great way to exercise the brain while it rains
Image Source: Magda Ehlers | Pexels

2. Complete a Puzzle

When you want to be productive but can't go out, working on a puzzle is a great alternative to accomplishing a task that's still relaxing.

Each puzzle contains a different number of pieces. You can try out an easy 100-piece puzzle or challenge yourself with a 1000-piece puzzle. 

Puzzles are a fantastic way to exercise your brain as you complete them. As per the research provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the process of solving a puzzle can improve cognitive functions in the brain.

Puzzles help the brain recognize patterns, using visual and motor skills to fit the pieces together. They also enhance perceptual reasoning as you figure out strategies to solve the puzzle.

With puzzles, you can see the result of your productiveness and just feel good knowing you did a brain-healthy activity while it rains. 

find a new hobby on a rainy day
Image Source: Pexels | LA MM

3. Try Origami

A rainy day is a perfect time to find a new hobby, like learning Origami. Origami, typically connected with Japanese culture, is the art of folding paper in intricate ways to create a shape.

I bought an origami book from Joann's just to try learning a new skill. The book gave step-by-step instructions for every fold, accompanied by an image to demonstrate. It took a few tries and I was able to create an origami turtle and a jumping frog.

Not only are you learning a new craft, but you also make cute paper animals or fun shapes! I also made an origami rose that I gifted to my boyfriend. It's a beautiful decoration to hang up in your room. 

one fun way to enjoy a rainy day indoors
Image Source: Reddit

4. Build a Blanket Fort

Blanket forts are a cozy shelter to shield yourself from the boring atmosphere of your typical living room or bedroom space.

You can use whatever you have around the house to construct your makeshift rainy day hideaway; chairs, pillows, and blankets are a few good building materials. The shape and size of your blanket fort are up to you! You can even hang up fun lights around or inside the fort to add some pizzazz.

A blanket fort is a perfect place to curl up with a bunch of blankets, eat your favorite snack, and watch your favorite movie. The rain can't bother you when you're too busy living it up in your super cool blanket fort.  

relaxing way to spend a rainy day
Image Source: Rachel Claire | Pexels

5. Read a Book

If you're not a fan of the rain and you would rather be somewhere else, try immersing yourself in a good book.

I'm currently reading Breaking Dawn, the final book in the Twilight Saga. Reading this book while it rains creates the best atmosphere: the sound of raindrops pounding against the windows, the cool air, and the dark grey skies all work harmoniously to fit the vibe of the book. It's like I've been transported to Forks, Washington, where the story takes place. I highly recommend reading on a rainy day.

You can put yourself into the story to avoid the rain if you'd prefer being somewhere else. Whether it be the beach on a hot summer's afternoon, at the peak of Mt. Everest after a grueling expedition, or a fabulous cruise on the Caribbean Sea, a book can take you anywhere.

a peaceful moment while it rains
Image Source: Pexels | Dids

6. Listen to Music

Nothing is better than taking an hour to chill and just listen to some good music.

My roommate brought her retro record player to our apartment and put it in the living room for all of our enjoyment. She has a nice collection of modern hits, like Mumford & Sons, and old tunes, like The Beatles. The sound of the needle running smoothly across the vinyl record is so peaceful.

If all you feel like doing is lying on the couch, try playing music softly through a record player, speaker, or radio. 

Baking will warm you up in the cold rain
Image Source: Oleg Magni | Pexels

7. Bake a Treat

When it rains, the temperature gets cooler. This is the best time to preheat the oven and bake your favorite treat to help you warm up.

I like to bake banana muffins on rainy mornings. I'm usually still in my pajamas while I make them, which is a wonderful way to begin the day. Accomplishing a simple task like baking a treat helps you wake up and make you feel productive right away. As a reward, you get to eat your favorite, comforting snack.

soaking up the relaxation while it rains out
Image Source: Monstera | Pexels

8. Have a Warm Bath

Drop a nice-smelling bath bomb from Lush into the water, light your favorite candle, and soak up all the good vibes for a couple of hours in a soothing bath.

A rainy day means you get a self-care day! As mother nature takes the time to revitalize, you can too. Every day, you work hard on that daily grind of life, which can be exhausting. Take this time to care for yourself. Unwind in a warm bath. Those worries will soon fade because a rainy day is all about relaxing.

spending time with pets can erase those rainy day blues
Image Source: Tomas Ryant | Pexels

9. Cuddle with Your Pet

Rainy days are the purrfect opportunity to spend some quality time bonding with your pet.

Pets are magical. They're always there for you, a true loyal companion. Just as you take good care of your pet every day, they're also helping you in more ways than you'd think. According to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pets can decrease blood pressure, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. Contrarily, pets can increase physical activity and opportunities for socialization. Our furry friends are amazing.

My cat loves to curl up against my legs whenever I'm lying in bed. That's usually the only time he's feeling affectionate, so I make the most of this time with him by cuddling as long as possible. Give your pet a good cuddle and you both can enjoy listening to the rain together.

Take a chance to recharge with a nap on a rainy day
Image Source: Ketut Subiyanto | Pexels

10. Take a Nap

There's no better way to fall asleep for a little while than listening to the rain as you slowly drift into serenity.

Your body needs rest. During rest, your body and mind repair themselves. Naps are a necessity; it's how your body tells you that you need to stop working yourself so hard. Put on some comfortable clothes and hop into bed.

One of the many benefits of rain is it acts like white noise, a consistent sound that can help the body relax. A lot of people turn on white noise to fall asleep. If it's a rainy day, you have natural white noise available for you. 

Set an alarm if you want to or let your body wake you up when it's ready. Just slow down and take a nap. 

A Rainy Day is a Day to Recharge

People have developed a "grind" mindset, meaning they feel the need to constantly be working to succeed. However, that's not how life should be. Your body wasn't designed to work 60 hours a week without proper time to recharge.

Rain isn't just an opportunity for the environment to receive nourishment, but rather for everyone to be nourished.

A rainy day is that time for your body to recharge. You don't have to be working every second of the day, every day. Forget about the problems you have for a little while.

Put your phone away.

Enjoy some traditional fun and relaxation while it rains.

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