House Of Dragons By Jessica Cluess

When five are called to sit on the Dragon Throne, only one will be able to have the honor. Who will have what it takes to win and who won't be able to stomach the horrors that comes with the challeneges? See who has what it takes to win at all costs.
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Jessica Cluess is a Young Adult Fantasy writer. She's best known for her trilogy, A Shadow Bright and Burning. She currently works and lives in Los Angles and is a Northwestern University graduate.

Young Adult doesn't just have to be for people after a certain age; it's for everyone that wants a good story. Fantasy and fiction are two genres that are highly liked by many. These two genres give readers a chance to step out of the world of reality into exciting, high-stakes adventures filled with adventures, magic, and creatures that we wouldn't see on Earth.

Jessica Cluess does exactly that in her latest book series, House of Dragons.

House of Dragon follows five children from five of the royal families as they experience the ‘Call.’ The Emperor has died, and now the challenge comes to where a new Emperor or Empress. Normally the ‘Call’ comes to the eldest child of the royal families, so what happens when the youngest child is called? The ‘Call’ has come to five young people, who are far from wanting the dragon throne, but their dragons are ready to answer the call.

Jessica gives us a look into the five people who have been chosen by the ‘Call’ of the Great Dragon. We follow their struggles as they battle the different tests that persists have set up by the Great Dragon.

We follow Emilia from House Aurun, who must hide her Chaos Magic to fear being killed for her dangerous power. There’s Lucian from House Sabel, who, after seen the horrors of war, has sworn never to pick up a sword again. Lucian wishes to be in the Brotherhood, leaving out his days in peace until he’s called. Vespir, the greatest dragon trainer and servant to House Pentri, should’ve never been called.

She wasn’t royalty; she was nothing who just wanted to live out her life with her dragon and the love of her life, Antonia, the daughter of House Pentri. Ajax, who’s an illegitimate son to the nobleman of House Tiber. He’s another face that is often forgotten and look down upon because he is not truly of royal blood. But Ajax has learned how to survive his world, and he can become one of the best thieves in the entire kingdom.

Ajax knows he has to play smart to stay alive, possibly. Finally, Hyperia of House Volscia is the eldest of her family; she has trained her entire life for this test and was ready to take the throne at all cost. But when her younger sister, Julia, who is the only thing Hyperia loves, is called, what is she to do?

Each of these characters now must fit to win or risk the ever daunting Cut. The real question now is, who will win and who will never fly the skies again?

Jessica takes us on a wild adventure as we follow these five amazing characters. Each character has a powerful story and an even more powerful development. You will find yourself rooting and cheering for each character but have a love-hate relationship as well. Jessica does not hold back as she invites you into the world of Etrusia, as you never know what’s going to happen next.

She writes a beautiful story that gives each character their own distinct voice. You can feel each character's emotions, and she also writes the love relationship of Vespir and Antonia beautifully.

This high stakes book is similar to Game of Thrones as we see each character trying to survive the grueling challenges of each test. We see those who are willing to sacrifice it all in the game of politics, who’s willing to kill for the sake of their lives, and who wished they were never called in the first place. But the real question while reading House of Dragons is who you can trust? Can you really trust anyone when your life is at stake?

This is a book that you won’t be able to put down once you start as you race to find the answers to these questions and see who will win the Dragon Throne and suffer the cut.

And don’t forget to check out more Jessica Cluess’ books! You can pick up House of Dragons at any local bookselling store, online store, and it will soon be coming as an audiobook. And be on the look at for War of Dragons coming out May 11, 2021!

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