8 Ways You Didn't Know Cat's Show Love

True love might be closer than you think! These tips will help you understand what your cat is trying to tell you.
cat showing love and getting pet
Image Source: Yerlin Matu on Unsplash

Throughout time cats have been viewed as hard-to-read, mean, self-serving, but do they really deserve those titles?

Our furry companions use an array of particular sounding vocal notes and elaborate body language in attempts to communicate what they need, how they're feeling, and even who they love. Although we often hear our cat's meows, chirps, and trills it can be tremendously difficult to understand what they actually mean.

But worry no longer! Here, we'll help you easily break down exactly what your cat is trying to tell you.

1. Sleeping on their back

Cat sleeping on their back
Image Course: Gokhan Konyali on Unsplash

Possibly the most vulnerable spot on a cat is its belly. When your little guy is sleeping on their back they are signaling to you that not only do they wholeheartedly trust you, but also the home environment. This is a great compliment to you, they're confident that you won't try to bother or hurt them when they're in such a defenseless state.

It may take some expert-level constraint not to dive in and pet or kiss your cat's fluffy belly, but keep in mind the amount of trust they have in you, at least let them wake up a bit before plunging into pets.

2. Running to Greet You

cat walking inside house
Image Source: Larry Zhao on Unsplash

This may be more obvious than the others, but if your cat is waiting by the front door for you to come home, or runs to see you as soon as they hear you, it's a surefire way to tell they care about you and are excited to see you! Usually, this is accompanied by a performance of leg rubbing, meowing, and attentive upward glances.

If you bring home a friend your cat hasn't met yet, it isn't likely that they'll take an immediate affectionate interest in them, unlike their canine counterpart. In this way, cats are very independent. So if they take the time and effort to run and greet you at the door they're showing that they're taking a genuine interest in you and want to include you in their day.

3. Vocal Cues by your feline friend

vocal cues by your cat
Image Source: Jae Park on Unsplash

Just like the rest of the animal kingdom, cats use different vocal cues to communicate with us and each other. We've all heard the hisses and purrs but did you know cats have been known to use up to 21 different vocal communication styles? Experts speculate there could be even more, although the vocals can be challenging to differentiate from one another.

Breaking down what each and every cue means would be not only confusing, but it would take ages to memorize! Thankfully it can be summarized into a couple of essential, easy-to-understand sounds.

Watch this video to take a look at these 7 common cat vocals!

4. Meowing at Their Food Bowl

cat eating with another cat
Image Source: Hulki Okan on Unsplash

Has your kitty ever bombarded you with meows even after you've put their food bowl down? Have they stared at you before eating or tried to get your attention? That's probably because some cats prefer to eat when someone is watching over them, it makes them feel protected. Eating and drinking make your cat more vulnerable to its surroundings.

Because they're busy crouching and chewing their food, your cat won't be as vigilant as they usually are. In short, they're trusting you to watch their environment to make sure they stay safe. 

5. Slow Blinking

Slow Blinking cat
Image Source: Michael Sum on Unsplash

No, your cat isn't sleepy or bored, they're trying to bond with you! If a cat were to greet another cat, or in this case, its owner, with a slow and relaxed blink it means that your cat's showing they trust being around you in one of their most vulnerable states. Perhaps the biggest sign of trust is having their eyes closed around you, they're certain you aren't a threat to them.

The most simple and effective way to reciprocate this trust is to slow blink back at them. By blinking back, you're assuring your cat that you feel the same way they do and that will build a unique bond between the two of you, lasting a lifetime. 

6. Following You To The Bathroom

cat in bath tub
Image Source: Brad Pearson on Unsplash

Cats are very curious creatures, always wondering where they can hide, what new toys they can play with, and what's new around the house. There could be a few reasons for peaking tomcats, but the most likely is simply because they're curious about what you're doing, especially if you have the door closed.

Although tagged as loners, cats can be incredibly affectionate, if you're anywhere behind a closed-door it won't be long before you start to hear a symphony of meows.

Another reason why your cat might want to follow you into the bathroom is that it's often the coolest room in the house. Laying down on the refreshing tile, and being close to the unlimited water in the toilet bowl might just be your cat's favorite spot to relax by themselves when they get too warm.

7. Walking On You

kitten on lap
Image Source: Anton Darius on Unsplash

We all know the painful yet rewarding feeling of those teeny tiny kitty feet walking over our stomachs to get a snuggle, but why do our cats do it? 

Adult cats will walk over you or stand on you to get your attention, oftentimes they'll even lay down and take a nap. They do this because they're looking to stay warm and take a rest in, or on, one of the safest spots in the house, you! Despite being not being a kitten anymore, your cat will very likely continue to act upon infantile instincts when they're feeling cozy, like purring and kneading.

8. Rubbing Their Cheeks On You

Cat rubbing its cheek
Image Source: Tucker Good on Unsplash

The area around the mouth of a cat is full of scent glands, the action of rubbing their teeth, cheeks, or gums spreads their scent, marking what they love and what they believe is theirs. This happens most often when they're feeling affectionate, and when they want you to know they've marked you as theirs! Of course, in the sweetest way possible.

Caring for a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your lifetime. They expand so many areas of love and sympathy, pets truly open our eyes to an innocence within the world, one that gets often forgotten. 

You may have dozens of cats in your life but they'll only ever have one of you, so go out there and give your cat all the slow blinks and catnip the world has to offer!

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