Lumity Is Completely Canon And Why That's Important

Disney surprised fans with a prominent and unquestionable LGBT relationship on The Owl House.

The Owl House returns on March 19th! While the show was between seasons 2a and 2b, fans of the Disney cartoon were left to speculate what will happen next, as well as mourn the loss of a complete third season.

A huge takeaway from the last few episodes, however, is the new relationship between the main characters Luz and Amity. “Lumity,” the fan-given ship name, is officially and completely canon. Previously I wrote an article on why it was half canon after season one, why it would become fully canon, and what that might look like. 

I am happy to say, however, that Lumity is more canon than I ever would have predicted, and progressed in a much better way than I expected. 

I assumed they would be canon at the end of the entire series, and potentially only in a vague way with a little room left for deniability. The fact that the Disney show went so much further than that is a delightful surprise. 

The first season gradually leads to Amity having a crush on Luz. First, she is simply a mean girl, who is mainly an antagonist and ex-friend for Willow. Luz and Amity come to a better understanding of each other after an adventure in the library, and episodes later we see Amity blush around an unsuspecting Luz.

Then we have a full-blown confirmation of the crush in a prom-style episode, in which Amity was going to ask Luz as a date via a note but was too afraid of rejection to follow through. As the show went into hiatus, the ship was half-canon.   

Amity blushing and crushing around Luz
Image Source: Disney Channel

In season 2a, instead of simply leaving the crushing to Amity, and letting Luz reciprocate towards the end of the series, Luz developed a SEPARATE crush on Amity.

The show also really took the time to properly pace this. After a few episodes with a mutual crush, it showed the awkwardness of a first relationship and added a layer of realistic tension. This is all rarely seen on television with girls who date other girls, let alone in a children’s cartoon.

This also wasn’t just some side character suddenly dating the show’s main character... This was a character who went through some amazing story arcs and development.

We got to see a green-haired mean girl first get more depth with the reveal of controlling parents. She then transformed into the “cotton-candy-haired" witch with nicer friends who stands up to her mom, and oh yeah, WHO HAS A GIRLFRIEND. 

Amity dying her hair purple marks an important turning point in her development. While her hair is naturally brown, she kept it dyed green throughout the show, and presumably years before, to match her siblings’ hair as her mother wanted.

Purple hair was the ultimate way to rebel against too-controlling parents. This also has some nice build-up when Amity breaks a magical necklace that her mother used to send her telepathic orders. A flashback even shows Amity had the necklace from a young age. A bit of rebellion was a long time coming.

Because the Grom episode set up Amity’s fear of rejection as character development, the show wouldn’t let her walk away without facing this fear. Low and behold, Amity technically asked Luz out first… though she was pretty safe from rejection as Luz was moments away from asking Amity herself. 

There was also a brief moment before this, in which the audience caught sight of the emotions Amity would have faced if she were to be rejected and added more emotional depth to the story.

Another aspect of this season that shouldn’t go unappreciated is the character interactions Amity and Luz have separated from each other. Amity gets a scene to talk about her overwhelming feelings from her crush on her siblings. When Luz asks to borrow Gus’s library card, he knows it’s really a way to visit Amity. Luz admits she “hasn’t been hiding that well,” and Gus doesn’t humor her. She hasn’t.

Finally, when Amity becomes Luz’s “awesome girlfriend” she’s immediately more involved in Luz’s support network and is in scenes with those characters even without Luz. It’s even a running joke how often Amity mentions being Luz’s girlfriend. It’s all very clear-cut and leaves no room for misinterpretation.   

Disney channel YouTube Luz and Amity
Image Source: Disney Channel

They all add up in little ways that will show how this crush (and later relationship,) is just like any other to younger viewers.

For the handful of cartoons that have or had a canon same-sex couple, it’s not uncommon for the pairing to become official as part of a finale, not leaving much time for the audience to enjoy the dynamics of the couple—The Legend of Kora, Adventure Time, and the main relationship of the new She-Ra.

The Owl House, however, has some time left to explore Lumity. (Even though it can be argued that the show should have had a longer run.)

It will also be interesting to see how the show will tie up all the remaining loose ends. There’s the matter of King’s father… everything Emperor Belos and the Coven Heads are planning. Also, the small matter of getting Luz home. 

There might be more drama from the Blight family, and of course, some good old-fashioned angst when it comes to Luz keeping, breaking, or negotiating her promise to stay home. There will be some sort of solution, and I find it unlikely the show would end with Luz having to give up The Boiling Isles and therefore magic completely. 

I think it’s safe to say the show will end with some sort of solution that keeps Amity and Luz together indefinitely. With Lumity being more canon, and sooner than I would have dared imagine, all this will be great to see.

Kaydee is a writer who is always looking for her next favorite show. She also loves journaling, graphic novels, and late night comedy.

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