10 Reason Why You SHOULD NOT Own A Ragdoll Cat


I have had a Ragdoll cat, Alistair since he was 12 weeks old, and I love him to absolute pieces. He is now a year and a half old.  He is my baby boy, and he has absolute control over my life, and he knows it. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, here are ten reasons why *inserts seething sarcasm* you should never own one of these furry little beasts. 

I did mention that this article was satire right?

1. You literally paid for constant judgement

I specifically wanted a ragdoll, so I had to go through some rather costly hoops to get ahold of him. 

It is relatively known that cats are generally walking balls of judgement.  But if you choose to get a ragdoll, you have literally paid for judgement to be in your house at all times. 

Ragdoll cat

I, for one, will not be judged by something that uses their own tongue as toilet paper!

2. Prepare for hair - so, so much hair

In case you were previously unaware, ragdolls are a long-haired cat breed. So they have a lot of hair and a lot of shedding. If you are thinking about owning a ragdoll, prepare for so, so much hair. They require daily brushing; and honestly, who has the time for that *written in sarcasm*.

Ragdoll cat

So if you don’t want everything you own covered in love glitter (aka cat hair), then owning a ragdoll might not be the best option for your judgement companion.

3. They have no respect for anyone else’s schedule

Picture this: it’s 3 am, you have work in the morning and you’re trying to get some sleep. Suddenly, you faintly hear something that sounds like it’s being pushed off of your nightstand before the inevitable crash of that something hitting the floor.

You tiredly open your eyes, you be met with the needing judgmental gaze of your heathen fur baby. You discover that your bundle of judgement has knocked over something on your nightstand, in an attempt to wake you up for treats.

Your cat looks at you as if telling you, “look, I’m on a busy schedule. I have my nightly zoomies at 4 am. So I got you up to give me my treats now.”

And then you get up and give in to their demands anyway. 

4. Be prepared to just throw your money away

When I got my darling little Alistair, I went through the whole nesting stage. Got tons of toys, food, beds, literally anything I could think of for anything he would need. Did he like the food? No. Does he play with the toys? No. Does he like the beds? No. He prefers his doggy sister’s toys, bed, and even food. 

He particularly loves twist ties.

But it’s okay because I love him and he’s just too adorable.

Ragdoll cat hiding in a bag

Ragdolls are just so cute, they make you just want to throw money at them if it’ll make them happy. That’s how they get you.

5. And throw your hobbies away too

Cause you won’t want to do anything else but be with your adorable little dictator because they are just so cute. You can make new hobbies. Ones that involve your cat.

I didn’t even want to leave my house for days after I got Alistair!

*written in sarcasm*

6. Also, you’re probably gonna be late for work often

If you get a ragdoll, you might as well give your boss a heads up that you’re going to be late for work because your cat is doing something adorable can you couldn’t miss it. This whole working from home thing will become your new dream job.

*written in extreme sarcasm*

7. You’ll never get a moment's worth of peace again

Ragdolls are described as “dog-like cats” which have many positive attributes such as being affectionate. Another attribute is that they will follow you everywhere! You will always have a bathroom buddy.

Make sure your cat follows you out of the room before you close any doors. If they don’t give you peace by following you everywhere you go; then you certainly won’t have any peace of mind when you can’t find them, because they were accidental locked in a room.

8. Get used to more people coming over

If you weren’t a people person before you owned a ragdoll, you will be afterwards because so many people will want to come over and play with your new cat/kitten. Especially children. 

Ragdoll cat playing with a baby

Ragdolls love children and will play with children similar to how dogs play with children. They are generally very playful and will play with dogs, other cats, and people.

9. They act like they own the place

Have you ever come home from work, only to be met with the judgmental gaze of, “What are you doing in my house?” coming from your cat? 


You pay off the bills. You buy them food. You clean their poop. Is it too much to ask for a little bit of respect?

10. You’ll just want more!

Ragdolls are the quintessential piece to the “crazy cat lady” starter kit. They are social creatures, they get along well with other animals, and they in and of themselves will make you want more of them. 

I love cats, and I absolutely want more cats to accompany Alistair. Cats, from my understanding, enjoy the company of other cats. 

Given the opportunity, I would absolutely jump at the chance to get another ragdoll, so Alistair can have another brother or sister to judge and plot to take over the world together.

In all seriousness, ragdolls are one of the best cat breeds that I would recommend to anyone. Do your research, talk with vets about caring for ragdolls. I don’t believe they require any special treatment, except maybe for hairballs. They are very loving and I cannot imagine my life without my Alistair in it.

Hi! My name is Kathlyn and I love travel, history, foodies, and all things paranormal.

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