10 Best Gifts For A Scorpio Woman Reviewed By A Scorpio Woman

Scorpios like personalized gifts. I should know because I'm one. So if you're wondering what to gift a Scorpio, look no further, because I'll break down the most popular presents here and whether we'll truly appreciate them or not.

Scorpios are born between the dates of October 23 and November 21. We're definitely the best zodiac sign out there, with no bias at all.

Though, our personality traits leave us being very misunderstood. Kind of like that typical Disney villain who's actually not a bad guy deep down. Yes, I've been called that before.

Scorpios are passionate and proud but also emotional and intuitive. We also don't mind sitting in wait and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Even if the grudge we're bearing is years down the line. This is why you shouldn't anger a Scorpio.

But even people whose zodiac is so vilified can be kind. And because Scorpios can be terribly loving and considerate when they want to be, they deserve a gift or two.

So, if you know someone who's a Scorpio then not only are you extremely lucky but you also may be thinking of what to gift this broody individual. Personalised ones are always best but if you don't know the person too well, here are some suggestions.

1. Anything with Scorpio symbolism

Scorpio Symbolism Golden Chart Scorpio Constellation
ImageSource: Pixabay

Scorpio symbolism depicts either a scorpion or an M with a tail turning upwards. The latter glyph is one that's probably more widespread and popular. The barbed tail on the M is meant to represent both destruction and creation which are innate qualities of this zodiac sign.

Our symbolism makes us proud and we love to show it off. I've never met one of us who didn't take some pride in their star sign, so grab that scorpion bracelet and throw it at your Scorpio friend.

Or even if it's a picture frame, a decoration of any sort, a book on Scorpios (if there even is one). As long as our zodiac symbol is on it, we'll like it.

If you want to take it a step further (and if you really know your friend) buy them an actual scorpion. Like a pet one.

You'll make your friend laugh, I promise. But only do that if you 100% know your friend likes insect pets, otherwise you're kind of sort of abusing an animal. No, seriously, don't buy that poor animal only because you want brownie points, just... no.

2. Scented candles

Phoenix Themed Candle Red Flame
ImageSource: Etsy

Scented candles can bring a great mood to any setting. Whether you want to set a romantic or mysterious mood (hey, Scorpio traits!) they'll do the trick. Not to mention, there are so many scents to choose from.

Whether you get a floral, sensual, or sweet scent, your Scorpio buddy's sure to love it. I mean, seriously, who doesn't love pleasant smells?

Plus, with candles, there's an added bonus of fire. We love fire. Give us candles so we can burn the world down.

On a serious note, phoenix-themed candles are a popular choice, and with good reason. It's a great gift because Scorpios are all about rebirth.

Our zodiac represents death and revival, creation and destruction as do phoenixes. Just like our mythological counterparts we rise from the ashes to become our better stronger version.

If you ask me what my favourite bird is I'll tell you it's the fiery phoenix, with no hesitation. Phoenixes are everything I aspire to be: when you die, just get up and be reborn again.

3. Pillows and Cushions

Pillows Cushions Decoration
ImageSource: Pixabay

Pillows are a safe bet. Little decorative pillows are a cute way to make your room look livelier.

It's a pleasant decor that people don't really hate but they don't really love either. It's just... there.

Unless your Scorpio is really crazy about pillows and cushions then sure, let them drown in them. And remember what we've said about Scorpio symbols, if a cushion has it then grab that one. Scorpios are all about comfort and besides who doesn't like to cuddle up to pillows?

They're warm, cosy, and add personality to your home. We're often too lazy to come up with decorations on our own, so if you gift Scorpio something to pretty up their home they'll be forever grateful.

4. Sex toys

Lingerie and Whip Sex Toys Gift for Scorpios
ImageSource: Pixabay

Sexuality is often associated with Scorpios and this sign is notorious for their sex drive. Even the body part that these zodiac rules are the genitals. But here's a shocker.

Scorpios with low sex drives exist as do submissive Scorpios. Though, I still can't wrap my head around the latter one.

Hence, I'm going to say sex toys are a hit or miss. I'd say this isn't the kind of a gift you'd give to just any Scorpio.

Some might laugh and take it as a joke, others will be happy and some will be grossed out. Definitely don't give this to a Scorpio you've met the other day.

But if your Scorpio friend is cool with the idea of sex toys, don't be afraid to reach for the kinky stuff. Honestly, they'll probably appreciate it.

Good sex toys for Scorpios would include something discreet, stylish, and classy. Like something made out of ceramic or something lacey and silky, like restraints or masks.

Many astrology websites and magazines like to portray Scorpio as one of the most sexual zodiac signs, but I know a few who wouldn't fit this description at all. So do be careful who you gift this to.

5. Wine glasses

Scorpio Constellation Wine Glass With A Pink Stone Diamond
ImageSource: TheOdysseyOnline

I see wine glasses everywhere as a recommended gift, but it's not a great one for those Scorpios who don't drink. Yes, there are those black sheep who don't consume alcohol. We don't like to talk about them.

But even if your Scorpio's a teetotaler you may sometimes succeed with gifting a wine glass. As long as it has the zodiac's symbolism on it your friend may use it as one of those decorative glasses.

They do look great on shelves! So a wine glass is both a decoration (see my previous points) and something useful.

But if your Scorpio friend drinks then sure, get a wine glass. They won't say no to extra wine glasses, trust me we need our vessels of joy.

Do you know how to step it up a notch? Wine glasses with Scorpio constellations made with diamonds. Love, love, love.

6. Bath Tray

Woman with a Bath Tray and a Candle Relax Chill
ImageSource: Pixabay

Bath trays are a perfect addition to your bathroom if you want to make it cosier. Picture it, after a long day you run a bubble bath, dim the lights, and place a bath tray that holds your drinks and snacks of choice and a favourite film on your laptop. Heaven.

Scorpios love luxury and pampering. Did I already say that? I think I did, not sure. So why wouldn't you gift them an item that's going to add to their comfort?

Do you see that lady in the picture? I bet you £10 she's a Scorpio. That's the definition of how we want to spend our alone time.

A warm bath, foamy bubbles, and a glass (or a bottle) of bubbles. Honestly, that combination screams "comfort" to just about any Scorpio.

A bath tray would be a perfect gift for a Scorpio, a nice bath is our moment of zen and we need this kind of relaxation. You know, after a long day or pretending to be normal.

7. Vanity Mirror

Vanity Mirror Lights
ImageSource: Pixabay

Vanity mirrors are a luxury item that will add a bit more style to your getting-ready routine. The problem with these is that they're not really required.

Scorpios aren't vain, but we do need to wash the blood of our enemies off our faces before we enter society. No, but seriously, this is again, one of those 50/50 gifts that some of us will love and the others not so much.

Not all Scorpios love to spend hours in front of the mirror and most of us don't really care if we have a vanity mirror. Yes, even if it's smothered with our zodiac sign.

So perhaps, save this gift idea for a Scorpio that's super into their looks. A vanity mirror will come in handy for them.

8. Memory or Jewellery Box

Small Memory Box Chest with a Rose Dew Rainy
ImageSource: Pixabay

Unlike the previous point, a memory box is a great gift. Memory boxes bring up past emotions and can be good items to start a conversation.

This is because your box holds all kinds of random items and each one of them has a story to tell. Hence, this is something that will hold an emotional value and Scorpios are actually a rather emotional zodiac sign.

I personally own a memory box myself and it's filled to the brim with tickets of all the venues I've been at. Concerts, plays, train tickets, you name it. I have it. I have it all...

It's a pleasant item to have in your possession because on one of those rainy days, you open the box and you're surprised at some of the places you've been to. It's one of those things that will bring a nostalgic smile to your face.

A jewellery box is a 50/50, however. Scorpios aren't flashy and don't wear thousands of decorations.

Instead, we tend to pick our favourite trinkets and stick to them. You can, of course, get a jewellery box for your favourite Scorpio but only if you know they're into that stuff.

If you get us jewels just because it's currently in fashion you'll be wasting your money. We're not wild about trends.

9. Glow in the Dark Items

Glow in the Dark Paint on a Woman
ImageSource: Pixabay

Glow in the dark items awakens Scorpio's inner monster (or raver). Some scorpions actually glow in the dark, like the paint on the woman!

I'd love to have that, perfect for Halloween costumes and for looking extravagant. It also is a symbol of our zodiac without it being too obvious.

Glow in the dark accessories bring out the feral scorpion in us and lead us that bit closer to awakening our inner killer. Who wouldn't feel badass after that?

Scorpios love attention and what better way to attract it than to slap on a glow-in-the-dark item and go clubbing at your favourite venue? Or even if it's decor for one's room, it'll make our eccentric selves be remembered. Imagine, you walk into someone's home and there's a glow-in-the-dark decoration that will etch itself into the grooves of your brain causing you to forever remember this is a Scorpio's domain.

Again, we love attention. Make us shine. Gimme that glow-in-the-dark goodie.

10. Morbid Items

Morbid Cracked Peeled Scary Doll Head
ImageSource: Pixabay

Scorpios are morbid. As in "did you know that Charles Manson was a Scorpio" kind of morbid.

But that doesn't mean we're evil or hateful. I, for one, hate everyone equally.

One of the many things the Scorpio star sign represents is death and this is why we're often misunderstood. But as I like to say, death is welcoming and you shouldn't fear it.

So if you gift us something along the lines of horror movies, taxidermy, artistic skulls, and bone particles, we're going to love it. So don't be scared to reach for that morbid doll's head. Your Scorpio friend will be impressed with your knowledge about our zodiac and you'll become a VIP in their buddy's list.

You may wonder how foolproof is a morbid gift? Well, let's say it depends on levels of creepiness.

Some Scorpios are comfortable with a mild level of morbidity and the macabre and others want you to go full out. Get to know your Scorpio and their creepy meter before you dig up a corpse for them.

I hope these tips helped you choose something for your dark-natured Scorpio buddy. You can thank me later. Happy gifting!

Aisha Kerrigan has had a passion for writing ever since she was a child. She's working on her novels and short stories in her spare time.

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