Why Lumity Will Become Fully Canon On Season 2 Of The Owl House

During the break between seasons fans are wondering what's in store for Luz and Amity's relationship.

The fan-favorite animated Disney show "The Owl House" recently wrapped up its first season. Luz, the 14-year-old human, becomes an apprentice to learn magic in a witch’s dimension while her mother thinks she’s at a summer camp. On her adventures, she meets Amity an ambitious mean-girl who later becomes a friend and classmate. The season ended with establishing a significant villain and new problems to face.

In the meantime, fans are left to speculate where the show might go next, and this means analyzing a key ship the show has established. 

Is Lumity canon?

Part of Amity’s redemption arc was the reveal of her crush on Luz in “Enchanting Grom Fright,” after a few hints in previous episodes. During Grom (the Boiling Isle’s version of prom) the two classmates fought a monster that could read minds and turn into their deepest fears. When Grom (vaguely shaped like Luz’s silhouette) rips up a note, it’s revealed Amity wanted to ask Luz as a date to the dance but was too afraid of rejection to do it. It was her biggest fear, in fact. Even though the two share a beautiful dance together, Luz remains in the dark as to Amity’s true feelings.   

Lumity dance in Enchanting Grom Fight
Image Source: FANDOM TV

In the following episode “Wing It Like Witches” Amity’s crush is much more obvious when she frequently blushes around Luz and fumbles her words. Amity was inaccessible during the two-episode finale, so that’s as much as we’ve seen of the ship “Lumity.”

It’s easy to be skeptical and assume that that’s as far as Disney is going to go with Amity and Luz’s potential relationship. Or to assume that if there is more it’ll more of the same, with maybe an ending where they smile at each other. The kind of smile that isn’t necessarily platonic, but isn’t necessarily and explicitly romantic either.

Disney isn’t always the best with its gay characters… at the very least they've been slower than other networks to include them.

However, I have reason to think that Lumity will become fully canon by the end of the show. I’m also guessing this means by the end of season 2. 

Currently, Lumity is half canon. Amity explicitly and undeniably has a crush on Luz, so in that sense, the ship does already exist in canon within the show. Fully canon would mean that their relationship would exist after Luz reciprocates in some way.

The basic rule of scriptwriting and storytelling, in general, is to give endings to arcs and to resolve any problems that are introduced. Amity’s crush on Luz isn’t just a little character quirk or a backstory secret for a couple of episodes; It’s a major part of her character arc. 

Let me explain. In the Grom episode, Amity’s crush is revealed simultaneously with the fact that getting rejected by Luz is her biggest fear. She tosses the half of the paper with “Luz” aside because she still hasn’t faced that fear. It’s metaphorically tossing it aside for later in the story as well. It wouldn’t be good or complete storytelling if this specific plot point wasn’t addressed again.   

Amity's undelivered Grom invitation for Luz crush reveal
Image Source: FANDOM TV

In the Grom episode, we also discover Luz’s biggest fear is disappointing her mother. She worries this would be especially the case if her mom uncovers the truth about where Luz has really been spending the summer. 

We wouldn’t expect the story to end without Luz seeing her mom again. We wouldn’t expect an ending before Luz tells her mom about magic specifically after she sends a text saying she'll tell this story to her “one day.” This is because the basic storytelling rule says, "if a conflict is introduced, the conflict will be resolved." Therefore, the complete story can’t end without addressing Amity’s fear, either. 

And I don’t mean just simply addressing the crush again. I mean Amity’s SPECIFIC FEAR of getting reject by Luz MUST be resolved. Amity is going to shoot her shot. She is going to put herself into a situation that could potentially lead to rejection. It’s a rule of storytelling. “The Owl House” has had good writing so far and I can’t imagine it not following this basic rule.

As it so happens when Amity tells Luz she likes her, (or if it’s revealed some other way, Amity will be near Luz at the moment or soon after) we as an audience will naturally get to see what happens next. As a rule, at some point, Amity will be in the path of potential rejection, and naturally, we’ll get to see if she’s rejected or not. 

I can’t guarantee that it’ll end in a kiss or anything, but with Luz having to give some sort of an answer, I have reason to believe she will respond positively.

There are two major possibilities here. They will either officially become girlfriends in some capacity, or Luz will have to return to the human realm with no way to visit the magical one but will let Amity know she wishes for what could have been. I don’t think the ending will completely separate Luz from magic, so I’m putting my metaphorical money on the former. 

Also, imagine what the logical outcome would be for a straight pairing. Shows that nudge and give hints for a relationship often follow through. This is especially true for children’s television, which aims to be more positive and avoidant of excessive relationship drama. There has been plenty of setup for Lumity, so it should be no different. 

Expect... I mean, you know, it actually is different. If it weren’t, this entire article wouldn’t be necessary. 

This still may seem too farfetched, and something Disney wouldn’t follow through with. Yet, Disney technically already did this once.

Lumity has or might have a) a bisexual lead character, b) a sapphic relationship, and c) a kiss between two female characters.

Believe it or not, everything I just listed has already occurred in the recent Disney show "Star vs. the Forces of Evil." This show concluded shortly before "The Owl House" aired, and continues a similar spirit along with some of the same crew members.

The main character Star is pretty much confirmed bisexual or pansexual in the episode, "Ransomgram." Star travels to a dimension that ages her best friend Marco. There she meets buff lady Brunzetta and is shown finding both her and Marco to be attractive. 

Season 4 episode five Star blushes over Brunzetta
Image Source: FANDOM TV

In fact, Luz, of "The Owl House" was shown to be bisexual in a similar fashion. In “Lost in Language” Luz blushes around Amity’s brother and then around Amity’s sister. They are similar-looking twins, so it’s actually a brilliant way to subtly show someone as bi. If you found that Luz blushing around Amity’s brother means she finds him attractive, then you have to use that same logic later in the episode about the sister. This was also later confirmed by show creator Dana Terrace. 

Yet again we turn to "SvtFoE" to show a sapphic relationship. In "Britta's Tacos” Jackie Lynn Thomas bursts back into the season after being gone with a girlfriend on her arm for all to see. 

Lastly, the reason I’m hoping for a kiss between Luz and Amity, is that "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" actually went there too. In this case, it was only nameless background characters, but it still happened nonetheless. 

Marco and Jackie Lynn Thomas at a concert in
Image Source: FANDOM TV

Basically, if we take what happened in "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" and apply it to "The Owl House," none of these elements would even occur for the “first time.” Lumity would be a much bigger deal, however, because it would affect the main plot. Everything in our "SvtFoE" list could easily be cut out and a viewer wouldn't notice. 

"The Owl House" characters are even the same age as "SvtFoE" characters, so relationships are by no means out of the question.     

Not to mention Luz and Amity, wouldn't even be the first LGBTQ+ relationship on "The Owl House." Willow is subtly shown to have two dads in the episode "Understanding Willow."   

Given the fact that Lumity has been set up as an answer to the question of Amity’s character arc, and that Disney has recently taken steps for LGBTQ+ representation in a similar show, there are many reasons to believe Luz and Amity will set sail on a full canon relationship.

Yes, it may seem like it’s too good to be true, and I know the feeling of wanting too much and getting disappointed, but that’s the thing. It’s not wanting too much. It’s not too good to be true. So many other kids’ shows on basically every network or streaming service already have LGBTQ+ main characters in relationships. Disney is actually a little late to the party on this one. They’ve started baking a cake specifically for this party, so now we just have to wait for them to arrive.

Kaydee is a writer who is always looking for her next favorite show. She also loves journaling, graphic novels, and late night comedy.

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