10 DIY Unique Dried Flower Decor Ideas

Don't know what to do with your old, wilted bouquet? Take a peak at these 10 DIY crafts!

Flowers are one of the most common gifts to receive for nearly every celebration and holiday, and as much as we love them, what happens after a week or so? They inevitably wilt and get thrown in the trash like we never had them to begin with. In a world of single-use possessions, why not think outside the box to repurpose something so timelessly beautiful?

Here, I'll show you how to give a second life to those cherished blossoms so you can keep them longer than ever before!

10 DIY Unique Dried Flower Decor Ideas:

1. Hang Them Individually

flowers on wall
Image Source: Zublease on Instagram

Separating your bouquet into individual pieces of beauty not only brightens up the room with splashes of color but also makes space appear bigger than it is, which can be particularly useful for those in tinier apartment settings. You may need to trim the stem or leaves but the only materials you'll need, besides flowers, is tape! This idea makes for a super easy, cheap way to liven up your home.

2. Save For a Romantic Surprise

flower bath
Image Source: Ava Sol on Unsplash

Plucking off each and every flower petal may sound tedious but saving them for a romantic night will be well worth it! Sprinkle them across the floor, on your bed, couch, or even in a hot bubble bath, with some ambient lighting it'll be sure to surprise your partner. Don't have a partner? No Problem! Toss some petals, Epsom salts, and body wash into a warm bath and indulge in a mini spa night.

3. Combine With Resin

flower resin board
Image Source: NotSoDesign.co on Instagram

This is definitely one of the most creative outlets I've seen for utilizing dried flowers. The combination of the elegant white petals, softwood tones, and smooth resin pour deeply awakens any cottagecore fantasies you might have. The product is absolutely gorgeous and can still be used for day-to-day cutting, as long as it's washed by hand.

4. Bake With Them

flower cake
Image Source: Loria Stern on Instagram

Get ready to blow everybody away with stunningly original and natural cake designs. As brilliant as these cakes look, it isn't too difficult to replicate. All you need to do is place some edible flowers under a heavy book, the constant weight of the book will flatten the buds, stick them onto whatever flavor cake you've made, and voila! Instant dazzling dessert.

5. Add to Drinks

flower drink
Image Source: Ornella Binni on Unsplash

Adding flowers to any drink will definitely raise the spring vibes in your home, no matter what the current season is. Taking a few lilac sprigs or lavender buds and sprinkling them into cold drinks, like lemonade or iced tea, will give it that little extra something you never knew you craved. Some enchanting teas to make on your own could simply be pairing chamomile, dandelion, violet, sunflower, elderflower, or red clover with some hot water and honey!

6. Make a Body Oil

body oil
Image Source: Wild Blackthorn on Instagram

We all know healthy eating helps our bodies on the inside, but how do we help our bodies on the outside? Home-made, fragrance-free body oils are some of the most nourishing methods used to treat your skin how it deserves. Using base oils like olive, sweet almond, coconut, or black castor and infusing wholesome herbs and flowers for up to two weeks creates an organic source of deep moisturization with the added benefits of the plant ally you've chosen to infuse.

7. Braid Them Into Your Hair

flower in braids
Image Source: Melissa Mjoen on Unsplash

Spicing up your hair by adding adorable flowers is an absolute must, especially during spring and summer. Using flowers with thinner, more flexible stems is going to be the best option for this. One of the wonderful things about adding flowers to your hair is anyone can do it! If your hair seems too short to braid, just slide in a bobby pin to hold it in place.

8. Press and Frame Them

pressed flowers
Image Source: my.flower.peace on Instagram

A timeless piece of art. Encapsulating flowers between pieces of glass preserves them for years if done correctly. It's such a remarkably special thing to be able to essentially stop time in a small area, and retain all the celebration, appreciation, and beauty, for future finding. For the best minimalist yet cozy look try taking a look at local second-hand shops for antique frames.

9. Make a Simmer Pot

Image Source: musicvvitch on Instagram

Pluck the petals from your bouquet, then add them into a pot of water, and allow it to simmer for a few hours on your stovetop. The combination of opening up some windows to generate a gentle breeze through the house while simmering the flowers will relax and de-stress your mind like no other.

10. Crush Them Into Your Garden

lady gardening
Image Source: chestnutschoolherbs on Instagram

If you don't connect with any of the ideas so far, the next best route is to give them back to the earth. Chop up the bouquet and mix it into a compost bin or churn it into the soil beneath your plants. If you don't have an outside garden you can also add the mixture to inside potted plants. 

If you're deciding to ingest flowers or use them topically always make sure they haven't been sprayed with pesticides or preservatives to keep them looking fresh. In conjunction with using organic, non-sprayed plants, research what flower they are and the best way to use them. Testing to see if you have any allergies to any specific flower group is another great tip to keep in mind before creating any pastries, drinks, or oils.

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