How To Create The Home Of Your Dreams With Little Money

Decorating on a budget? Here are all the tips you need to have create the home of your dreams, with little money.
decorating home of your dreams on a budget
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Decorating a room is difficult, let alone a whole house. Plus, determining what style you’re going for is not the only challenge. Your budget is also a big factor when it comes to deciding how to use your space, but it shouldn’t keep you from having your dream home. It’s a cold world out there and you need a good nest to come back to.
Here’s how to create the home of your dreams with little money:

1. What Matters When Decorating Your Home

What differs a house from a home is the level of comfort we feel when we walk through the front door. Although styles can differ, what matters most when decorating your home is that you love it and feel comfortable in it. It’s important to determine what style you like, and then adapt it to your family needs to make sure everyone feels at home. Don’t forget to keep your goal in mind as you decorate.

2. How to Break Down Your Budget

The first thing you need to do is determine how much money you can dedicate to decorating. Once you have a budget, determine which rooms you are redecorating, whether it be all or only the kitchen and living room. Of course, some rooms cost more to redecorate than others. For example, painting your bedroom will be less expensive than buying a new couch for the living room. If you’ve taken the time to determine what you want to do to each room and you've set your priorities, you will be able to split up your budget accordingly.
One thing I’ve done is, once I had my ideas for what I wanted to change, I looked up how much it usually costs for these things in advance. For example, I wanted to paint my office a different color and buy a new desk and chair. I then checked how much it would cost for paint, and then I shopped for desks and office chairs online to get a feel of what I wanted and of the prices. When I saw that it was within what I was willing to spend, I proceeded with my plan. Looking up the prices of a certain thing you want to add will help you determine if it’s within your budget and if it isn’t, where to cut to then find a different solution. I suggest looking it up in advance so that you don’t need to back out of your plans later on because you can’t afford it.

3. Determine What Decorating Style You're Going For

If you have no idea what your decorating style is, the best option is probably Pinterest. You’ll be able to explore a variety of different styles and feels. You can also look through deco magazines to get inspired. Once you have a better idea of what you like, search up ideas again, this time more specific to the style you’re going for. Keep in mind that some styles are more expensive to achieve when you look around.
Go for the bigger picture. Determine what the key elements of this specific style are. Once you have the bigger guidelines, go look into the details you want to add. This is where you want to add a touch of you, as it is your home after all. It would be sad to put so much effort into it only to have it feel impersonal. It can be as simple as picture frames of your family and friends, and good memories. It could also be a plant you cherish. It can be anything really, but make sure you have at least one element that will make it feel like it’s your home.

4. How to Choose What Colour to Paint Your Walls

Choosing a color should depend on your personal taste and the purpose of the room. Studies show that different colors have a different effect on the mind. Some colors excite the mind, while others calm it.

For example, dark colors tend to excite and wake up the mind. That means painting your bedroom dark red would be a bad idea. But a light green can reduce the feelings of anxiety, which would make it a better candidate. Although you might really like dark red, it is important to consider that the purpose of your bedroom is for you to relax and sleep.

So yes, your personal taste is important, but the purpose of the room should come first. 

5. How to Personalize Your Bedroom With Little Money

The easiest, cheapest thing to do to change up the look of your room is to move it around, to switch up where your furniture is placed. To help you see where things could fit, you can draw out your room on a sheet of paper and play around with the furniture. There now also exist some apps that give you a 3D view, which could be very helpful.
Once your room is arranged in a way you like, the best thing to do to personalize your room is to add pictures and choose what color represents you. Once you’ve chosen what color you like, make it your color accent. Buying some cushions and small decorative items in that color can be enough to bring it to life. If you decide to change the color accent, later on, you'll only need to change out these pieces so you'll save a lot. As for pictures, there are many ways to hang them up.
Here are a few examples to help you personalize your bedroom:

a. Gallery Wall

Bedroom gallery wall budget decoration
Image source: DESENIO

A gallery wall even becomes an accent point in your decoration. You can choose to put personal pictures in it or find a picture kit online that fits your style.

b. Clip Photo Holder

Clip photo holder fairy lights budget decoration
Image source: SafeandHip

Some photo clips paired with some fairy light can give a cute magical feel to your bedroom.

6. How to Revive Your Kitchen on a Budget

Have you ever thought of putting plants in your kitchen? Kitchens often get a lot of sunlight, so it could be easy and cheap to place some plants on your windowsill. If you think you won’t be able to keep them alive, there are some very realistic plastic plants out there that can be a great alternative. Adding some greens and life to your kitchen will certainly revive it.

Revive kitchen on budget plants in kitchen
Image Source: chiquehomeliving

Another thing you can do is expose your fruits and vegetables. As we all know, some fruits and vegetables need to be left on the counter. If you find a beautiful plate to put them on, it can really bring your kitchen together and give a fresh feel.     

7. How to Make Your Living Room Cozier on a Budget

The secret to a cozy living room is your color palette. Whether you’re into country or minimalistic décor, having a warm color palette can make any style feel welcoming. Go for soft, warm colors such as a creamy beige or a soft blue. There is also evidence that certain greens can actually reduce anxiety.

blue color cozy living room on budget
Image Source: onekindesign

To find the perfect color for you, go to your favorite local store where you usually buy your paint. They’ll usually have a wall set up with little samples of all of their available colors and shades. These samples are free, so don’t hesitate in picking a few that you like. Then, bring them home and test them out to see how they look in your living room lighting. It may be very different from how it looked at the store. Once you’ve chosen your favorite one, buy the paint and get to work!

8. How to Make The Most Out of Your Bathroom on a Budget

When it comes to a bathroom, less is more. Don’t go too overboard. A bathroom should feel welcoming but look clean. Whatever style you go for, try to keep it minimalistic in the bathroom. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, painting it a nice shade of white will make it look a lot more open and spacious. As for storage, stores like IKEA sell very stylish racks that can store a lot of stuff but look put away and clean.

Bathroom on a budget accent colour
Image Source: houzz

Having an accent color can also be very nice and a great way to do that is to have fun with your towel colors. For example, my bathroom is a very light shade of blue. However, I have dark blue towels that tie in with my dark blue storage rack and my dark blue candle. It’s a subtle pop of color. 

9. How to Get Cute But Cheap Decorations

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, as they say. Thrifting can be an excellent way to find some unique and cute decorations. Plus, it’s usually a lot cheaper than buying it new. Some treasures are truly hiding in thrift stores. Go find them! You might be surprised by what you find. It might even inspire you. I’ve decorated my whole bedroom around a single canvas. You never know where your discoveries will take you.

10. How to Make Something Cheap Look Expensive 

If you’re into the chic and expensive look, the good news is that you can easily fake it. No need to spend immense amounts on furniture. If you already have the furniture pieces you need, you can give them a makeover. If not, you can go thrifting and see if you can find what you need. Don’t let the exterior look throw you off. Think about the potential of a piece and what you could do with it. You can change the exterior later.
A quick and easy way to change the exterior of a piece of furniture is to paint it. White and black are usually the colors used for a chic look, but a deep brown can also be good. Just make sure you choose a color that will go with the rest of your décor. You can also change the handles to make them match the color and style you're giving it.

painting furniture decorating on budget
Image Source: missmustardseed

Another option is contact paper or wallpaper. With contact paper, you can find marble or similar types of expensive-looking designs. If the application is done right, it could fool anyone. But you didn’t need to pay too much.

marble contact paper decorating on budget
Image Source: Livelynine

Be creative and think of how you can upgrade the furniture and accessories you already have. If not, find some used ones and do some DIY. 

11. How to Make The Most Out of Your Space When Decorating

The best way to make the best out of what you have is to plan it out. With a budget, every dollar counts. Planning and deciding what you’re going to do in advance will guarantee the best use of your money and your space. Although this is a step that is often neglected, it is very important and will surely help you avoid a lot of mishaps. Don’t hesitate in using all the tools available to make it easier for you like apps and programs.

As we've mentioned before, moving furniture around is free. So as you are planning, play around with the furniture to see how you can place to make the best use of your space and of your furniture. If some furniture can serve as double duty, put it to use.

Lighting is also a big part of decorating and it is very important, as it sets the mood in a room. You wouldn't want to have big white industrial lights in your bedroom, right? But yellow cozy lighting is usually very appreciated. So make sure you pay attention to the energy your lights are giving off. Light bulbs are not that expensive, but they can make all the difference. If your budget allows it, have fun with it and make your light fixtures be part of the decoration.

lighting in room decorating on a budget
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In conclusion, it is possible for you to create the home of your dreams, even on a budget. With proper planning and some creativity, you can make it happen. So, do your research, plan it out, and get decorating!

~ A young gal with a love for words ~ If I'm not writing, I'm reading, drawing, or playing the piano.

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