Fun Ways To Incorporate Minimal Jewelry To Glam Up Your Everyday Look

Minimal jewelry doesn't necessarily have to be boring. All it comes down to is how you ultimately style it.

Sometimes a single statement piece can do it all. Loud and flashy jewelry can be fun but sometimes all you need is something that whispers yet makes an impact. When it comes to minimal jewelry, it does exactly that. They’re all about clean lines, geometric forms, being non-fussy, and is simple.

Minimal in the easiest of terms means less and simple. A minimalistic style jewelry is where less is more and simple is the new trend in style and is all about choosing sleek and clean lines while leaving out the maximalist or extravagant jewelry items behind.

Whether you are a tee and jeans donning casual person or a pant-suit executive or even a saree-loving corporate employee, minimal jewelry can easily help you make a statement effortlessly. One of the best parts about it is how even if you wear all the statement pieces together, they wouldn’t scream or look too much!

Tips to keep in mind while wearing minimal jewelry

1. Sleek and clean line is the key

This is one of the most important things to remember. Minimalist jewelry is all about clean lines, geometric forms, and being non-fussy. Either your clothes can do the shining, or your jewelry can.  

Jewelry pieces that are streamlined, fuss-free, and have smooth surfaces are the staples of a minimalistic style. 

2. Old is Gold

Yes, you've heard right! Old is always gold, so this is a reminder to keep your classics close to your heart. There are certain jewelry items that never go out of style. If you don't already have them, it's time that you invest in them! A diamond stud for example or a dainty pearl earring is everything versatile and chic that your minimalistic soul is looking for. 

3. Chuck the extravagance

Minimalism and opulence are opposites. If you have opted for a minimalistic style then stay away from anything that is opulent, extra or fussy. Instead, go for the pieces that are simple and clean with structured lines. More doesn't always mean good bling. 

4. Layer it up

Just because you're keeping it simple, it doesn't mean that it has to be boring. Playing around with your minimal jewelry pieces is the trick to add more play fullness to your entire look. Get creative and innovative with your minimalistic jewelry. Mix up random pieces together and create your own statement style to match your personality! 

Ways that you can slip in your minimal jewelry to your everyday outfits

1. An edgy bangle for the go

Photographer: Parvathi Nair. Stylist: Ritu & Parvathi. Model: Ritu Jain. Editing: Ritu Jain | Accessory: Forever 21
 A minimal bangle from Forever 21

This minimal yet edgy bangle from forever 21 can be your perfect everyday companion and effortlessly glam up your look.

Accessorizing your look with different kinds of minimalist bangle bracelets have the power to make your look very elegant. This is a great accessory to pair up with professional attires as it also adds a dash of sophistication. 

2. Pretty little necklace for the minimal at heart

Photographer: Parvathi Nair. Stylist: Ritu & Parvathi. Model: Ritu Jain. Editing: Ritu Jain | Accessory: H&M
A minimal neckpiece from H&M

This delicate necklace with a metal ball at the end is honestly like a dream for every minimalist jewelry lover! You can pair this up with low-cut dresses, blouses, and even blazers for a delicate accompaniment to your décolletage.

This kind of statement dainty necklace is known for its basic elegant shape. You can also layer this necklace with a second necklace to make it look minimal yet playful. These necklaces are effortless to put together, but at the same time look as if we’ve really taken our time to style them.

3. Minimal bracelet for the win

Photographer: Parvathi Nair. Stylist: Ritu & Parvathi. Model: Ritu Jain. Editing: Ritu Jain | Accessory: Shein
Less is more bangle from Shein

The playful intersection of gold and faux marble makes this otherwise simple bracelet stand out.

This kind of statement bangles looks very simple, yet chic and modern.

4. Chain it up with a twist

Photographer: Parvathi Nair. Stylist: Ritu & Parvathi. Model: Ritu Jain. Editing: Ritu Jain | Necklace: H&M. Ring: Divinidhi
Silver Chain necklace from H&M

This necklace from H&M has been doubled up to work as a bracelet and girls I’d say that you all try it out! Mix and match your statement pieces, play around, and create such subtle looks effortlessly without worrying about the number of pieces that you own!

When you combine different styles and add a twist to them, you add a fierce and trendy touch to your look. You can create your own original style that will express your persona.

5. Back at it with the minimal necklace (They never fail to impress)

Photographer: Parvathi Nair. Stylist: Ritu & Parvathi. Model: Ritu Jain. Editing: Ritu Jain | Necklace: H&M
A minimal necklace from H&M

This necklace from H&M has a touch of subtlety to it that is too hard to ignore. Irrespective of what the occasion is, this necklace is a simple touch to elevate any outfit. 

When you try to achieve the minimalist-inspired look make sure to focus on jewelry or accessories with clean lines, basic shapes, and fewer colors similar to that of this dainty necklace.

So now that you know how to get your way around minimal jewelry, remember that these guidelines aren't a set rule. It all comes down to how you experiment with them. Every style works differently for every individual, and these guidelines are just to get you on the right track. So get set and go, let your personal style show through how you pair up your bling!

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