Easy But Cute Upcycled Home Decor

Bored with your home decor? There's plenty of fun, cheap, and cute ways to boost your decor.
Image from Courtney M White
Image from Courtney White

The pandemic has us all reaching for our phones and seeking out fun things to do while stuck at home. Pinterest and Tiktok have been one of the best things to boost our 2020 creative productivity. We’ve sat home and stared at the walls of our house so long we’ve started ripping the decor off the walls because we hate it. Is it out of style? Probably not, but everyone's just sat home long enough to hate the interior design of our homes. The magic of the internet has shown us some really awesome home decor DIYs, and even better, they're upcycled!

Here are some super creative, super fun ways to decorate your walls:

1. Painted Records 

Image from Courtney M White
Image from Courtney White

In recent years, it's become trendy to buy records? Does everyone have a record player? No, of course not, but hey, it’s trendy. There's a multitude of things you can do to records to make them trendy. You can nail them to the wall in perfect lines or you can paint them. There are even clock pieces sold so you can make your records into a clock.

2. Newspaper Wallpaper

Image from Instagram.com
Image from Instagram

This became trendy on Tiktok. People were taking newspapers and hanging them up on the wall. Many left it as a temporary backdrop for at-home photo shoots. It makes interesting wall decor and even allows for further embellishment as it can be drawn on. It might even be a great way to release some stress.

3. Spotify Codes

This summer proved productive in the crafting department and Tiktok fed a great deal of it. There was this trend where people were drawing the Spotify code to a song onto a piece of glass and gluing a picture above it, hanging the piece on the wall. There was also a fun trend where people were drawing out the codes to all their favorite songs and adding them to a wall, making it a playlist of great but randomized songs. 

4. Books

There's a lot that can be done to and with books to make them into the fun decor. If you have books you want to get rid of or feel like buying some books to craft with, book folding is a great way to spice up an old book. You can fold the pages into any shape you please. You can also use old books as shelves on a wall by adding a platform piece and screwing it to the wall. Some people have even stacked books and added a glass top to make a cute table.

5. Photo Wall

Image from Courtney M White
Image from Courtney White

Also known as the VSCO wall, people have been printing out pictures that fit certain aesthetics or pictures of their friends to add to a wall in a pretty manner. Some online shops will even pick out pictures for you just so you can follow a certain look- such as a Harry Potter wall or a pink wall. 

6. Corks

Image from CrazyLaura.com
Image from CrazyLaura

Did you drink a lot of wine over quarantine? There’s plenty you can do with corks. You can glue them into a picture frame and make a cute DIY cork board. You can hollow them out and add a magnet and make cute mini planters for the fridge. You can glue them to a piece of wood and cut it out in the shape of a letter to hang on a wall. 

7. Picture Frames

Image from Community.com
Image from Community.com

Picture frame walls have become a great way to break up a wall that was once bland. You simply take old frames and paint them the same color as the wall, this gives the wall a little bit of texture. You can also turn frames into chalkboards by painting the glass piece with chalkboard paint. Another option is to add hooks to an empty frame and hang your necklaces from it. Old frames are typically super cheap and an easy find at any thrift shop.

8. Cassettes

Cassettes are in the weird point where they're too old to be used but too new to be “vintage”. You can use them to create some cool artwork. Cassettes can be glued together and painted on relatively easily. They make for some cool textured paintings. Not good at painting? You can use them as a cool border for a room by using command strips to attach them to the wall.

9. Shadow Boxes

Image from Pixy.com
Image from Pixy

Shadow boxes are a fun and easy way to showcase your stuff. You can put stuff inside them and on top of them to display your knickknacks. If you can't find one, you can easily make one from pieces of wood. 

No Artistic Talent?

If you can't DIY or don't have the time but still want some fun room decor, you still have plenty of options. You can order from online vendors, like Etsy or Facebook Marketplace. Plenty of other people have tons of fun homemade decorations you can add to your home to break it up a little. You can even buy off a friend who makes stuff. 

Upcycled home decor is both super fun and good for the environment. Every piece is very unique and makes your house super quaint. You can always decorate it!

Courtney is a junior at Montclair State University and is from a small town in Pennsylvania. She loves fashion, reading, art, and history.

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