Why Bloodborne Is The Best Game Of The Last Generation

Here's why the game Bloodborne is the peak of the PS4 Generation.
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Brief History Of The Video Game Development Studio - From Software

From software is a Japanese video game development studio. The first game From Software ever made was Kingsfield. The first Kingsfield was never released outside of Japan, yet it still received critical praise in the gaming community. Next came popular games like Armored Core, shadow tower, and more obscure titles like echo night. The mention of the studio’s previous titles is integral to understanding their future work. The armor core series featured customization options. Shadow tower is the first title in which the studio used horror elements in the game design, and echo night was the first to feature multiple endings. These titles serve as the blueprint from which software would build their future games.

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From Software video games were known for their high level of difficulties, sparse NPC characters, dull colors, a focus on combat, and indirect storytelling. These aspects of game design became a staple in the companies’ future titles. The company’s course changed when they hired Hidetaka Miyazaki to join software as a video game designer. Miyazaki quickly rose through the ranks and became the project manager for lost raven and directed armored core four and its sequel.

After scaping failed project, From Software agreed to allow Miyazaki to directed his own game with assets they never used. This game that would change the course of form software was Demon Souls. When Demon Souls was released, it experienced a shallow sales volume. However, the game’s difficulty would become popular among the gaming community in Japan, and sales figures would rise slowly.

Demon souls’ design sensibilities, which were received with mixed criticism, would get refined and built upon with the release of Darksouls. The first dark souls was a legendary game that would propel Miyazaki and From Software to worldwide fame and change the gaming community in its entirety. With the success of dark souls, Fromsoftware inadvertently created the souls-borne genre. and the pinnacle of the genre is Bloodborne

The Gothic Aesthetic In The Game Bloodborne Is Fantastic

Central Yharnam
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The work of H.P Lovecraft heavily inspires the aesthetic of Bloodborne. The game features many cosmic horror designs that are prominent throughout Lovecraft’s works. Monsters like the amygdala, a tentacle-faced, godlike creature reminiscent of Cthulu or damp and eerie locations like the fishing hamlet directly modeled after Lovecraft’s shadow over Innsmouth.

This design even extends to the architecture featured in the game. The team behind bloodborne modeled their fictional city of Yharnam after real-world locations such as Romania and the Czech Republic; both places renown for their striking gothic architecture.

Every inch of bloodborne is teeming with a gothic design and Horror elements that feel familiar yet unique with its presentation—crafting a genuinely terrifying world that invites you to explore to learn its dark secrets.

The Story In Bloodborne Is Enthralling 

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The Lovecraftian influences even find their way into the story of the game. Like many of its souls-borne counterparts, bloodborne indirectly tells most of its story and lore through item descriptions, NPC dialogue, and environmental design. This design philosophy works perfectly with the Lovecraftian story that bloodborne is attempting to tell.

The game mostly occurs in Yharnam, where most citizens have to succumb to a plague that transforms them into beasts. When the player’s character enters the city, they are unaware of the epidemic afflicting the people and sets out the solve the cities many secrets. As you slowly uncover the truth behind the affliction, the main character delves deeper into cosmic horror. The story unfolds as you fight grotesque beasts, eldritch gods and discover the terrible truth about Yharnams history. Bloodborne perfectly blends indirect storytelling with Lovecraftian themes.

The Gameplay Of Bloodborne Is Inventive And Addictive 

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Lastly, but certainly not least, we have arrived at the most impressive bloodborne aspect the separates it from its peers, the gameplay. Bloodborne fast-paced, aggressive gameplay stands in stark contrast with From Software’s previous series, dark souls. Whereas in dark souls, you are given a shield and are encouraged to play defensively and slowly learn your enemy’s attack patterns.

Bloodborne encourages the player to do the exact opposite by substituting a shield for a gun and rewards the players for being aggressive in battles. It achieves this by implementing a genius mechanic. If you lose health fighting an enemy, you have a window of time to get some back by attacking the enemy immediately. Although simple, this gameplay mechanic is essential to how the game developers want you to experience their creation.

Bloodborne is always demanding that you be brave when confronting its world. Sound every corner lurks a dangerous and frightening enemy. Still, you, the hunter, are equipped to handle the monsters you encounter as long as you fight them courageously with the same malice and aggression they show you. You can’t hide behind a shield; you can’t run away from bosses when you encounter them. The only option you have is to play the game and get better. Every death is a learning opportunity and a chance to consider the mistakes you made.

When you head back into the game, you become a seasoned and skilled hunter who is just as frightening as the beasts you vanquish.

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