Best Places To Purchase Affordable Korean Skincare Products

You've heard of Korean skincare right? Here are a few online shops were you can get the best deals on skincare.
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You've heard of the 12-step skincare to obtain glossy and healthy-looking hair. And the endless debates on whether we actually need that many products on our faces? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Korean skincare.

All jokes aside, you don't actually need to follow the 12 steps for better skin, using two or three products will do the trick. The key step here is to use skincare made from Korean brands. A majority of the brands' products are made from organic ingredients and focus on the hydration of the skin. With cleaner products geared to heal the skin, it makes sense why Korean skincare has been such a hot commodity. 

I myself have been exclusively using Korean skincare for the past 7 years. It has made my formerly oily/combination skin glossier and healthier-looking. My skin type now is primarily combination skin. There are fewer breakouts, less hyperpigmentation AND my skin texture is a lot better. While these products definitely helped my skin out, age is also another factor!

So you're just getting into wanting to buy Korean skincare and beauty products and don't know where to look? Don't worry, I've got a few sites that will minimize your searching Google for hours. The sites that will be featured, I've purchased more than once from and have recommended them to plenty of my girlfriends.

1. YesStyle

Image Source: Yesstyle

First up is my all-time favorite store for anything Korean beauty-related. YesStyle doesn't just offer skincare, hair, and beauty products, they also sell clothes. If clothes inspired by KPOP stars are the style for you, they sell those as well. Brands like Klairs, BANILA CO, CORSX, The Face Shop & more, are available on the site. I buy from this store once or twice a year to replenish my skincare products. The prices are affordable, shipping takes less than two weeks, and you get points every time you shop.

Image Source: Yesstyle
Image Source: Yesstyle

2. Mask Sheets

Mask Sheets is the best place to get deals on sheet masks. Depending on the brand, you can get a pack of 10 sheets for less than $15. Because I don't use sheet masks weekly, I refuse to pay more than $15 on a pack, regardless of the brand name. The Mediheal masks are the best I've ever used. They fit all skincare needs such as firming, brightening, elasticity and controlling sebum. They also host plenty of sales throughout the year, so you may just grab a pack for $9.99. 

Image Source: Mask Sheets
Image Source: Mask Sheets

3. Amazon

While Amazon isn't the first place I browse for my skincare, it's definitely the last. Before I buy anything, I price check all three sites to see which one is offering the products I need cheapest. There have been items half the price on Amazon, and with the quick shipping time, it had the best deals. 

Amazon carries most of the major Korean skincare brands, though again depending on the brand, could be cheaper or more expensive. I'm a huge fan of COSRX's cleanser and have purchased it many times from Amazon. And if you are against supporting Amazon, you can find COSRX products on both YesStyle & Mask Sheets.

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

There are plenty of other reputable websites to buy Korean skincare as well, but these are the ones I've shopped at numerous times. It wasn't mentioned as a listicle but Sokoglam is another alternative place to buy quality products from. It is on the pricier side so keep that in mind when shopping. I hope this article gave you some new places to check out and explore!

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