Fashion forecasting for fall 2021

Top 10 Fashion Trends that are going to be big this fall season! You just can't afford to miss these.

2020 has been an irksome year, to say the least. With the pandemic hitting the globe, the fashion calendar has been at a halt. With the cancellation of the annual MET gala organized by Editor and chief of Vogue USA, Anna Wintour, to the uncertainty of fashion week, the pandemic had definitely shunned the excitement for fashion enthusiasts, designers, stylists, and eager fashion fanatics. However, this year has also seen a massive rise in digital and online fashion trends and looks, that everyone is absolutely looking forward to rocking this fall when it’s safer and calmer, and the pandemonium of the pandemic surpasses.

Here are the top 10 fashion trends you need to know about for fall 2020-2021 :


Shearling jackets are going to be huge this year. The darling of 70’s winter fashion, Shearling looks have made a comeback this year and everyone is obsessed. Shearling outerwear fashion can be seen in films, fashion, and pop culture of the '70s and 80's very evidently and the comeback during the 2020's is a pleasant surprise! From Stella Mcartney to Valentino and Oscar DeLarenta, Faux Shearling outerwear has been a staple in the Fall collections for 2020. The best way to style these jackets would be to just keep it minimal, effortless and chic with a pair of skinny jeans and a turtle neck to keep you warm. 




The fashion wind has drifted towards Cropped outerwear this year and one cannot complain. However, the casual nature of a cropped jacket has been upgraded this year only to incorporate corporate elements. Yes, I am talking about  Cropped blazers! They are extremely edgy and are going to be very popular this fall. Apart from making it on the runway, these blazers are arguably the most loved trend on the gram amongst the top fashion influencers and even a staple on the streets of Paris, L.A, London, and Milan. The best way to wear a cropped blazer would be with a business/formal look or with a body con short dress.

 cropped jaclet 



Babydoll style dresses had made a grand entry in 2018  but the fashion world is still obsessed with the fancy hemlines and femininity of babydoll style dresses,  with an addition of some fine Victorian elements like white-collar fringes, bows, and lace that have been seen this year especially in fall collections of Riccardo Tisci, Saint Laurent, etc. The vintage vibe that the babydoll style gives off makes them even more refined and attractive. Baby doll dresses are so elegant and cute at the same time, and the best way to carry off this look would be with a pair of chic pumps and a tiny purse to give structure to the top to a bottom feminine look.




Neutrals have been a winter staple since always. Beige and Ivory make for some extremely stylish and sophisticated monochromatic looks this season. The classic factor about beige, ivory, and other solid colors is that they make for some very effortlessly graceful looks. While styling looks that are monochromatic and contain only beige or ivory tones, be sure to not over complicate the outfit by accessorizing too much. Stick to minimalism and simplicity when going for such looks. Nail your neutral nuances!




From Area, Valentino, Off White to Jason Wu, Alexander McQueen, every designer is obsessed with jewel tones. Probably the most rager fall trend for 2020 is going to be Jewel Tones. Jewel tone outfits are so sophisticated and can instantly elevate the look. The specialty of jewel tones is that they complement every skin tone and color. 




Geometric prints had been very big during Autumn of 2020 and are still lingering. We can confidently conclude that this trend isn’t leaving us for a while. From the virtual Milan fashion week that took place during July, several designers had embraced geometric prints in their fall collections. In 2012, Aztec prints became extremely popular and were seen everyone on the streets, the obsession gave way to geometric prints being incorporated in fashion along with some bold and beautiful colors. What one needs to remember while styling a geometric pattern look is to only wear one statement piece, for instance, a trench coat, a shirt, or only trousers, that have the geometric pattern, or else the look would look too complex. Make sure the colors incorporated are complimentary. Just have fun with it!

geometric print over coat



Fringes are definitely a dominant trend this fall and have been a chief element during the online shows at  Milan Fashion week. Dior, Fendy, and Prada have made sure to keep the fringe trend alive this fall with some statement pieces. Fringe dresses had become popular during the '30s and 40's with the popularity of jazz culture and is often acquainted with the classic vintage Hollywood style. Fancy would be the synonym to fringes in fashion. Adding an elaborate element like fringes to your look can elevate and upgrade it.




Plaid is such an evergreen print and never goes out of fashion. The classic appeal a plaid print garment has can never be outshined. From Gucci to Burberry, all major fashion brands and designers have beautifully incorporated plaid in capes, skirts, baby doll style dresses, and blouses. Plaid prints have been a constant in fashion and the various ways one can style plaid print garments make them even more appealing. Winter/fall fashion is incomplete without plaid play and it is almost imperative to have at least one plaid print clothing in your winter wardrobe!

plaid plaid


9. OTT Color Blocking :

Color blocking has been a persistent trend this year and the monotony of winter wear has been eliminated to give way for some fun and bold color blocking being introduced in the fall collections of Hermes, Gucci, Alberta Ferretti, etc. The brilliant boldness of color blocking can create undeniably some of the most aesthetically pleasing outfits that look great in pictures and are immensely fun to style. What one needs to remember is to stick to two contrasting but complementary colors and not shift from the shades you choose. Take a look at the color wheel and choose any colors that are on opposite ends to each other. In case anyone decides on including three colors in a look then one of the colors must be neutral.




Layering in winters is synonymous with practical and stylish. With Dior, Burberry, Versace, etc have made sure to involving layering for their fall collections. Celebrities like Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid have also been spotted rocking this trend. Layering is the best way to keep warm and upgrade your look by adding different layers on. It gives you the leverage to play and explore with different prints, patterns, and colors at the same time! What one needs to remember is to not go overboard extremely different prints and colors and maintain the unity and structure of the look. 


Here is a video for more updates on fashion trends that are going to be huge during fall.

These were my top 10 picks on what trends are going to be massively popular and stylish this fall. With the fall season approaching it's going to be extremely fun experimenting and rocking some of these absolutely stunning looks for all fashion lovers!

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