Radical Feminism: The Intimates Of Man And Woman

In a world of society that governs Man and Woman by the roles that they play; the man plays the husbands, fathers, boyfriends, brothers, lovers, friends, and yes, the hunters and the woman play the wives, mothers, mistresses, girlfriends, sisters, and friends.

It is often wondered why there has always been a hidden imbalance about the way men and women coexist and live together in a less happy world where the Women's Rights Movements had to be made to provoke the acknowledgment of the rights of women to stand side by side by their men or men in general.

society that governs Man and Woman by the roles that they play

The question is why men and women in society rank so unequal in both their professional and personal lives that the word Feminism was invented.       

Feminism is a term for woman's rights socially, politically, and economically which now includes religious and racial views. Unfortunately, in these modern times, the word " feminism" has become quite an awful term not suitable for civilized conversations especially among men or other women who may not feel the same way about a particular situation.

However, the true goal of Feminism is that women and men are to be treated and accepted in a global standing socially, politically, and economically.   

It is thought that women who are not Whiteface have the most problems of male dominance whereas the White woman suffers much less or can do nothing because she knows very little. In Audre Lorde’s article, “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s House”, this thought was later named “radical feminism.”

The ongoing battle that would change the master’s house would be radical feminism; the philosophy that is against undermining women’s lives but does not hate men but the system, patriarchy that supports men over them. But the first step women need to do to overthrow the patriarchal system is to be reunited regardless of race and its social class structures.

Soon after the women’s fight against patriarchy is one that could easily take place if, the concept of overthrowing an oppressive societal system is agreed upon properly instructing men on the benefits of a new social system that understands women’s rights that can be rewarding to men’s beneficial entitlements.  

radical feminism
radical feminism

What is Radical Feminism and how does it make a world of Man and women different?

I want to learn more about radical feminism because I was led to the term by looking it up in the article I had just mentioned much earlier in my introduction, from my Women and Gender’s class where I have been given another article by Peggy Mctosh, “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming To See Correspondence Through Work in Women’s Studies” that may help my answer of reuniting all women of color to be understanding not only different oppressive situations of male dominance but also approaching the fight for a union of women and equality of men under a new system of thought called Radical Feminism, even further.

I believe this second article would be helpful to me as both a researcher and woman of color to become more aware of the underlying concepts of racism and develop theories of feminism that seem to exist and coexist within each other in a society that is destroying women as one body.

I am interested in this topic of Radical Feminism because its concepts seem to deal with all sorts of problems caused by a world of patriarchy that seems unnaturally fit towards the biological terms, the conservative world of patriarchy seems to uphold as in what men are entitled to and what women are meant to do.

According to Peggy’s Mctosh’s article, white women are aware of their differences not only as women in their own class of race but as women in the world who are being treated as inferior towards the imagined superiority of men in the world. It was understood that by looking out of the world that they belong in, that women who are not White do not have the same benefits as themselves who have suffered more outwardly and continue to be. “ 7. I will feel welcomes and “normal” in the usual walks of public life, institutional and social” {Mctosh, 92} While women are not harassed on the things they do, the things they say, where they go, or how they feel in the world they belong too.

Based on the color of their skin but also by their husbands who let them live comfortably in his home, they are being spoken for in so many ways that they are in turn are being protected not because they are wives but because they are resemblance of the White race.

The problem with the way White privilege women deal with the inequality they do see in their everyday lives among men and women of their own world is by enforcing their sense of less worthiness to their men. By asking for their support to somehow lessen their relationship of inequality between themselves and the men they live and work with.

This is not the right way whereas the bigger issue lies between the White women and the colored woman that continues to stand and completely separate them as two different types of people in a world that is slowly destroying them as a whole as Peggy Mctosh slights touch on.

As a women’s studies professor, she is entitled to a professional sense of influential power in a classroom that she could possibly teach the oppressed colored woman that would be in her class to start reuniting them intellectually as she herself educates herself on the research she would have to expose herself to the sort of information that may be uncomfortable for her to understand not only as a woman but a White one.

For she already understands the White woman has the kind choice to walk away or even make a complaint about a gay issue she likes but the colored woman does not.

“The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” was an article that Audre Lorde perfectly shows how much Peggy Mctosh’s article was made so much sense in how little White women knew about the world outside their luxurious homes and what little impact her ideas of battling the forces of inequality really meant.

Besides wanting to strengthen the women studies’ curriculum that is nothing more than a stroke of a paintbrush painting a faded out battlefield. What is not being understood properly here is in order for her to be able to add more books to her curriculum she needs to have more demands of it that are not only by her.

Her students need to be interested in the issues their professor wants to lecture on as well which would make a class more than helpful but powerful. But as Audre Lorde has started in her article, “If White American feminist theory need not deal with the differences in our oppressions, then how do you deal with the fact that women who clean your houses and tend to your children while you attend conferences on feminist theory on feminist theory are from the most part, poor women and women of color?” {Lorde, 2} The theory behind racist feminism is that there is no theory – just an imaginary line that has continued to divide women among themselves and each other.

To inflict fear in the privileged White women of the humiliation of loss of comfort and to allow further harm to the colored women who will stand a greater chance of getting far more than a White woman can afford is what is keeping the oppressive world of patriarchy against women alive.

The answer in which women of all color and classes can unite to not only battle inequality but also show a better world that does not invite hate for or towards men is radical feminism. Radical Feminism was a part of an earlier women’s movement in the 1960s where they found themselves competing for rights as human beings and individuals from inequality.

Since these women were divided by class because of their skin color, their experiences of sexism and its oppressions were quite different from one another. So these women went into many different directions for fighting for their rights as individuals in the same society men live in too.

Radical Feminism views the world ruled by men called patriarchy and not the men themselves as an oppressive force in their lives because they are being seen as weak but useful to the men they live or work with.

But the idea of radical feminism not only protect women’s right by providing reproductive rights as in the methods of birth control and abortions but also further enhance men’s beneficial entitlements in a woman’s life as far as the availably of casual or serious intimate relationships that would be more freely determined by women and the right to establishing stronger roles equality in their homes and workplaces which would help stabilize the balance of power men and women both have in equal amounts the would be shown in completely different ways to be better respected in a more unified world. Evaluating and then breaking down traditional gender roles in private relationships as well as in public spaces.

If women of all backgrounds were to finally come together and educate men about radical feminism and the power that men and women have as biological individuals then they both could learn to live and work together not only differently but better. It can start anywhere as any protects can begin.

In a classroom, as it was a thought that was written about in Peggy Mctosh’s Women Studies article, first women must educate themselves and each other on what sexism and racism mean and how it is enforced onto them in their private and personal lives then, start demanding it instead of asking for it which is shown through protesting and finally maybe the hardest step which will take many more steps to further demonstrate its effectiveness is to find a way to institutionalize the changes women want to see happen in their lives- not just governmental laws but social laws as well that could be formed I would naively imagine through the powerful media that people do continuously make and women have used effectively towards men in their sexual misuses of women they live with or work with.

man woman pushups

If a man can not understand the workings behind a woman's role in a household and in a workplace, he will unintentionally undermine the work he is a part of. Additionally, if a man understands but devalues the role of a woman in the household and in the workplace, he is only cowering in the mere shadow of his supervision as arrogance because he can not do the work himself and therefore needs to appear to be intimidating which will show to backfire in time.

Men and Women are meant to coexist together quite harmoniously when both of their roles in the world and their household blend together creating the foundations of the intimates of Man and Woman held firmly together. In conclusion, when a man and woman work together equally, it teaches others to be more tolerant of others which is beneficial for all.

I am a writer, journal keeper and a believer in many things.

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