Why Failing Is Good For You

3 Reason why you need to fail in order to succeed
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Everyone is scared to fail. It could feel like the end of the world when you prophesize a future endeavor to ending up as an utter disaster.

We feel embarrassed and ashamed that we couldn't rise to that certain occasion. 

We think to ourselves, "I was better off not even trying."

What if I told you it's just a trick your own self plays on you?

That steady trickle of anxiety when thinking about a challenge being too difficult or complicated spelling failure for you is a defense mechanism that stunts emotional and mental growth.

Becoming unafraid of failure is a challenge itself. Moving that roadblock out of your path means having to share the lane with failure from time to time.

And it's okay

Here are 3 reasons why failing is good for you.

1. You Will Learn Something

Failing Helps You Learn
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One of the biggest benefits of failing is the learning experience. 

At 27, I still have a lot to learn about life. Along the way, I've failed a lot.

But I've also learned so many skills and insights I wouldn't have if I didn't try and fail miserably.

A great part of learning is knowing how something is done wrong as crazy as that sounds. When you do something wrong, the next step is to correct it.

Once you correct skill or behavior, you'll be able to refine it until it's just clockwork for you. 

The more you fail, the more you'll be exposed to collections of wisdom and skillful experience.

2. You Can Bond With People

Team Work Sometimes Fails
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Misery loves company. In the midst of failure, misery swirls around. You can fail in many different ways. More importantly, you can fail individually or collectively.

Teams fail all the time. Despite practice and chemistry within their ranks, teams and groups can take many L's along the way.

It may be because of miscommunication or arrogance. Either way, failure will catch up to any well-oiled machine.

But with failure comes comradery. 

I've been a part of many different teams, groups, and collectives in my time. While I've seen my fair share of collective success, I've seen plenty more failures.

When hit with these tough times, the group you're a part of experiences the pain together, which can forge a strong bond and friendships along the way.

3. Failing is More Admirable Than you Think

A lot of the fear surrounding failure is the social backlash or embarrassment one might face at the other end of imperfection. 

Many picture relentless criticism and laughs at their own expense. Disappointment is felt not only by the person who fails but potentially loved ones who will express their own.

Depending on what challenges or obstacles you can't overcome, people might admire a valiant effort.

In 2018, the show Master Chef was hosting tryouts all around the country for their upcoming season. One of their stops was in my city.

Being a cook who is passionate about making great meals, I decided to fill out an application and give the 'ole college try. 

I made my signature omelet and hash browns plate that was popular at the diner I worked at.

I spent two weeks prior to the tryouts perfecting my homemade chorizo sausage recipe. I made the omelet for my roommates as much as I could before the big day.

The day of, I made the omelet plate effortlessly. It looked beautiful and I was ready to face this tryout head-on.

The taste testing was a tense moment.

30 of us set up our signature plates in 3 minutes. Chefs would go around and test the dishes and give them scores. The chef who was testing my plate began to ask me about it.

We chatted for a while about working in diners, as she too got her start in them. 

While we were talking I peeked at her score sheet to see what I was receiving.

I got a 5 out of 5 on every score besides one and that was a 4!

I was feeling pretty confident. And sure enough, they called my number.

I made it to the next round.

The next step was talking to the producers. I imagine they look for BIG personalities with a story to tug at heartstrings.

I don't like to talk about myself, so I was fairly reserved at this part. 

I did not receive an invitation for the tryouts in LA, unfortunately. I was okay with it though! I had nothing to lose, and it gave me great confidence in my cooking.

Everyone I told was excited to hear about my experience. Even though I didn't make it, people supported me well past the tryout.

Fail Upwards

It may not seem like it when it happens, but when you fail you move up.

When you fail, your name begins to be etched in history. When you refuse to take risks because of fear of failure, you negate your mark on time.

Once the act of failing fails to hinder you, only then will you be able to grow and succeed.

Good luck failing!

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