5 Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom Faster And Better Than Ever

Here's a few tips and tricks for giving yourself an easier time with cleaning the bathroom.

Among all the chores people are tasked with within their homes, cleaning your bathroom is one of the most recognizable and most arduous that a person has to deal with. It’s impossible to do it without putting your whole body into what you’re doing, regardless of how much it might stress you out, and if you’re trying to do a good job with it, it’s hard not to devote about an hour of your time to it every time. It’s virtually impossible to make it something that can be done efficiently in a matter of minutes, but there are a few things you can do to at least make it a little less taxing and time-consuming.

Here are 5 tips for cleaning your bathroom faster and effectively:

1. Use Shampoo Instead of Bathroom Cleaners

This might sound a little out there, but it works better than one might think. Thanks to being a cleaner in its own right, the right shampoo can be just as effective at getting rid of dirt in your bathtub as it is at getting rid of knots and curls in your hair. Obviously, it doesn’t exactly compare to an actual bathroom cleaner, and you honestly should just use one of those if you have it, but a good shampoo can work if you don’t have anything else available.

2. Add Vinegar Into Your Repertoire

Sometimes the oldest solutions are continually the most effective, and that’s the case here. Using a bit of vinegar to clean the bathroom is one of the oldest ideas around, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Vinegar is sure to add a great deal of cleaning power and odor removal to whatever other tools you’re using, so it’s sure to add a great deal of effectiveness to whatever you end up using.

3. Don’t Skimp On Store-bought Products

Other times, it’s the simplest solutions that are the most effective, and the fact that people often overlook that is why it needs to be brought up here. The biggest reason why it ends up being so hard to get rid of filth and grime in a bathroom is that you’re not using anything that’s strong enough to get it in one go. Elbow grease is an expression that has value, but at the end of the day, the tools you use do matter, so even if it ends up costing you a little extra, it might be worth it to go for the higher quality cleaning supplies.

4. Listen To Some Music While You Work

With as boring and tedious a job that cleaning a bathroom can be, it’s hard for anyone to maintain a positive attitude while in the middle of it all. The mood you’re in while performing a task can have a direct effect on how efficiently you perform the said task, so why not try putting yourself in a good mood by playing some of your favorite music for the duration of the chore? There’s a very old expression along the lines of “whistle while you work”, and it’s definitely something that could help you out here.

5. Do Small Cleanings At Least Once A Week

This final tip might sound a bit counterintuitive to the idea of making less work for yourself, but the logic is assuredly sound. Cleaning the bathroom ends up being the arduous task that it is because it naturally takes a long time to get rid of all of the dirt that builds up over the course of several weeks, possibly months, so if you do a small cleaning at least once a week, that means the bathroom will never get to the point where it’s covered in filth and you have to set aside a lot of time to deal with it. If you plan things out like that, then spending more time cleaning the bathroom will actually result in you devoting less time to cleaning it, overall, and that’s the ultimate goal for all of us.

In conclusion, there are definitely a few things a person can do to make cleaning their bathroom easier on themself. Some of them might come off as no-brainers, but it’s easier to overlook the simple things than one might think, so everything deserves mentioning. No one should have to spend a long time doing chores, so here’s hoping all of this is able to help in some way.

cleaning bathroom fast and effectively
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