All About The David Kibbe Dramatic Body Type

An extensive guide to dressing for your body type, not in spite of it
A helpful graphic by Gabrielle Arruda of the Kibbe body types on the Yin/Yang spectrum.
Image source: Gabrielle

This article is devoted to the Dramatics, our enviously chiselled friends whose striking features place them at the far Yang side of the Yin/Yang spectrum in David Kibbe’s body type methodology. 

If this sounds foreign to you, don’t despair. You can read my intro article explaining why Kibbe’s body types are the answer to looking amazing in your clothes without hiding what makes you ‘you’. 

It’s important to note Kibbe’s body type methodology focuses on the woman’s body as a whole, and not simply bust, waist, and hip measurements.

The 13 body types, therefore, lie across the Yin/Yang spectrum with a beautifully unique composition of the vertical line, bone structure, and fleshiness.

Dramatics are divided into two sub-categories: pure Dramatics which are 100% Yang, and Soft Dramatics which are predominantly Yang with some softness or a Yin undercurrent.

Pure Dramatics is the overall combination of a “strong, sharp physicality with a cool reserve and charismatic power”. 

You are a Dramatic if you answered mostly As in the David Kibbe body type quiz but here is a handy list of trademark Dramatic characteristics:

Height: Average to tall (5.5 feet and taller)

Shape: Straight and angular with a long vertical line (this means you appear tall even if you are not. Your head looks small compared to your body). Long, narrow limbs. A straight waist. Excess fat collects around the hips and upper thighs, upper torso usually remains in shape.

Bone structure: Angular, sharp but narrow bone structure. Hands and feet are long and narrow. The facial bone structure continues the pattern of sharpness and angularity, you will see this in your nose, jawline, and cheekbones. 

Facial features: Eyes are small, almond-shaped. Lips are narrow, thin, and/or straight. You may have ‘taut’ skin, particularly around your cheeks and jawline. 

If you are a Dramatic, you will NOT have:

  • An hourglass figure
  • Full facial features (full cheeks, lips, etc)
  • A broad or blunt bone structure (remember Dramatics are sharp, narrow, and tapered)
  • A short vertical line (Dramatics don’t appear petite)
  • A symmetrical figure (Dramatics are 100% Yang, there is no Yin to balance)
  • Short, fleshy limbs 

Before we continue, this video is helpful to show where Dramatics lie on the Yin/Yang spectrum in relation to the other body types. This is also helpful if you are stuck deciding between two types. 

Let’s take a look at some Kibbe-verified Dramatics. I think it’s a good exercise to study these women’s faces and bodies to notice how while their unique combination of Dramatic features varies, it’s the overall combination of their bone structure, fleshiness, and vertical line that places them in this category. 

The Kibbe-verified celebrity Dramatics list is quite extensive, but some examples are Taylor Swift, Ruby Rose, Tilda Swinton, Amal Clooney, Olivia Culpo, Fei Fei Sun, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Keira Knightley. 

Swimwear paparazzi photos of celebrities are an easy way to identify Kibbe body types because you can see the vertical lines, bone structure, and fleshiness without clothes altering your perception.

Ruby Rose & Alessandra Ambrosio Kibbe Dramatics
Swimwear photos of Kibbe-verified Dramatics Ruby Rose (left) and Alessandra Ambrosio (right)
Image sources:, Pinterest

Ruby Rose and Alessandra Ambrosio are both Dramatics. First, you can see in the photos they both have a long vertical line - they appear tall regardless of their actual height. Ruby Rose is reported to be 1.7m tall or 5 ft 7 and Alessandra, a former Victoria's Secret Angel, is 5 ft 9 1/2. 

Their body shapes appear straight and angular and they both have long, narrow limbs. Their shoulders are sharp and narrow and while it appears Ruby has a more defined waist than Alessandra, her bone structure is still sharp and straight. 

You may have a rough idea already of what style of clothes suit Dramatics. I mentioned in my intro article I feel most people instinctively know what works for their shape but don't necessarily know why.

This can make shopping (online and in-store) and the getting-ready process a hit-and-miss situation as not everyone wants to only wear one style of outfit - fashion is meant to be fun and make you feel proud of your body. 

What makes Kibbe's style guide empowering is it focuses on the overall harmony of your vertical line, bone structure, and fleshiness to determine what clothes would look best - not what features to conceal or downplay to fit the 'ideal' hourglass shape.

So here's the fun part!

The essence of Dramatic style is highlighting the elongated, sharp lines of the Dramatic. Think 'power dressing', amazing tailoring, and a monochromatic colour palette.

This YouTube video by Kibbe enthusiast Aly Art is a helpful visual for matching the Dramatic body type to its most flattering styles. 

Dramatics have an effortless, regal air about them thanks to their overwhelming Yang influence. Below we will go through each element of Dramatic style with more celebrity examples.

Shapes and silhouettes

  • Long, sharp lines are your friend (pantsuits, jumpsuits, heavy maxi dresses that fall to the floor rather than billow)
  • Asymmetric silhouettes highlight your angularity and amp up your femininity
Kibbe Dramatic asymmetrical style
Asymmetry looks great on the angular bone structure of Dramatics. From left to right: Tilda Swinton, Taylor Swift & Cate Blanchett. 
Image source:,,
  • Experiment with geometric shapes with sharp edges like triangles, rectangles, and squares - this could be in the form of a deep and narrow 'v' neckline that mimics a triangle or straight-leg pants
  • 20s-influence fashion is heavily Dramatic - drop-waist dresses, men's suits (dresses should not be bodycon but can be fitted to the body with tailoring)
20s influence in Kibbe Dramatic style
Kibbe Dramatics is heavily influenced by 20s fashion. From left to right: Amal Clooney, Tilda Swinton & Keira Knightley.
Image source:,,
  • Blazers or long-sleeved tops with defined shoulders (shoulder pads are having a resurgence this season) are a must!
Kibbe Dramatic defined shoulders
Dramatics can implement shoulder definition in both casual and dressed-up styling. From left to right: Keira Knightley, Ruby Rose, and Olivia Culpo
Image source:,,
  • Cut-outs are another modern way to introduce shape and angularity to your outfit
  • If you like separates, you look best in a monochromatic palette so this doesn't break up your long vertical line
Kibbe Dramatic monochrome palette
A monochrome palette highlights the Dramatic's long vertical line. From left to right: Olivia Culpo, Amal Clooney & Taylor Swift.
Image source:,,


Stiff, heavy fabrics are great for Dramatics as their angular bone structure can hold weighty material. 

Good fabrics include:

  • Heavy and stiff sequin or ultra-glitzy material
  • Italian tweeds
  • Faille (heavy ribbed silk)
  • Stiff brocades
  • Heavy satins

Lightweight fabrics are not out-of-bounds if balanced with a really structured silhouette. A  tailored linen suit is a great casual option. 


The key to a polished Dramatic look is keeping detail minimal. The focus should be on the construction and tailoring of your outfit, not intricacies like frills or embellishments which don't read sophisticated to you.

Instead, play with your necklines. Drama is first and foremost in any successful look. Dramatics look great as mentioned above with plunging, narrow 'v' necklines, skinny turtlenecks, high Mandarin collars, etc. These show off your elongated neck which is one of your most feminine features.

Kibbe Dramatic Fei Fei Sun
Kibbe-verified Dramatic Fei Fei Sun wearing Dramatic necklines.
Image source:,, Harper's Bazaar

Sharp pleats, lapels, and tapered cuffs are another great way of adding minimal detail and interest to your outfit. 

Colour and prints

As the regal body type, deep and rich colours amplify the drama in Kibbe Dramatic looks. Jewel tones and dark neutrals are striking and pastels, when done all over, are a fantastic sophisticated option for daytime. While you may be drawn to colour-blocking as that is definitely dramatic, it serves to break up your vertical line and is too harsh.

Prints can be bold and daring; stripes, zigzags, and geometric and asymmetrical shapes are exciting to you. These prints should be high-contrast colour schemes like black and white or nautical and are especially vibrant in those bold jewel tones.

Shoes & Jewellery

Jewellery: these pieces should continue your elongated shape with long and narrow styles. You look best in minimal pieces that are relatively large in size and feature angular geometric shapes. 

Shoes: Pointed-toe pumps are a match made in heaven for Dramatics. Stiletto heels bring a sharp and dramatic flair to outfits. Summery heels for Dramatics include open-toe stilettos with a pointed sole and flats with a pointed toe are a comfortable option. 

It's important to note that Kibbe's style methodology isn't a set of hard rules. While Dramatics look best in played-up pieces, they're not confined to only dressing corporate because individual style expression is paramount to effortless style. 

YouTuber Elyssa has an insightful video showing how different personal styles can be incorporated into Dramatic dressing.

Another valuable find is The Aligned Lover's video on loungewear - something I think is often overlooked when providing style recommendations for this body type.

If you are not a Dramatic, fear not! I will meet you in future articles unveiling the 12 other body types (hint: no apples or rectangles in sight, I promise) and taking the guesswork out of effortless style. 

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