All About The Soft Dramatic David Kibbe Body Type

An extensive guide to dressing for your body type, not in spite of it
Kibbe Body Type Spectrum
The Kibbe Yin/Yang body spectrum.
Image source: Gabrielle Arruda 

Introducing…the Soft Dramatic.

The Soft Dramatic woman possesses a body shape in the Dramatic category of David Kibbe’s body type methodology, joined by pure Dramatics.

The Dramatic category comprising Dramatics and Soft Dramatics is the most Yang Kibbe category, followed by Naturals, Classics, Gamines, and Romantics who are the most Yin category.

If you would like a refresher on Kibbe’s system, my intro article is a great first step in reprogramming your relationship with your body and fashion.

This is my second of 13 (!) articles devoted to styling each body shape so please bear with me, I promise yours will be here before you know it!

So for my Soft Dramatic ladies reading, your body places you on the far Yang end of the Yin/Yang spectrum with some softness differentiating you from straight Dramatics.

While you have a long and angular bone structure, you likely have curves and full facial features which is why Kibbe describes Soft Dramatics as a “bold, exotic physicality with a powerful sensual essence”.

You are a Soft Dramatic if you answered ‘Mostly A’ in the quiz with a few ‘D’ or ‘E’ answers and you possess the following characteristics:

Height: Average to tall (5.5 feet and taller)

Shape: Fleshy with full bust and hips and a long vertical line (this means you appear tall even if you are not. Your head looks small compared to your body). Long, fleshy limbs. A defined waist that widens with weight gain. Excess fat accumulates proportionately around the fullest parts of the body (face, bust, hips, and limbs).

Bone structure: Angular and large bone structure. Hands and feet are long and narrow or wide. Facial bone structure is angular, you will see this in your nose, jawline, and cheekbones. 

Facial features: Eyes are large. The lips are full and luscious. Your face appears full, lush, sensual, and exotic with full lips and cheeks especially.

If you are a Soft Dramatic, you will NOT have:

  • A straight figure (Soft Dramatics are curvy, with a Yang bone structure providing length and angularity)
  • Small hands and feet or a narrow, delicate bone structure (the small Yin percentage in your body shape affords you more width than your Dramatic counterparts)
  • A petite or small stature
  • Delicate or small facial features 
  • Symmetrical shape or facial features 

This video is helpful in comparing Soft Dramatics to the other body types and especially useful if you struggle to decide between a Soft Dramatic or a Flamboyant Natural.

If we examine the faces and bodies of famous Soft Dramatics, you will note the slight variation in their features, however, it is the overall combination of the vertical line, bone structure, and fleshiness that places them in this subcategory.

Famous Soft Dramatic women include Sofia Vergara, Rachel Weisz, Sophia Loren, Barbra Streisand, Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Hudson, Tyra Banks, Imaan Hammam, and Ashley Graham.

Swimwear paparazzi photos can help visualise this shape without clothes altering perception. 

Kibbe Soft Dramatic body shapes
Swimwear photos of Kibbe-verified Soft Dramatics Sofia Vergara (left) and Ashley Graham (right)
Image sources: E! Online, GotCeleb

Sofia Vergara and Ashley Graham are both Soft Dramatics. They have a long vertical line, meaning they appear tall regardless of their actual height. Sofia Vergara is 1.7m tall and Ashley Graham is 1.75m tall.

The first thing you notice about these women's bodies is their curves on a long and angular bone structure. This is the primary difference between Soft Dramatics and Dramatics, where Dramatics are sharp, narrow, and angular with no softness or curves.

Soft Dramatics have long, fleshy limbs and a defined waist. 

I discussed in the Dramatic article most women instinctively know what styling works for their bodies but don't necessarily know why.

This is how Kibbe's styling philosophy for each body shape is an empowering process as it focuses on a woman's overall harmony between her vertical line, bone structure, and fleshiness to produce a foolproof style guide.

Kibbe's methodology shuns traditional body-typing rules that force women to downplay or conceal their natural shape to contort into the 'ideal' hourglass figure.

This system is a celebration of beauty in all its forms and has garnered a cult-like following on social media. Kibbe devotees even offer professional styling services dedicated to dressing your Kibbe body shape.

So let's move on to styling the Soft Dramatic.

Kibbe describes the essence of Soft Dramatic style as 'Diva Chic'

Think of a "bold, sweeping silhouette with strong, geometric lines softened by draping and waist emphasis".

This YouTube video by Kibbe enthusiast Aly Art is a helpful visual for Soft Dramatic fashion.

Soft Dramatics share a regal essence like their Dramatic counterparts, however, their Yin softness lends them more of a goddess-like appearance. If you are a Soft Dramatic, you may be instinctively drawn to Grecian dresses and gladiator heels that show off your long line and angularity while showcasing your curves in draping, luxe fabric.

Below is a guide to each element of Soft Dramatic style with celebrity examples.

Please remember this isn't a hard-and-fast rule book; the Kibbe methodology provides guidelines to dressing your BEST, so if you don't want to dress for your shape every time you head out the door, you don't have to.

You can borrow elements of other Kibbe body types if you are drawn to them and still stay true to your particular shape by largely honouring your own lines e.g. a Soft Dramatic can wear mini shorts or a mini skirt and still honour her vertical line by sticking to a monochromatic colour palette.

Shapes and silhouettes

  • Long, angular lines with waist emphasis to complement your curves (e.g. a figure-hugging jumpsuit, a bodycon maxi dress, a midi/maxi skirt with waist emphasis)
Kibbe-verified Soft Dramatic celebrities wearing long lines
Long-line dresses and jumpsuits with waist emphasis and softness flatters a Soft Dramatic. From left to right: Rachel Weisz, Raquel Welch & Tyra Banks.
Image sources: Daily Mail, Pinterest &
  • A 'T' silhouette is stunning on a Soft Dramatic: wide and voluminous neckline with the rest of the outfit tapering to showcase your elongated vertical line
  • Play with over-sized pieces like billowing maxis or voluminous sleeves for a clever marriage of Yin and Yang, but ensure waist emphasis through tailoring or a large, wide belt
  • Bold geometric shapes, like an asymmetrical neckline or hemline, are also flattering, but unlike a pure Dramatic, soft Dramatics require soft, rounded edges to these pieces
Soft Dramatic styling with Ashley Graham and Sofia Vergara
Soft Dramatics Ashley Graham and Sofia Vergara play with oversized dresses and skirts that accentuate their curves while honouring their long vertical line.
Image sources: Popsugar, Pinterest & Celebrity Style Guide
  • Draping is a glamourous and comfortable Soft Dramatic style element
  • An easy way to style a Soft Dramatic is staying true to the name - a softened version of a pure Dramatic - your Yin comes through subtly so by dressing first and foremost for your Dramatic lines, you won't appear bulky or too heavy for your clothes
  • Strategic cut-outs can showcase your curves while adding angularity to your shape
Christina Hendricks & Jennifer Hudson
Soft Dramatics can pull off cutouts with rounded edges like Christina Hendricks (left) and Jennifer Hudson (right).
Image sources: and Elle
  • A monochromatic colour palette is also recommended to honour your long vertical line


Lightweight, draping fabrics harmonise with your Yin fleshiness - this is what differentiates you from pure Dramatics as stiff and heavy fabrics would be too much for your voluminous, sweeping silhouettes.

Good fabrics include:

  • Draped jerseys
  • Silks
  • Challis (a lightweight, woven fabric)
  • Crepes
  • Handkerchief linen
  • Fabrics with sheen
  • Soft, plush textured fabric


Soft Dramatic looks must be rich in detail. Think ornate, lavish, and oversized.

You can play with extreme necklines: dangerously-low plunges and soft, rounded turtlenecks as well as asymmetric and cowl shapes. 

Details for Soft Dramatic styling
These Soft Dramatic women nail detailing in their styling. From left to right: Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Hudson & Sofia Vergara.
Image sources: Glamour, InStyle & Daily Mail.

Details like lace, ruffles, bows, and appliques add to your natural drama however these look best in a large format to complement your vertical line and Yin width.

Pleating should be deep and soft, likewise with coat lapels.

Colour and prints

Bold, dramatic colours look great on Soft Dramatics. Vivid watercolours give an edge to a traditionally Romantic colour palette. A monochromatic palette showcases your vertical line and angularity but pairs this with metallic or bold, vivid accents in shoes or accessories so this colour scheme isn't dull on you. Head-to-toe pastels are soft enough for you while still honouring your primary Yang. Avoid colour-blocking as this breaks up your vertical line.

Flattering colours for Kibbe Soft Dramatics
Bright, rich colours look great on Soft Dramatics as well as monochrome amped up with metallic accessories. From left to right: Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Hendricks & Rachel Weisz.
Image sources: Pinterest, Celeb Mafia, Daily Express & Popsugar

Prints are fun for Soft Dramatics. You can play with bold, wild, and ornate shapes as well as animal prints and soft geometrics. 

Kibbe Soft Dramatic prints
Animal prints like leopard and snake skin play up the drama and exotic features of Soft Dramatics Sofia Vergara and Ashley Graham.
Image sources: Luxury Launches & Express Digest

Shoes and jewellery

Shoes with a pointed sole (either stiletto or flat) perfectly encapsulate the Soft Dramatic. Simply-designed heels are ideal to not distract from your long line - anything overly strappy or chunky will draw the eye down to your feet and cut you off. 

Soft Dramatics can pull off large, ornate jewellery items that would otherwise look gaudy on other body shapes, owing to your full features and long vertical line. You are encouraged to adorn yourself with jewellery with soft, rounded edges to accommodate your Yin.

Jewellery for Kibbe Soft Dramatics
Oversized and ornate jewellery boosts the glamour of Soft Dramatics. From left to right: Sofia Vergara, Rachel Weisz & Tyra Banks.
Image sources: Pinterest

While these guidelines lend themselves to more occasion-style dressing, the Aligned Lover has a great video for more casual options.

That's all for now on Soft Dramatics, hopefully, this article highlighted the unique beauty of your body shape and pointed you towards a more loving personal styling experience.

Stay tuned for my foray into the Naturals world, beginning with the Flamboyant Natural.

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