4 Tips To Lose A Fight, With Your Outrageous Outer Look To Your Inner Self

Beauty has always been measured inside a very narrow frame. But in reality, the actual potential of beauty is much broader than anyone could ever think of. Beauty is not about all shimmer, brighter colors, and perfection. True beauty stands with the color. Here are the tips to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

1. Feel your personality

It is imperative to love yourself and embrace what you have. Knowing your own personality and factors which make you unique from others is really the reason to be happy about yourself. This era of digitization might be able to connect everyone digitally but it’s really tough to connect from one’s inner self.

The world might be a tough place to accept beautiful souls but being consistently a happy soul, who is satisfied and unstoppable. And can accept others as they are, where there is space for imperfection may one day give a little perspective to others as well.

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Looks can be attractive for a very small amount of time but, personality is what makes a person interesting forever. A very major aspect of knowing your own self and your personality is that it can be improvised accordingly. Acquiring better habits and changes for good makes a person a better human being. And staying true to yourself makes life a wonderful place to, Iive in.

Outer appearance can be identical in one or the other way, from hundreds of people around the world. But the one unique element very human imbibe in their own unique personality, and so it's really very important to know and value it the most.

It’s time to stop struggling to be perfect, instead one should start knowing about the imperfections which make us unique and can help to come out more strongly than anyone else. Because a person beautified from the outside needs a good personality to carry it and to reach out to people. Without a personality, beauty has a very short life. So it’s time to embrace and show people that our wonderful personality is what makes us beautiful and strong. It's important that we focus more on the way we behave and talk to others than hiding under the makeup palettes. 

2. Fitting in the beauty flask

Beauty is measured in different parameters and one of them is the body shape, like an hourglass, oval, rectangle, circle, triangle shape. This objectification may try to contain the beautiful body shapes, but it’s really not possible to do so. The gift which every human has is not about categorizing its beauty, instead, it’s about embracing it and making an effort to improve it. 

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The following points explain a few aspects of how to beat the social pressure and focus on the internal persona:

  • It's really important for us to perceive our own bodies visually.
  • The way outer appearance is attached to our emotions. 
  • The conversations we do regarding our body.
  • The way to perceive the social forces on your and your body.

The flourishment of media has set the beauty standards at another level, and it's really sad to know that we unknowingly validate it and bring it to our own life. Suppressing our self-worth and running after the fakeness.

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The impression of a perfect image in everyone's mind or idealization of a character makes a person gets trapped in this unnecessary image. Where they try to fit in and if they fail in the process, it makes them lose the feeling of self-worthiness.

The constant scrutinization of society makes the layer of self-love weaker and pushes to the darker edge of negative body image. The comparison brings extreme risks and discontent to a person. People are running towards extreme diets, exercises, plastic surgeries, consumption of muscle-building steroids, and whatnot.

It's important to know the difference between unrealistic and realistic beauty images. This can be initiated by knowing the correct meaning of a healthy and attractive body. Spending time with people who have a healthy relationship between food and their body. And focusing on our self-worth.

Shapes really don't matter. All that matters is to stay fit and healthy. Living a life with an approach to staying fit and healthy, is what society needs to understand. Gaining weight or losing weight shouldn’t be a matter of concern rather being fit is what will help to fight the journey of life.

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3. Building Habits

Habits help to shape yourself on a physical and mental level. Being strong from your roots is really important. Waking up early, doing exercises, reading books, having all meals on time, healthy food, surrounding yourself with people who really matter to you and inspire you to do good, have a goal for every day.

So staying fit doesn’t mean to follow crash diets and deprive yourself of the food you want to have, it’s about having everything in moderation with some physical work daily with mediation so that staying fit from inside out becomes possible.

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The reason behind every successful person is their attitude towards life. And so it's very important to have focus, discipline, and energy. There will always be an intervention of bad habits, pushing backward, but never let this happen. 

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Following are the few steps to be followed for a happier life:

  • A daily ritual should be followed consistently and should be part of your life which includes waking up on time, running, or any other physical work, and healthy eating. These bring a positive start and attitude towards life.
  • Reading books adds an intellectual perspective on life. It's an incredible way to attain knowledge and enhances creativity as well. A person who reads a lot can be seen having more focus and calmness towards everything. It brings a certain amount of self-confidence and motivation and develops a person into a great human.
  • Appreciation for others is really a magical way to bring positivity inside. When we appreciate others and help them to grow it bring natural confidence inside us and even helps to reduce stress.
  • Bring around optimists is a really incredible way to stay happy. Their attitude towards life will always help them to grow and see things in a more clear and positive way. Since happiness is contagious, it is really practical to spread it and make the world a place to live with more positive people.

4. Color of beauty

Makeup may enhance your outlook and make you look beautiful but it’s incapable of making you feel beautiful. It’s essential to feel beautiful, and so the ways to look beautiful can be manipulated a bit. To  Feel beautiful and to embrace what you have is the initial step. Pimples, acne, scars, dark circles are normal for every human being to have.

So, there is no need to hide the dark circle you got from working late at night, the pimples or acne which you get from the oily food you wanted to have don’t hide it just tries to maintain a healthy life. The imperfection is only till you see it from others’ perspective when you start owning yourself and embracing it and try to make efforts towards a life which is healthier then you can make a difference for everyone suffering from the same.

Beauty beyond eyes, credit Freepik

It's not easy to follow these habits amidst this world of chaos where everyone is trying to pull others down. But with true determination, constant effort, and patience it's possible to do so. Just keep in mind that no one can stop you from winning what you want in your life and start to bring these habits as soon as possible.

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