Redesigning Fashion During Covid-19

During lockdown, why dress up when you can go casual?

The covid-19 pandemic has had a major effect on almost every industry, be it health services, non-essential businesses, or supermarkets. And so it follows that the fashion industry has also been experiencing the effects of a global health crisis. The fashion industry's decline has created a major impact on the global economy especially for various artists, designers, and many more. 

Bella Hadid walks the Fendi fashion show
Bella Hadid walks the Fendi fashion show. Image source: Pinterest

The changing lifestyle during the pandemic has increasingly lead to casualization for both men's and women's wardrobes. Casual wear has significantly evolved over the last few years. There has been a huge change in the Industry of Fashion after the pandemic struck us all hard. Currently, the trends of fashion have also taken a big turn towards affordable fashion trending styles. The Fashion boom has grown to become steadily slow for the seasonal styles and basic needs of clothing as well. 

The work wardrobe has changed all due to remote working. From active loungewear, Bermuda shorts, Pyjamas, and scarves, these garments are trending during times of social distancing and working from home. The lifestyle shift that is underway due to the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of fashion. 

Crop top and jogger pant set
Casual wear. Image source: Pinterest

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, all non-essential workers have adapted from life inside an office to life inside your home. Routines like commutes, coffee runs, desk lunches, and office chitchat have been paused as workers continue to social distance from their homes. The remote lifestyle has likely changed just about everything in our day-to-day especially your wardrobe. 

People have found many ways of adjusting to the new normal and have created a chic style to make working from home a seamless, comfortable, and productive experience. The outfits people used to wear in the past have made it back to our closets. 

Work wardrobe. Image source: Pinterest

The days of waking early to iron out wrinkles in shirts seem as distant as high school as Americans ditch the suits and dresses for comfort. Whether it’s dressing in athleisure or the same t-shirt twice a week, the COVID-19 crisis has allowed workers to find some comfort in what we wear when we log in remotely for work. 

The current scenario of fashion life is always on a peak, and even after the pandemic, we have still seen slow growth in need of fashion. There are of course certain aspects that have affected the industry and declined surplus. However, fashion and clothing have become a BASIC need for humans across the globe.

From shopping high-end couture to higher brand apparel, the trend has shifted to move on to sustainable clothing and organic clothing pieces. Wearing pre-used clothes and hand-me-down clothes from elder siblings has been an old tradition for many people. A lot of people are opting for pre-existing clothes which are in good condition. They no longer make purchases based on what is trending in the market. Like for example, in India, people have become more aware of locally produced clothing brands and organic fabrics of our country. Made in India clothing and brands are emerging at a higher graph. 

Image source: Pinterest

Now that many workers have grown accustomed to comfort and versatility while working from home during the Covid-19 outbreak, work fashion will continue to adapt with those interests in mind. 

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