Everything You Need To Know About Paul Thomas Anderson's Next Film Soggy Bottom Starring Bradley Cooper

Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film Soggy Bottom
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Bradley Cooper's most recent success came with Lady Gaga in 2018's A Star Is Bornwhich he produced, directed, and starred in. The film was a huge hit, earning the Academy Award for Best Original Song, as well as 7 other Academy Award nominations. Now Bradley Cooper is back with big-time director Paul Thomas Anderson, their first collaboration, and PTA's first film since his acclaimed 2017 film, Phantom Thread.

Paul Thomas Anderson's next film, titled Soggy Bottom will feature Bradley Cooper in the lead role as a film director and producer in Hollywood. The movie will be set in 1970's Los Angeles, CA. It will be released November 26, 2021.

Last week, we discussed Martin Scorsese's next film, Killers of the Flower Moon. Now, we are going to take a look at another legendary director's next film. Paul Thomas Anderson, known for his exceptional movies Boogie NightsThe Master, and There Will Be Blood, to name literally just a few, is on to his next project. 

The film has a working title of Soggy Bottom and is set in 1970's Los Angeles. As far as the cast goes, there are some interesting choices to note here. Newcomers, as well as established greats, will star together in this 1970's adventure.

Since Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a constant collaborator of Paul Thomas Anderson, most notably in 2012's The Master, it is exciting to report that his son, Cooper Hoffman, will play an important role. Cooper is 18 years old and looking to step into the very large shoes his father left as one of the most revered actors of his generation.

Paul Thomas Anderson's Soggy Bottom
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Where Does Soggy Bottom Take Place?

Like many of Paul Thomas Anderson's films, Soggy Bottom will take place in the San Fernando Valley. Fans of Magnolia, his most ambitious film, will be pleased to hear this. The setting will include a high school, ostensibly where the young actor Cooper Hoffman goes. 

Although little else is known about the film, the setting seems to be one of the greatest selling points. For fans of PTA's past glories, especially Boogie Nights, which in large part took place in the 1970s and 1980s, this is welcome news.

After seeing how amazing 1969’s Los Angeles looked in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, one can optimistically hope that this film will be similar in terms of setting and locations. After all, Anderson was one of that film's biggest fans.

An Interesting Connection to A Star Is Born

Since the middle of last year, rumors have been swirling that Bradley Cooper, the lead actor, and director of 2018's A Star Is Born will be playing Jon Peters, a famous Hollywood producer who was involved with the 1976 version as well-acclaimed 2018 film.

Although no official commentary exists for these claims, a clear similarity exists between Jon Peters in the 1970s and Bradley Cooper's costume for this film. Look below and be the judge on whether or not Cooper and Peters are linked in this film.

If the film is about Jon Peters, and the making of A Star Is Born, then the casting of Bradley Cooper as Peters is a tongue-in-cheek nod to that idea. It is a move that is quite meta, and one can be sure that Paul Thomas Anderson's spin on this will be quite interesting indeed.

As in many films, the case could also be that Cooper's character is simply based loosely on Peters or even just takes cues in terms of costume design from the producer.

A Comparison Between Bradley Cooper and Jon Peters
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Filming Soggy Bottom During COVID-19 Lockdown

Appropriate measures had to be taken in order to film this movie given that it took place during the COVID-19 lockdown and quarantine. The cast and crew were good sports about it and were reportedly tested weekly and were also required to wear their masks at all times, unless in the featured shot.

Indeed, one of the features of most of Paul Thomas Anderson's films came in handy. Since PTA usually shoots on-site, no stage shooting was required. This made things a little bit easier for everyone involved and should also give the film a more realistic feel.

This will be one of the first big films to come out of the COVID-19 filming era, and if the film festivals are going to return this year, it is expected that Soggy Bottom will be on the lineup. As such, we expect the festivals to take place in a different month than they normally would, given each country's schedule regarding the lifting of stringent COVID-19 requirements.

Bradley Cooper on the set of Soggy Bottom
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The Cast Of Soggy Bottom

  • Cooper Hoffman as a child actor and high school student
  • Bradley Cooper as a film director and producer
  • Benny Safdie as a politician running for office
  • Alana Haim
  • Joseph Cross
  • Skyler Gisondo
  • Nate Mann as Brian

While we await more information regarding the film until its November release, we can say that we are excited to see Benny Safdie, of the Safdie Brothers filmmaking duo, in this film. He is expected to play some sort of politician running for office.

After all, Paul Thomas Anderson is a big fan of their 2019 hit, Uncut Gems. Here is the audio of their long-form discussion on the topic.

Joseph Poulos is a freelance writer from Michigan.

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