How Color Psychology Helps In Improving Social Media Engagement

It is easy to start a social media page and create content but have you wondered how much effort goes into making the profile appealing? Know more about colour psychology and inspiration for your social media page.

You've seen many Instagrammers who create content daily. It is impossible to say that you have not planned to have your Instagram account where you create soothing and appealing content. 

What's your social media marketing strategy? How would you build your unique brand on a huge social media platform? To stand out on a social media platform, you need to do extensive research and find your area of interest. After you have identified your niche and clicked some photographs, you are not sure if the audience will click on 'Follow'. 

There is a catch to make your potential audience immediately hit 'Follow' and start engaging with you. 

One of the many factors that can make your social media profile stand out from others is 'color'. 

Let's understand color psychology

Colors have the power to change a person's mood depending on their perspective. Color psychology is the study of emotions, behavior, and feeling of humans on how they react to different shades or hues. It is a very broad topic of study and vastly used by brands in marketing. They spend a lot of time researching, identifying the final color of their product or logo, and understanding how their audience perceives the brand based on color.

Colour psychology
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash | Choosing a color gives your brand a unique identity

So, let's discuss the significance of each color and how it shows your brand identity. For example, 

  • Red

The best of all is bold, strong, passionate, powerful, and represents energy, ambition, confidence, leadership, excitement, and willpower. It is indeed, the color of love. 

  • Pink

A feminine color displaying a motherly vibe of love, care, warmth, and happiness. It is a soft and nurturing color that indicates positive energy, optimism, and confidence.

  • Purple

It stimulates a feeling of respect, originality, class. It is mostly used to look calm, imaginative, and creative. 

  • Blue

The blue color gives a pleasant vibe and conveys security. It also shows sophistication, ambition, goal-oriented, and commitment.

  • Yellow

A bright color that evokes spontaneity and enthusiasm. It generally represents cheerfulness, positivity, warmth, and happiness. 

  • Orange

A very proactive color but usually on the calmer side. It is usually used to express fun, excitement, motivation, and extroversion.

  • Green

The color green is friendly and gives an earthy vibe. It generally indicates reliability, sustainability, safety, harmony, and balance. It can add freshness to any dull picture.

  • Brown

A very generic and neutral color that gives a minimal vibe. It gives the feeling of warmth and comfort and is associated with nostalgia, honesty, and reliability.

  • White

One of the best colors if used smartly shows elegance and is referred to as peace, harmony, open-mindedness, creativity, and neutrality.

  • Black

It makes the brand look powerful and strong. The color black has class, elegance and it indicates discipline and control.

  • Grey

The color grey gives a very calm vibe. It falls between the neutral spectrum of black and white and is more suitable for a formal and mature brand.

Understanding the color palette for your social media feed

Go to your favorite social media account and identify why you follow them in the first place. What is that attractive to you? According to research, 62-90% of the first impressions are due to color. 

If you scroll through your favorite social media feed, you will experience a soothing feeling where the overall feel is color-coordinated or has the same vibe throughout. This is why choosing a color for your social media feed is important. 

For some who cannot identify a single color, it is okay to experiment and then follow a routine. On the other hand, some may like to switch tones from time to time. However, maintaining a good vibe to attract the audience and make them stick around is important. 

"People are not going to follow you if your content is cluttered. They have expectations and need a reason to come back to your feed."

color psychology
Photo by: pinimg

These 5 social media influencers have defined their brand by using color palettes. You must follow them for color inspiration.

A coffee drinker who plays with multiple colors on his feed. Each post is different from the other with different colors used. He doesn't follow a single color but smartly plays with all the bright colors to tell his story. 

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Andrew Kuttler (@andrewkuttler)

A color consultant by profession who travels around the world and finds the most colorful outdoors. Her Instagram feed is filled will soothing and bright colors from the scenic locations. This account should be your go-to place for some color inspiration.

View this post on Instagram

Dear Stripes It’s me again ! I just love Yellow and White.. You remind me of sunshine and long summer days... sipping our spritz outside your door. Yellow you keep us talking and you bring out our inner clown. We all need laughter every day .. . . . #creatingfromhome #pantone#dametraveler #prettylittlecities #prettylittletrips #acolorstory #beautifulhomes #capturingcolour #ongooglemaps#ilikeitaly #culturetrip#girlsthatwander #chasing_facades #bitsofbuildings #apartmenttherapy #tv_living#ecotravel #roomwithaview #tlpicks#travelersnotebooks #womenwhotravel #doorsofitaly #postcardplaces#homebeautiful #doortraits #classicblue

A post shared by Kerry ???? Colourspeak (@colourspeak_kerry_) on

A graduate from NIFT who grew her Instagram so beautifully. 'The Lazy Insomniac' is not lazy when it comes to planning her aesthetically appealing Instagram feed. She picks one tone at a time and mesmerizes her followers with incredible work. 

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My Instagram genes would've never allowed me to leave London without clicking a tabletop flatlay at the iconic @peggyporschenofficial ???? . Cliché, I know. But look how pretty! And the desserts genuinely tasted delightful. A bit too much buttercream for me personally + slightly on the pricey side, but worth it ???? . Shot on @vivo_india's #VivoV17Pro ???? #ClearAsReal #Vivographer #VivoPartner #PeggyPorschenCakes

A post shared by Nupur Singh (@thelazyinsomniac) on

If you need the inspiration to use bright and florals, Sam Ushiro's feed is the best place to visit. She brilliantly incorporates all the yellow and orange to her photos and creates a lovely vibe. 

View this post on Instagram

We decorated our lawn a few weeks ago to put a smile on some of our neighbor’s faces, and I thought it would be even better to decorate my bike for everyone to see as I ride around the neighborhood! ???????????? Added some rainbow wheels, packed my bike basket with some packets of the new @mmschocolate Fudge Brownie M&M’S, and I’m ready to roll! Head to my stories later to see a quick tutorial for how to add rainbows to your wheels too! #ad #NoBakingNecessary #mms

A post shared by Sam Ushiro (@aww.sam) on

She can make anything look aesthetic. Yes! Purnima Nath's Instagram feed is a motivation for everyone who thinks they are running out of ideas to create content. She picks one color at a time and challenges herself by creating content with it. Be it taking inspiration from movies or food, clothes, or home decor, she will style it and present it beautifully in a frame.

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Currently crushing over the block printed table runners from @houseofekam Gosh! Y'all can totally see how much I loved playing around with this one ???? Art Direction & Photography for @houseofekam !! You guys have got to check out their collection! Their block print ones are my fav, be it table runners or tea towels. . . . . . . . . . . . #tablestyling #homedecor #homedecorideas #interior #plating #tabledecor #styling #vscofilters #vscoedit #onthetableproject #flatlay #flatlaysquad #flatlayoftheday

A post shared by Purnima Nath (@theconfusedhogger) on

I bet you have started planning your Instagram feed with some colors in it. Just set your tone, pick a color and people will never leave your Instagram feed. 

A writer who loves watching movie-marathons. Otherwise, you'll find her walking around the city, cafe-hopping & trying the best food around.

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